HTC VIVE TIPS & TRICKS #1 | Cable management, Silicone protectors, Light Stands and more

Hey guys! Welcome to another Virtual Reality adventure with us! Now you might be wondering why Chary is wearing this fashionable facemask at the moment. Well, we’ll tell you right away! As we’ve been owners of the HTC Vive for a quite a while now. We thought we’d share some tips and tricks with you guys. Things that we did to improve our experience. First of all. This video is subtitled! So, turn it on if that pleases you! This will be the first video in our tips and tricks series. Today we will give you guys some hardware related tips and in the next video we’ll discuss more software related tips with you guys. So we will show you guys the following: What protective accessories to use for the Vive How to mount your Vive sensors How to use cable management And some other handy tips & tricks, like how to put on the headset, avoid hitting the wall and stuff like that! Just a quick note guys.

There is a link in the description of the products that we show in this video if you guys want to buy it. First things first. Now, be honest guys. How many times have you guys bumped your controllers on a wall? Ever tried scratching your nose and hitting your controller on the headset? I’M SURE WE ALL HAVE! So we recommend you guys to add protective accessories to your HTC Vive. Because you will need it, especially if you have a small space.

We got these silicone protectors to try out and its really nice. You don’t feel them while you play and they definitely protect our precious controllers from scratch and damage. This bigger thing however is a bit heavier. You can feel the weight. But really I don’t think its that big of a deal, because it will highly help against damage. I mean a few grams grams more or paying 150 dollar for new controllers? Really, it’s your choice. You also get this bottom silicone protector if you want to use the big thing. And other colors are available as well. You can also buy a silicone protector for the headset as well.

Okay, so you really need a stable place for your HTC Vive sensors. If you don’t and it moves around, it might mess with your tracking and your chaperone. You can use the wall mounts included in the Vive box. But if you don’t like to put holes in your beautiful wall or ceiling. Do it like us! Get these light stands. They are amazing and this way you can put them as high as you need them to be. And you can store them easily when needed. Also, get these ball heads so you can tilt your sensor down. But really guys, ever since we got these, we get a much better (tracking) experience. Now we got some tips for the headset themselves as well. Your image should be sharp and not blurry like this.

Make it sharper by wearing it a little higher. A bit like wearing ski goggles. We also got these nice screen protectors. You can easily put them on and it’ll protect your lenses from scratches. Now playing VR games can be thrilling, but sometimes you sweat a bit. Now, don’t lie guys and girls. We all sweat a little bit. That’s why it’s handy to have these extra face cushions. Use these liquid absorbing cushions and replace them when they are getting gross. So, we don’t actually sweat a lot, but some of our friends can and we like to keep our headset clean, so its really nice that you can use disposable ones when your friends come over to play. Now they might not look great, but you’ll be happy that you have them once you notice that your friend can actually sweat quite a bit. We also got these cable organizers. You get different kinds as well. Let’s show you guys how it works. We think it’s pretty great. It definitely prevents us from tripping over our cables. To avoid hitting the wall. Find a mat or something else to put on the ground.

And put it close to the wall so you know where you are when you step on it. If you don’t have a mat. Use a person, it might work as well. If you have tracking issues, try removing any mirrors or reflective surfaces in your room. Last but not least… Make sure to never put your headset in direct sunlight even though it might be more happy in it! It might damage the screens behind the lenses. Okay guys, hope you liked this video! If you guys like these kind of videos as well. Please let us know in the comments below. In the next tips and tricks video we’ll be discussing more software related tips and tricks. So stay tuned. 😉 Anyway. Support us by liking and subscribing and join our VR adventure! And as always.. I’m Cas and I’m Chary and we say VR ON!.

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