HOWTO: Play Resident Evil 7 in 3D on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Lazer here I’m going to show you guys how to get the best possible VR experience that you can get on the HTC Vive as of now. So it’s just going into February right now, and there’s no VR supported at all for Resident Evil 7. And so I’ve been kind of looking around trying to find the best solution, and I kind of came up with a solution that I think is pretty good. So, uh, it’s a seated type of thing so you really don’t want to be standing and trying to do this but it’s pretty good for what it is. So, the first piece of software that you’re going to need is going to be Virtual Desktop, so I’ll go ahead and show that to you here real quick. And Virtual Desktop is a program that, pretty much, you’re going to have if you have a VR headset anyway. So if you don’t have that then, yeah, that’s gonna cost you fifteen bucks to get this but it’s going to be pretty awesome also and it’s also good for other things on the virtual reality headset so I recommend getting it anyway.

And then the second piece of software you’re going to need is a piece of software called ReShade and it’s http://reshade.me/ is the web address you’re going to go there you can download it right here and what that does is allows you to import shaders into your games. And then the last piece of software that you’re going to need is going to be Depth3D. I think it’s possible just one guy made this shader? BlueSkyDefender Depth3D is what you’re going to look up, but I’ll put the link in the description.

And you’re going to download this one here and the way you download it on the here is you click on this green box right here. Kinda hard to find. So, once you have all three pieces of software you’re going to go ahead and take your Depth3D and your ReShade You’re gonna double-click on ReShade. You’re going to select your game and then you’re going to navigate to where your RE7 folder is. So on my computer that’s going to be here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ And then you’re going to click Direct3D 10. And it’s going to say nothing probably for you, but for me it says “Do you want to override the existing installation?” I’ll go ahead and press no.

But, uh, once you go ahead and install that, it’s going to ask… Actually, let’s go ahead and just do it because I want to show you something. Yes. “Do you want to download a collection of standard effects?” You’re going to click “Yes”. You want to uncheck all these but the only one you want is vignette which is right at the bottom. Okay, then you’re going to extract the Depth3D-master and it’s going to give you a couple of folders here.

In here you’re going to grab the SuperDepth3D one and it’s kind of counter-intuitive; This HMD one is the one you think you’d use, but you are going to use this SuperDepth3D. And then you’re going to navigate back to your Resident Evil folder. And you should have a folder called “reshade-shaders” in here now. Go ahead and double click on that, click on shaders and drop that in there. So SuperDepth3D and the “reshade-shaders\shaders” folder. You want to put it in there. Once you have that placed in there you go ahead and minimize everything and you’re going to start up RE7.

So I’ll do that. Okay, and once you’re into RE7 it should take just a second to load those shaders. You’re going to press Shift+F2 and it should bring up a menu here. Now on yours the SuperDepth3D is probably above the vignette. So what I would do is, put the vignette above the SuperDepth3D, and the reason for that is that when you put the vignette first, it’s going to apply it to the scene first and then do the 3D rather than do the vignette afterwards. So, you want to turn the vignette on. You’re gonna scroll down here at the bottom and the one you want to set it to TV-style will give you this nice black box like this. Ok, you’re going to go to SuperDepth3D down here you’re going to set it to depth map 37 and the only other thing you’re going to change is the disocclusion power and you’re going to change that to 0.1. Yeah that’s everything. And then go ahead and click on SuperDepth3D right here and you’ll notice it cut your picture in half.

So Shift+F2 to get out of here. And if your mouse over gets locked up just go ahead and go to a place where you could use your mouse in-game and then it’ll let you do it. But as you can see we kind of have this nice black shade around the picture and then we have the picture of the middle and it’s duplicated. So, the next step is going to be leaving Resident Evil, and go ahead and start up Virtual Desktop.

And I already have it running, but once you start a Virtual Desktop here is kinda your settings that you want to setup. So, hundred and fifty degrees to 180 degrees is the settings that I would set. You kinda want to make sure your field of view in the game is set to 90 and that would be the best kind of… close to your eyes look. And when you’re ready to play the game you wanna press Half SBS which half side by side, so it’s going to take the picture and it’s gonna make it 3D and the 3D is really good for what it is.

It’s not necessarily geometry 3D where you can like, look around the object, but it’s pretty good and looks awesome. So when you click on this it’s gonna make your headset look really wonky so you’re going to want to click on this and then click on the game. Like this. And then put on your VR headset. If you do that and it doesn’t look right just press the Alt+Tab and press F4 to reset the orientation, and you should be good to go once you back into the game.

But anyway guys, that’s pretty much how you do it, and it looks super super awesome for what it is. Not exactly PSVR, but it is definitely the best thing you can get on PC right now, so go ahead and give it a shot. Let me know what you think in the comments below, drop a like if you did like this video, and be sure to subscribe as well! Thanks very much you guys and have a good one!.

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