How to Update My PS4 to Play DVDs

I need your advice on how to update my PS4 to play DVDs. The initial release of the PS4 did not play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs immediately, but a day one patch in late 2013 supposedly fixed it. That patch also fixed the remote play feature that let you play games on the PS Vita. Who cares about the PS Vita? I remember that the version update in late 2014 messed the DVD playing feature, too. So run updates on the PS4 to get the next patch for this recurring bug and see if that fixes it. If the update does not work, reboot it. I’ve already rebooted at least once, and it should be running updates in rest mode. If it is giving you an error that it is detecting the source, switch the source to TV, let it connect, then flip back to the HDMI port that the console is connected to. It should recognize the disc and play it then. This is getting as complicated as a detective novel, but it is not telling me it cannot detect the source.

If it was a detective novel, it would be easy, blame the butler. I do not have a butler, though with my room-mate, I wish I had a butler. Any other ideas for what might be preventing the PS4 from playing my DVDs? Have you been using the DVD as a drink rest, scratching it up and messing it up? Alternatively, have you spilled soda on it and stuck it in the machine, literally gumming up the works? If I had done that, the games would not be playing, either. You could try switching out the HDMI cables. I do not want to mess with the spaghetti of cables to hope to fix a hardware problem. For some people, changing the TV input to cable and then back to HDMI worked.

At least that is an easy thing for me to try to fix the problem. Make sure that the turn off HDCP setting is turned on for the console. I do not even know what that setting is, much less how to change it. If messing with the settings does not work or seems to make things worse, bring it up in safe mode, select initialization and restore default settings. I’ll try it if it fixes things. It won’t roll back a software update, if the latest PS4 update caused it to forget how to play DVDs. It will however restore the settings back to default in case you messed up some unknown setting that prevents it from playing DVDs. And then, if in doubt, reboot. That’s the standard tech support solution for everything these days.

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