How to Remote Play PS4 on PC/Mac – Playstation 4 Remote Play

With the latest PlayStation 4 update, Sony added Remote Play for Windows PCs and Macs. This is something that people have been wanting for a long time so you don’t have to be near your console to play games. And because this is coming straight from Sony, it’s really easy to do. There’s a way to do this on your phone, so if you haven’t seen that video yet, check the description or click the pop up now. So first, you’ll need a computer running Windows 8 or 10, or Mac OS X Yosemite and above. Other than that, you’ll just need your PS4, one controller and a solid internet connection. (Recommended 12mbps+) The first link in the description will take you to the app download and just download the one for your system. Once it’s downloaded, click the file and follow the steps on screen.

The Remote Play app should then be on your desktop so open that up and you’ll get a screen telling you to connect your PS4 Controller with the USB cable. Once that’s done, go to the settings tab and sign in with your PSN ID. Next, you can change the quality settings so if you know that your internet isn’t that good, you can lower the resolution to make it run better. That’s all the setup needed for the computer but before linking the PS4 and PC together, go on the PS4, go to settings, remote play and then enable it.

Now when you press start on the PC, the PS4 should be detected after a while and then you’re good to start playing. Once it’s paired, the PS4 doesn’t have to be switched on the whole time, you can leave it in rest mode and carry on playing with your computer. To do that go to the PS4’s settings menu, power savings, set features and then check these two boxes. There’s definitely a bit of lag but it depends on how good your connection is. So far I haven’t had any big problems with this remote play but if you do, there are some common problems and solutions in the description box. Hopefully this video helped you out and thanks for watching.

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