How To Play PC Games on  iOS – iPhone, iPad & iPod ! Play GTA 5 (Moonlight  Game Streaming)

Techsnix here & in this video i’ ll be showing you how to play gta 5, fallout 4 or any other pc game onto your ios device! so guys let’s get started so for this you require a pc with nvidia graphics card and that also all graphics cards are not supported Secondly you require a wireless router connected to your pc via ethernet cable and your iphone should also be connected to the same wireless network. and lastly you require nvidia geforce experience installed in your pc. so once you have fulfilled all the requirements then open appstore and from here search for an app called moonlight Now you have to download… this app called moonlight game streaming just download it and once you have downloaded it then just move over to your pc so once you are on your pc then open geforce experience from here go to preferences and from here go to shield and make sure that this is checked – allow this pc to stream games to shield devices and from here you can add your game that you want to stream I have already added the game so yes make sure that you have these things so now open the app and from here you will automatically see your device here If you don’t see your device here then click on add host and from here type in your ip addres to get your ip address move on to your pc so to add your pc in your app just search for cmd and from here type “ipconfig” and from here type this ip address into your app you have to type your ip address here and after typing it click on ok and it will be shown here so now you have to pair your device just tap on your pc ( in the app) and from here just type this pin onto your pc and your device will be paired so once the device is paired then just tap on it and from here you can adjust your settings these are my settings currently so..

so now wait for the game to start so as you can see that the game has started so as you can see that the game has started and.. it plays the game pretty smoothly as you can see… so guys that’s it for this video a.. Thanks for watching I hope this video helped you and if this did then don’t forget to press the thumbs up button below and subscribe to my channel.

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