How To Fix PS4 Safe Mode Loop

Hey guys, Its Jackoo here and today I’m going to be showing you how to fix the Safemode Loop Which is when this screen will always come up, no matter what you press. You will always come back to this screen. So what you want to do is unplug the PS4 from the Power Source. And leave it unplugged for about 10 minutes. (Ive already done this) And then your gonna get this screen back up after you plug it back in. And you are not gonna press anything, just leave it for about 5 minutes Come back, press the button, use the arrow buttons and go to the fourth one RESTORE DEFAULT SETTINGS Click it! Go to YES (Using the Arrow buttons) Your gonna leave this on “No Singal” It will sound like its starting up, and then stopping and starting again.

It will look like it’s going but JOKES, it will go back out again. After this it should go back in *Awkward moment of silence* It may take a while but, its worth it because you will not loose your stuff! So you should see your PS4 start back up, this will come up……………………. Just leave it to load to 100 PERCENT Which is not that long, not too long. After this it will restart and voila! We should be in. im pretty sure It will LOOK like a new PS4 All the sony and everything Restarting, like it did say it would. more silence Now it LOOKS like a new PS4, as i said. You might wanna pause the video and go along as you please! (heaps of pointless information) It is a problem, cause you can loose everything. I think, I have never had that happen. This will come up, do the whole setup all over again Ill set this up, but ill cut it out. I dont got a camera, so imma skip (Just do what you do, this is preferences not things that need to be done) WE ARE IN This weird house thing will come up, DONT WORRY YOU HAVE NOT LOST YOUR ID Log in to playstation network.

AND YOUR AWAY! You may want to restart your PS4 so you can assure your ID is all goods! I have still got everything! WARNING – Turn down your speakers for this outro!

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