There are four methods to achieve NAT type 2 here in the Philippines. If your’e not from the Philippines then don’t go away, these methods apply to you too with some variations. To my countrymen, Don’t wish for NAT type 1, that isn’t happening. Besides NAT type 2 is just as good as NAT type 1 where we live. And without further ado, I’ll just go straight to the 4 methods. As of this moment these are the ONLY methods to open your NAT type where we live. First Method: DMZ Second Method: Disconnect/Connect via Router Page Third: Bridging Fourth Method: Apply for Static IP I’ll put annotations below so you can skip the methods whenever you want to. First Method: DMZ Now we have something called port forwarding, but I recommend you just skip all that go straight to enabling a DMZ on your router. First step is to know what IP your router uses.

Look for your routers model number, google it and you’ll get something like It differs from router to router so don’t worry if it isn’t the same as mine. Go to your PS4, setup your internet connection and when you see the window that lets you change your IP address, Subnet Mask etc here’s what to do. Remember the IP you got from the interwebs. In my case its Now change the last digit to anything between 1-255 and that will be your local static IP. I recommend a number above 100 just to be sure. Enter the following on your screen. IP Then apply those settings. Test your Internet Connection and it should be Nat Type 2. Most likely it is not. That is just the nature of the beast called the Philippine interwebs. But if it is, then Good for you. Now we’ll proceed to the next method.

SECOND METHOD: Disconnect/connect via router page. Now router pages are only aesthetically different, but functionally they are all pretty much the same. Navigate your router till you see an option to either release/renew or connect/disconnect. Since you’re probably NAT Type 3 now, take note of your WAN Ip address because this is the IP address you do not want on your router. Globe for example, assigned me a 10.x.x.x format IP address and it was always NAT type 3 no matter what I do. This is where you repeated press disconnect and connect till you get an IP address vastly different from the one before. In my case, I usually get formats like 120.x.x.x or 180.x. That IP paired with my enabled DMZ ensured I was always on NAT Type 2. The problem is, recently Globe messed with all of our interwebs. Now I am not able to achieve NAT 2 with this method. No matter how many times I reconnect, I always get a 10.x format IP which meant NAT type 3.

If you’re NAT type 2 good on you, if not the proceed to the nex method. Method number 3: Bridging, now this is the most complicated of all and I find it hard to discuss it in a video. But the requirements are you, your PS4, your ISP provided modem and a third party router. I have a link below to the method contributed by a member of the PS4 Philippines community about how to bridge your modem and third party router.

Please visit that link instead. After you do that, come back here. Nat type 2, good on you. Nat type 3, there is one final method and it is your last resort but you are guaranteed to get NAT type 2. Fourth Method: Apply for a Static IP The static IP we assigned to our PS4 a while ago, is not, in a sense a real static IP, it is instead a local static IP. The real static IP can only be provided by your Internet service provider unfortunately. But take note that this is a SUREFIRE way for you to achieve NAT type 2. It is what I did, and I’ve been a happy camper ever since. What you need to do is call up your ISP’s customer service hotline and apply for a static IP.

This service isn’t free though. For Globe subscribers, expect to shell out another P700 on top of your monthly bill. I know it sucks, but you’re a gamer and you can’t help it. Basically to explain, by default ISPs give us a dynamic IP, which is not ideal for online gaming. By applying for a static IP, your ISP gives you your very own personal IP.

Meaning you don’t share it with others. Meaning you can open all the ports you want. Meaning you can finally play online games without problems. That’s it for this video. I really hoped this helped you out. I’ve been struggling with Nat types ever since the PS3 was released. And it is just now that I am able to play online without hiccups ever since I got a static IP from Globe. Thank you for watching the video, if you liked it please subscribe to this channel where I will be doing more gaming videos in the future. This is Something Like That Gaming and I’ll see you on my next video or something like that.

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