How to Fix a Water Damaged Nintendo 3DS

I need to know how to fix a water damaged Nintendo 3DS. First and foremost, get it out of the water. I did. I just don’t know what to do next. Shake any water off you can, and hold it so water can pour out the charging USB port. If water pours out of there, this is beyond damaged, it is water logged. If you have a screen protector on the upper or lower screens of the 3DS, take them off.

That might make things worse. I’m concerned about water getting under the screen protector and getting trapped there. Then it seeps in through cracks, shorting stuff out, whereas removing the protector to get water off of the device helps. As long as you remove the screen protector in a way that doesn’t get water on the rest of the device. If it is in a protective case, you’ll want to take that off the 3DS.

That’s supposed to protect it. From impact, sure. From water, a little, but if you leave it in the case, any water that got into the case is not trapped against the gaming device. So far, we’re just on how to get water off it to not make things worse. Remember that it isn’t toast until it has water in the circuits and you run water through it, roasting the components. I don’t know if it was off or on sleep mode. Once you have it out of the case and screen protector off, and take the battery out, put it in a pile of desiccants. I’ve heard of putting it in brown rice instead. If you put it in rice, you risk rice pieces getting into the ports and nooks and crannies and doing more damage, though if that’s all you have, use rice that isn’t enriched so the vitamin powders don’t compound the powder.

So use desiccant if you can get it. Where would I get that? Out of old shoe boxes that still have the don’t eat this packet labeled thing-ys in it. Put the desiccants in a bag, then the 3DS in the bag, seal and let sit for a day or two. The battery will die. That doesn’t matter, since you’ll hopefully charge it back up later. And do put the battery in with the Nintendo gaming device to dry out. When do I get to test it? Don’t turn it on while it may still be damp inside, or you risk damaging it so that it doesn’t charge up in the future. So at least a day or two to dry, then totally charge it before you test it. Assuming the battery isn’t shorted out. If you dried it out fast enough and thoroughly enough, then if it won’t come up after charging, replace the battery with a new one, charge that and see if it works. I’ve heard you need to be concerned about rust. Yes, components can rust if wet, but if it is that damp inside that long, you have totally ruined it.

If it was dropped in mud or a toilet, though, you can try to clean the nooks and crannies out with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. That would literally be the greatest sacrifice I’d have ever made for gaming if that were necessary. And if all this fails, you won’t feel guilty about buying a replacement.

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