How to Fix a PS4 That Won’t Turn On

I need to know how to fix a PS4 that won’t turn on. Try pushing the power button a couple of times to try to bring the console up, in case that is sticking. This isn’t a case of a power button not working because I’ve touched it with greasy hands too many times. If you spilled water or juice on the controller, that could explain why the PlayStation button doesn’t cause it to turn on. I haven’t spilled water on the controller, and it won’t turn on when I push the power button on the console. Unplug the PlayStation 4, wait five minutes, plug it back in and see if it turns on.

That’s just a really hard reboot. If you’ve done a hard reboot recently, make sure you actually plugged it back in since you last unplugged it. It is plugged in. I hope you didn’t blow a fuse when you had the big screen TV, gaming console, DVR and couple of new devices all connected to the same power strip. It all worked before, so you can’t say it won’t turn on because something blew a fuse.

I’m assuming you turned on the TV or monitor anyway to ensure that that corner of the house has power, so you aren’t complaining the PlayStation 4 won’t come on because someone else turned off the breaker. It isn’t an obvious hardware problem like that. Are you getting any lights with it? After all, if you have the red light of death, you know it won’t turn on due to overheating. It should also come on as soon as it has cooled off. But no, there’s no red light. Try unplugging it, waiting five minutes, then plugging it back in and holding down the power button manually, just in case it is a major software glitch. You’re telling me to do a really hard reboot. And bypass the controller, in case the reason the console won’t turn on is that the controller’s battery is dead.

I wonder if it is a battery or power supply problem. If your power supply has gone out, I’d suggest getting it fixed. I don’t know if I have the skills to take the thing apart, replace it and put in all back together. If the problem is a motherboard, you have to send it in for service. I don’t want to wait a week or two for that to get fixed. You could open it up, take the HDD out for five minutes and put it back in. Then you’ll see if the reason it wouldn’t do anything is because the HDD shifted or disconnected. You have to do that with the thing unplugged, and doing this will bring it up in safe mode. That’s more than the PlayStation 4 is doing now, since you said it is dead. If it comes up in safe mode, I need to run updates. If the HDD may be messed up, re-initializing is a better choice. What else can I try? It is rare for the lights to burn out, but if you hear beeps, turn on the TV and see if the PS4 comes up.

If it is dark and silent, you need to send it back for repair.

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