How to Easily Connect a PS4 Controller to PC

What is up everyone? My name is Ken, also known as Wiltshire and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you guys how to connect and use your PlayStation 4 controller on your PC Okay so the very first step for this tutorial is you’re gonna need to go into the description below and download the driver package that is linked. Now the driver package contains all the files that you are gonna need to follow this tutorial. Now you may also notice that I already have the driver package on my desktop and I’ve already extracted it. Now if you don’t know how to extract the zip folder, I’m going show you guys how to do so right now. To extract a zip folder, what you need to do you need to right click on it and go to extract all Now this will open up the windows zip folder extractor and this is built into all versions of Windows so you don’t need to download a third-party programs such as WinZip or WinRar.

Just go ahead and click the extract button and it will extract the files for you in a new file folder. So, what we’re gonna do is open up that new file folder we’re going to go into the SCP DS3 driver package file folder and I’ve already extracted the SCP service or server, excuse me, that is the program that we use to connect our PS4 controller. I’ve already extracted it, however you will not see that. You will see 5 things instead of 6. Now we want to install four things. The four things that we’re going to install are; the Xbox 360 controller drivers, the dotnet framework 4.0, DirectX 9 web setup and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 setup. Now if you’re running Windows 8, you do not have to install the dotnet framework version because it is already integrated into Windows 8, so you don’t have to install that. But if you’re running Windows 7 Vista or XP, you do have to install that. Now I’m not gonna show you guys how to install everything because it’ll take away too much time and it’s pretty straight forward to install things on your computer.

You just open it up and click Next. Then agree and it will install everything for you and do its job So I’m gonna skip right over to installing your PlayStation 4 controller and your Bluetooth dongle on your PC by using the SCP DS3 Tool. So I’m going to open up the file folder here. We’re going to open up the bin folder, at this time you want to plug in your PlayStation 4 controller and/or your Bluetooth dongle. Now Bluetooth dongles is not required for this to work.

You can use the controller perfectly fine through USB However, you want to use the controller wirelessly, you are going to need a Bluetooth dongle So, after that’s said, we’re gonna go to the Zadig file folder and we’re gonna open up Zadig and run it as administrator. You have to run Zadig as administrator. I know it’s a little bit of a funny name, but this program works wonders for connecting controllers So once in Zadig, we’re gonna go to the Device tab and load a preset device now the preset device configuration file we’re after is the Dualshock 4 So we’re gonna open that up. Now the next step we need to do is we need to go to the Options tab at the top here and list all the devices. Now this list all the devices that are connected to your computer Now, the device name for the PlayStation 4 controller is called wireless controller. Why it’s called that I don’t know. It should’ve been called PlayStation 4 controller, but it’s not. So, go to the drop down menu and select wireless controller and go ahead and replace the driver Now it’s gonna warn us and ask us if we want to replace this driver and we’re going to say yes.

Yes, we want to replace this driver So, there we go, its install the PlayStation 4 controller driver and we’re good to go for using our Playstation 4 controller. Now, if you stick around for a little bit, I gonna show you guys how to install the Bluetooth dongle driver and if you don’t have one, you can feel free to skip this step. So, it’s fairly similar to the PlayStation 4 dongle, rather driver setup. So, what we’re gonna do is go to Device again, load preset, but this time we’re going to select Bluetooth configuration file. Now, Zadig has a little bit of a glitch where it won’t show the drop down menu anymore even though we have list of devices checked off. So, we can fix this by un-checking it and then going back in and rechecking it off. For some reason, I don’t know why, but it does that, but it can be easily remedied by doing that So, we’re gonna go to the drop down menu and we’re gonna find our bluetooth dongle.

Mine is called Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth dongle 3.0. Uh, this should work with built-in Bluetooth now. I’ve heard it works quite well with built-in Bluetooth I’m using a Bluetooth dongle that is USB is the ASUS BT-211 dongle, That’s the one I recommend that you use. So, what we are gonna do is we’re going to replace the driver here going to install a driver for us perfectly fine. There we go, we can exit Zadig We’re not finished with it Now, the program we’re gonna open and install things with is SCPDriver. We’re gonna run that as administrator. I can’t stress that enough, you always have to run everything in this tutorial as administrator. So, once were in the SCPDriver installer, what we need to do is we need to unchecked the bluetooth driver because Zadig has installed a newer version of the Bluetooth Driver and we don’t want that to overwrite it with an older one.

And we want to check out the Configure Service because that’s what we’re after and if you’re on Windows 7 or 8 leave force install unchecked. If you’re on Windows Vista or XP, you are gonna have to check that off, like so. Now, I’m running Windows 8 so I’m going to uncheck that and all we’re gonna do is we’re going to click the Install button and this will install the SCP DS3 Service for us.

And now we’re good to go. So if you’re using a controller via USB, you can pefectly use your controller now. I’m just going to open up the SCPMonitor just to show you. So, there you go. Our Playstation 4 controller is connected via USB, However there’s just an extra step for us to do if we wanna connect our PlayStation controller via Bluetooth now what we need to do is we need to open up command prompt and we are gonna need to run command prompt as Administrstor if you don’t run it as Administrator, you will get an access denied message and you will not be able to continue pairing your controller with your Bluetooth dongle. Now, what we want to do is we want to stop the service that we just installed. Now, we can do this by typing in net space stop space quotations SCP space DS3 space service end quote and hit enter.

Now we’ve stopped the SCP service and now we can continue to pair our PS4 controller to our dongle. Now, you can unplug your PS4 controller from the USB cord and now what we’re going to do is we’re going to hold the share button and the PS Button for about five seconds and this will put the controller into pairing mode and it will Flash a white light really really fast on the back. I don’t recommend looking at that if you’re epilecptic. Now, what we can do now is open up the ds4 pair tool run that as Administrator. It will automatically start doing things. Now once that has stopped, hit the start button in the bottom right hand corner, give it about five to ten seconds and make sure the installer has stopped showing things and it looks like it’s almost about done.

There we go, it’s now finished pairing our Bluetooth dongle with our controller. So, now you can feel free to exit that and now I’m going to go into the SCPMonitor again. Now, as you can see, it says the host monitor or host address, rather, and Pad are disconnected that is because the SCP service is not started. Now, we have to go back into command prompt and we have to start that again. Now it’s fairly similar to the same code that we typed before but we’re gonna type net space start space quote SCP space DS3 space service and we’re gonna put the quotes on end again, hit enter and are bluetooth dongle should be recognized However, our PS4 controller is not because I haven’t hit the PS button on my controller. I’m going tohit that now and give it about 3-5 seconds and it should connect to your computer, like so.

And there you go, your PlayStation 4 controller is perfectly connected to your computer via bluetooth or USB, depending on which method you prefer. Now, in this version on SCP DS3 there has been a change were you can change the light bar brightness on the back of the controller. Say if you are sitting in a darkly lit room and the and the light bar on the back of the controller is bugging you, it’s too bright and you don’t want it on, you can go to the SCPMonitor in the taskbar here right click it, go to configuration and all you have to do is take this slider bar where it says DS4 light bar brightness, slide it all the way down ’till it says it’s disabled, click OK and it’s now disabled.

It’s now off and there you go So, we’re now done with command prompt. You can feel free to close everything else except for the SCPMonitor, because I wanna show you guys something else Now, if you want to disconnect your controller, because the battery life on the PS4 controller is not as great as the DualShock 3’s, so you don’t want to really leave it on. So, you can disconnect your controller by holding the L1 and R1 buttons, as well as the PS button at the same time Make sure you hold it for about five seconds and it will show reserved.

That means is now disconnected and there you go. That’s how you connect your PlayStation 4 controller to your Windows PC. I hope you guys enjoyed this video tutorial. I hope you found it very very useful. if you found it useful, don’t forget to hit that like button I would very much appreciate that. If guys would like to see more tutorials like this, make sure you subscribe to my channel, I would also appreciate that.

I want to thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys, as always, in the next video. See you later!

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