How to connect the Xbox One S controller to an Android phone

Whats up guys its Larrydonlibra today I’m going to teach you how to connect your xbox one s controller which has the bluetooth to your android device so first we turn on the controller and then at the back we push this button now the blue lights start flashing rapidly then we go to the settings of the phone and in the available devices as you can see xbox wireless controller is written so we click on that starts pairing now it’s connected so now we can use the controller to go around the screen though there is not much support for the controller as of now you can play some games like asphalt 8 which found the I best so Let’s play it is showing you how to play it so it has recognized that we have connected a controller you have a controller so it’s telling you how to play with that press any key to continue Now let’s start playing ok okay we’ll take the class mode next next start race keep it down here game is loading ok so we start with the game well its completely really easy to control Wow okay so thank you guys for watching the video if you liked it please hit the like button and if you also want to know that where I got this controller from or you want to see the unboxing of this controller please watch the other video in which i do that thank you guys i’ll catch you on the next one!

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