Hori Racing Wheel for Xbox One Review

Xbox One might have some of the greatest racing games around, like Forza series, but it lacks accessories suited for this genre. Today I will present one of the few accessories for Microsoft’s console. I am Sakis Karpas, you are watching Unboxholics and this is Hori’s Racing Wheel for Xbox One. A very simple steering wheel that covers the most basic needs of the digital driver and nothing more. I should note that it’s officially supported by Microsoft. The package besides some notes, contains the wheel and the pedals.

The two parts are connected by a pretty long cable. The steering wheel is connected via USB to Xbox One and most importantly, doesn’t require additional power supply. Starting from the wheel, its diameter is 9 inches, size that is suitable for children or people with small hands. I didn’t get used to the size at once, but it’s just a matter of time. Rotation is 90 degrees left and 90 right, which can be hard for some vehicles in bends.

If the game supports it, you can just tweak the wheel sensitivity and make the problem go away. It does have strict steering returns which is good. What the wheel certainly lacks is vibration and force feedback. things that are essential for driving experience in my opinion. The wheel locks in place with five suction cups, that lock securely even if you don’t press down the wheel. It has a good grip in all surfaces, even the not so flat ones. You can shake it around and it will not move from its place, unless of course you use excessive force. It can’t hide its plastic build, but at least the parts that have contact with the hands are well built giving a nice feeling. The bigger part of the wheel is covered in rubber and the rubber gear pads have a strict and clicky feeling. The button layout is almost identical with a typical controller, with the most buttons being at the place you would expect.

The programmable buttons have a good feeling and don’t get easily pressed by accident during driving. On the plus side, is that because we have Xbox One’s controller buttons, you can use the steering wheel by itself, without the pedals. The pedals grip firmly on the ground with quality rubber and for better grip you have a foldable panel There are accelerator and brake pedals with surfaces wide enough so the user doesn’t get confused. Stepping on them requires a small effort and I think that is good. The driving experience in games like Forza Motorsport 6 is nice and without any problems. Of course it doesn’t satisfy the ones that want a simulation and doesn’t reach high enough in realism. It is just a steering wheel that offers a nice feeling in driving.

Nothing more, nothing less. You will find it in the Greek market starting from €90 and you will soon see more Hori products on our channel. That’s all for now, I’ll catch you up on Unboxholics.com.

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