It was just a matter of time until we encountered a Harry Potter Mmorpg! There were many enthusiasts just waiting for a chance to get a digital wand in their hands and start role playing.

Harry Potter, The Role Playing Game


Harry Potter, the series written by J.K. Rowling, first got its start in written form, selling a record number of books that eventually made their way to the big screen. From casting spells, to the danger of one of the greatest Dark Wizards of all time, Lord Voldemort, this series packs plenty of excitement. The story starts when Harry is about to set off on his adventure to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is here that he finds himself face to face with many new things, including a new world filled with magic. This RPG (Role Playing Game) contains the whole plot, as well as key points for decisions that change the outcome of the future.

As you progress throughout the game, you earn special skills, abilities, and powers that

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are used to further continue on to new tasks and adventures. The only items you need are the book, two six-sided (2d6) dice, and other individuals to experience the game with. From here you will design your character to your specification, dealing with the character’s attributes, native skills, and other optional details. As you start to play the game, you will be subjected to test, which will depict your skill increase and advancement through the game. The objects you will be dealing with during these trials will reflect how you are as a role playing gamer. This is what sets this Harry Potter MMORPG apart from some of the more 3d Harry Potter online games. The more equipped you are to think like Harry, the sooner you will be able to progress and build expertise and fresh abilities. A “muggle”, meaning non-magical person, is the lowest level in the way of characterizing the players, whereas “pure bloods” bear the highest ranking.

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Wile attending Hogwarts in this Harry Potter Mmorpg, you will be divided into the various houses of wizardry. There is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. These individual house nurtures each character’s different personalities and strong points and weaknesses one will have. The option to create your own house means you choose the guidelines and rules identifying how your house will run. Once the game is in full swing, the tests your character goes through will begin once you have reached the checkpoint, and you have acquired the appropriate skill level. This trial will include combat skills, spells, and reactions to learned material. Some tests will require little to no time depending on your knowledge of the material, others designed to be drawn out and to prompt decision making along the way. Each time a spell is attempted, or a skill is harnessed, the player gains experience upon completion of a successful transaction. Failing to recite the spell correctly, or an action executed in the wrong way will cause a negative impact on your experience level. The significance of the experience level is to ensure you are only playing within your ability and skill set. As you gain experience you will have the option of a more challenging task and much larger spells and actions will become available for you to use.

At some points in the game you will gain the ability to use animals. The difference between these animals and the average creature of the same species is greater knowledge and abilities other than the ones they bear from nature. Some common animals used as familiars are: bats, cats, dogs, lizards, owls, rats, ravens, snakes, spiders, toads, and weasels. You can find more info about this on the Harry Potter Mmorpg site. There is also another similar game that can be found @

This article will only list information that is generalized and less specific to some aspects. To fully understand the game and its rules, along with the information used and roles depicted, the certified game manual is needed. Any prior retained facts about the story and material at your fingertips is an underhand, of course. Some aspects of the game that are unique to your specific game play will decide the wand you acquire. The duration it takes you to successfully obtain your text books and other school materials is going to differ from person to person. The wand you do receive will be used frequently, as will other magical tools. There is also the use of magical substances throughout the game. Elixirs, potions, and drafts can be used for a wide area of uses, such as health and stamina, to combating creatures and others further down the line.

The next huge part of this game will be mastering the game of Quidditch. This is a complex game with a simple score system and played with two balls. The first one, the Quaffle is handled by players and sent through one of three goals on either sides of the playing field. The second ball is The Golden Snitch. The MVP if you will the seeker on the team will pursue this ball and if caught the game is over leaving the team who dose happen to catch the Snitch victorious. All this mentioned is done from a broom you will be flying. This game being an RPG means you will always have the option of free game play, the rate you progress and move forward in the game is dependent on the actions you take.

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