Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire & Playing Ashes of Creation – The Fix #12 Gaming News

What’s good.. It’s Fevir. Let’s go over a bit of gaming news… today we’ll touch on the massive Guild Wars 2 announcement that was the Path of Fire… in the near future I may get a chance to play Ashes of Creation… and Hearthstone goes street.. that and more.. coming up. So today actually.. Guild Wars 2 announced it’s upcoming expansion.. Path of Fire.. and in doing so… pulled a bit of a Fallout 4.. where they blind sided people with it’s release date.. as it’s coming out next month.. September 22nd to be exact. It’s priced at a reasonable $30 or a bundle of $50 for it and the prior expansion… and there is even a Path of Fire PvE preview weekend coming up on August the 11th.. which acts as a demo for anyone with an account in good standing.. I believe this would also include free to play players.

Among the features they’ve listed coming with the expansion.. 5 large new zones- they specifically mentioned these are the largest zones they’ve made.. obviously new stories, world bosses, 9 new elite specializations… and mounts. This is the introduction of mounts into the game.. and preliminarily.. I’m almost excited just because of the way they talk about mounts. Guild Wars 2 has always had it’s fair share of player exploration.. jumping puzzles.. hidden areas.. and they almost amount mounts to tools.. with mounts having unique movement abilities that they explicitly state will be able to access areas.. that other players.. or others mounts couldn’t. For instance.. the raptor has a long jump.. the bunny has a high jump..

The stingray hovers and can move over liquid and other places others couldn’t… and the jackal has a blink. The big thing for me.. is that one of these new zones.. is the Crystal Desert.. an area from Guild Wars 1. And set aside that I tend to like Desert biomes.. for me.. someone who spent so much time in Guild Wars 1- outside of Guild Wars 2 as a game itself.. there is a strong allure to just heading back to the desert and exploring..

Just cause.. for the sake of nostalgia. Similar to what I had done for the Morrowind expansion for ESO.. sometimes it’s just cool to see reimagined.. or updated versions of things you loved. Next up.. is Ashes of Creation.. and I had talked about it a bit prior heading into it’s Kickstarter and have largely not talked about it since.. not due to any lack of information coming out or some weird moral stand.

It’s just that I want to see the how.. instead of the why. Especially during Kickstarters and crowdfunding phases.. I usually don’t care about the ideas behind something, everyone has ideas. I want to see those ideas put into practice.. I want to see how they’ll achieve something.. and in the case of games.. I want to play them. Well Ashes of Creation will have a booth at PAX West.. showing off some live gameplay as well as giving players a chance to test it out themselves. Intrepid Studios has been on a steady hiring run.. the team keeps growing.. they’ve maintained a strong community presence.. tons of community interaction and feedback.. all good stuff. But in 35 days.. I hope to be able to know.. more intimately.. if there is more than just some really attractive trailers and talk. Moving away from Ashes.. and into something that bumped the game I wanted to show today.. Hob. The official release date announcement trailer was released for Hob- you can get your hands on it on September 26th.

Hob will be released on the PC and PS4 for around $20.. and I am counting the days. One of my low key, favorite games of all time.. is Torchlight- and Hob is a game made by the same guys, Runic Games and so I’ve had my eye on Hob for a while… to steal copy from their website. Hob is a suspensful adventure game set on a stunning and brutal world of disarray. Slowly uncover your role in saving the vibrant life around you while you explore stunning landscapes, solve puzzles and transform the planet itself.

What I think is rather interesting is that one of the; Features.. is the Wordless narrative of the game. Hob will be presented without text, without dialogue and the story is revealed as you explore and interact with the game. So.. full on, environmental storytelling. Which is more interesting when you hear the developers talk about the game and it’s narrative as probably the most important part. Now you can’t deny the cool look of the game- a weird take on almost a stylized steampunk theme- the gameplay looks fun..

A good blend of puzzle and combat.. I’m a sucker for being able to use a grappling hook… and even more so for a single giant fist, gauntlet thing. There is a lot of information and blog posts if you want to dig into the game. I did want to mention a small contest they have going on that I thought was pretty cool. Dig into the imagery of Hobs.. check out the icons listed in the blog post.. and offer up a potential idea for the name of an achievement or Playstation Trophy. You can submit them a series of ways..

and if they pick your idea.. you get your name in the credits.. free copy of the game.. as well as some exclusive Hobs swag.. and bragging rights. Definitely bragging rights. This contest runs until the end of the week.. cool little thing to do. I have high hopes for this one. That’s going to do it for me. Until next time. This is Fevir. Peace..

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