GTA 6 – Is It Happening or Not?

Welcome back to GTA Series Videos. I’m Gary7 MT and today’s topic is something that has had tongues wagging and heads scratching: the next Grand Theft Auto series game – that for our porposes here, for now, we’re just going to call GTA 6. If history has taught us anything about GTA, it’s that the series is never predictable. The first title was published in 1997 and eight years later, GTA San Andreas was released – we’re talking about five main titles in those few years. With the exception of portable games and DLCs, in almost ten years after the release of GTA San Andreas, we’ve only had two other main titles in the series: GTA IV and GTA V. So, there’s no way anyone can say when the next GTA will be available – and we’re not considering how GTA Online has completely changed the way Rockstar creates and releases games today. Lately rumors are emerging about GTA 6. Obviously, we’re not talking about websites and YouTubers who exploit the name of the game just to make money with fake news and 10-minute long bogus videos that attract kids who don’t know any better and die-hard fans who are looking for any new news.

We’re going to focus instead on logical predictions and most importantly, leaks. Let’s start with the latter and tell the story of a young stuntman and actor named Tim Neff. Last week in Mr. Neff’s résumé – his work on Grand Theft Auto 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 had been proudly listed where Mr. Neff worked as a Motion Capture stuntman. We don’t know what kind of grief he suffered in a week but now any mention of the games has been completely scrubbed of any and all job experience descriptions. The news spread over the net like blood in a gunfight and every gaming website under the sun jumped all over the first, reliable clue for years, pointing to a new GTA game in development.

This resulted in the community, from Twitter to the GTAForums, digging into the actor’s social media accounts, websites, etc. – making dude way more popular than he probably wanted to be. This is a deleted Instagram post, recovered thanks to Google Cache, that was published by the actor on his personal account on February 22nd, 2017. The picture depicts the entrance of the Rockstar San Diego studio and bears his text “Here we go again! To another good couple of days” with a lot of hashtags, some of which are “amazing”, “actor”, “stunt”, “cool” and “work”. Everything has been officially denied by Tim Neff on his Twitter account. The problem with this is the way he contradicted himself when we talked to him. When we first asked the actor to confirm his involvement with Red Dead Redemption 2, attaching in our post the image of his Instagram post, Neff answered “Nope sorry. Trolls be trollin”. After we pointed out that the image is something he posted in his personal account, Neff’s answer changed to “That’s a really old photo from the outside of the building anyone can see…

So I’m not sure why there would be that much of an assumption.” We decided to respect the man and close the discussion without pointing out that he was the one who wrote and added the hashtags. And so in our opinion, this was just a poor attempt at damage control. To make all this easier: despite the actor’s denial, Tim Neff has probably worked with Rockstar Games and due to a Non Disclousure Agreement, had to remove the Instagram post and deny any involvement. Considering his job, he may have worked doing Motion Capture sessions for a character or NPCs for Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s definitely unlikely he did the same for Grand Theft Auto 6 – more plausible he lent his body to record new animations for GTA Online or another game. Despite Neff’s involvement with GTA 6, the rumors of new games could be false. But that doesn’t mean that GTA 6 is not in development. Thanks to what we’ve learned in the past years, a month or so after the release of a title, Rockstar North starts development on a new game.

The huge success of GTA Online and the first big DLCs, have probably delayed the creation of the next GTA. GTA Online turned out to be an unexpected hit that completely eclisped any plans the Software House may have had at the time – including the previously announced story DLC for GTA 5. Today by the way, we can safely assume that the city for the next GTA has been chosen and most of the map created. It may even have new features and gameplay mechanics that have been tested and edited according to a story that probably has not yet been completed. As every modern open world game, the city is the main character during the development process.

Missions are created according to what the city and its surroundings have to offer. So, GTA 6 is surely in development: map, gameplay, new features and main characters are probably already known in Rockstar North’s offices. We know that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released in 2018. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have already stated that they will try to repeat the success of GTA Online with the western title. This makes us think there won’t be any news on a new GTA title until 2020. And all of this could be considered valid only if, after Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar gets back to the GTA series without considering a sequel for another franchise such as L.A. Noire, Max Payne, the already leaked, next Bully title or even dust off the mysterious vaporware, “Agent”. As always take this information with a grain of salt, none of our predictions or other people’s predictions are facts and despite other dishonest and fraudulent YouTubers who claim to have the game, the next Grand Theft Auto, GTA 6 is definitely nowhere near being anything that can be put on a disc and played.

If you search for news about GTA 6 and stumble upon a video of someone claiming to have a copy or showing footage from it, Don’t. Waste. Your. Time. It’s horseshit. The only trustworthy source, if we’re talking about Rockstar Games and their titles, is the Rockstar Games Newswire. When the next GTA is ready to see the light of day, it will be shown for the first time there – just as it always has. And that is that, G’s. For all the next updates, keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and if you want to chat with us, other players & fans of GTA, Red Dead, Bully and more, join us on our official Discord server.

From GTA Series Videos this is Gary7 MT out, ’till next time..

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