GTA 5 PS4 vs PS3 Comparison and New-Gen Info – Hot Topic #4

We’re back with the fourth episode of Hot Topic, and as always, if you want subtitles, click on the Caption button. I’m Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew and in this new video we wanna focus on the latest announcements from Rockstar Games. We’ll be looking at the release dates of GTA 5 for new-gen consoles and PC. We’ll also compare some scenes of the new trailers and screenshots with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game and we’ll analyze the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” behind GTA 5 and GTA Online. Last Friday, Rockstar Games announced the release dates for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of the game. For the new-gen console, GTA 5 will arrive worldwide November 18th, 2014. Unfortunately PC gamers will have to wait until January 27th, 2015. Probably – and this is just our opinion – to sell more copies of the game and the new-gen console itself. Of course it could be because the PC version needs more time to release a more polished and detailed game.

Remember – the PC version will contain exclusive features like the built-in Video Editor. Along with those announcements, Rockstar Games also released a new trailer where we can see new details added to the in-game world like this dog, maybe a Border Collie… and a killer whale! The trailer itself features many characters, uses tight and wide shots of scenes that allow viewers a chance to see the difference between the old-gen version and the new. On proud display is the impressive and high-quality of game graphics – from tiny little details, to the lighting and shadow effects, to the increased depth of field and more.

Thanks to the screenshots we can also see a cat… and based on what rumors people have been tossing around, what could be a shot taken from a new side mission. A mission that could be something involving “drugs” due to the fact that Trevor is holding a bag on his back. Also, thanks to the screenshots, we can see how intensely vegetation has been rendered, how much depth of field has been enhanced and how much attention has been paid to the weather and other effects. And there’s more! Rockstar has announced that there will be new weapons, vehicles, activities, a new foliage system, denser traffic and enhanced damage and weather effects.

Plus the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions will feature 100 additional songs and new mixes for the 17 radio stations. And all who pre-order the game will get $1.000.000 in-game bonus cash to spend across GTA 5 and GTA Online – 500K respectively. And similar to what happened with the PC version of GTA 4, Rockstar Games has increased the player count in GTA Online for the new-gen to 30 players per lobby. Rockstar has confirmed new and updated content coming for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 like the return of the Dukes and Dodo Seaplane as well as a faster and more maneuverable Blimp.

New wildlife photo and shooting range challenges – with old and new weapons – will be included. At the moment we have no word on if all this content will also be available for the new-gen, but it’s unlikely they would skip it. GTA 5 has just had its first birthday and without a doubt, the game is universally considered a success highly acclaimed by critics. The game sold million units generating more than $815 million in its first 24 hours. Released on the 17th of September, it had already earned $1 billion in sales in just 3 days. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the game broke no less than an unheard of 6 world records: The best-selling videogame in 24 hours.

The best-selling action-adventure game in 24 hours. The highest grossing videogame in 24 hours. The highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours. The fastest videogame to gross $1 billion. And the fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion. So it’s irrefutable that the game has been a huge success, but for a lot of players, GTA 5 is also a big disappointment. For GTA 5 Rockstar Games used all its know-how to re-create the most authentic gaming world experience yet! Bursting with tons of detail – from the NPC’s clothes to dialogue, sounds, textures, animations and more, GTA 5 blends solid gameplay with pushing the technical limits of the hardware farther.

The end result is nothing less than a masterpiece that raises the bar making GTA once again the godfather of the action adventure / open world videogame genre. But GTA 5 is not only the best game of its ilk. It’s also technically a monumental step-up in the Grand Theft Auto series. Flaunting enhanced graphics with great effects, a huge map – that’s opened completely from the start of the game – a better enemies and police that now poses a bigger challenge to players and as always, freedom for players who want to attempt missions using new approaches and tactics. The game also offers a shit-load of side activities and side missions: Like hunting… Skydiving… A fully detailed underwater world… A lot of strangers to meet, talk to and start new missions with and even more unresolved mysteries than you can click your controller at. There are also lots of little details that make this game better and better every time.

Hell, you can just turn it on and stand there watching the world go by. From sweat that will seep through character’s clothes when doing exercise, to the moon phases that change as the days and weeks progress, to the Flip flops that don’t stay stuck on the characters feet, but actually flop to the Fieldmaster driving around on the beach with a tiller on the back covering up tire tracks that can be seen only early in the morning. There’s tons of these details and we’re probably even missing some. And we’re not even talking about the big improvements or even the three-main-characters feature that makes GTA 5 unique from any other game on any other platform – including PC. But is all this enough? Could all these improvements and details satisfy the expectations of players who waited 5 years for this game after the release of GTA 4? Well, here comes the bad part because for a lot of players, GTA 5 is good, but not good enough.

The main gripes are not about what the game has, but what it doesn’t have. People are complaining about features that, according to them, have been removed. When one looks at previous installments of the series, players got to have girlfriends, buy property like houses, garages, hangars and piers, fight gang-wars, recruit gang members and the gym/food aspect which was a popular feature of GTA San Andreas. The question is: does all that fit in the world Rockstar Games created for GTA 5? Well, surely the 90’s – the golden age of LA gangs – are long gone, so even if there are still gangs in LA, the Los Santos of today can’t feature as much gang-related content. Which instead fit perfectly in GTA San Andreas. We can buy new property that generates income, but the money required for their purchase takes too many in-game weeks to make most investments.

And yeah, new houses would be cool, but the houses would be empty. What’s more, thanks to the “Fast Save” option in the cellphones, hoarding cribs is obsolete. Changing aspects of characters could be a nice touch – as would dating girlfriends – even if it perfectly fits characters like Franklin, but this feature was changed with the “Booty Calls” inherited from The Ballad of Gay Tony Michael instead is married and Trevor… well, Trevor is Trevor. So what is really missing from the game that would give GTA 5 better fan response? Well, first of all maybe a different shaped map along with more things to do – could be a first step. For example, we have a fully detailed underwater world, but except for a couples of wrecks and whale skeleton to see and some collectibles to get, there’s nothing to do. Entire areas of the map are practically unused from the game and are not involved in any main or side mission. A lot of players also complain about the lack of interiors, but honestly we don’t think that more buildings with detailed interiors would add much to the game. Especially if there’s nothing to do inside them. Missions are probably what we should focus on: Michael and Trevor are well developed characters but Franklin comes off like a minor player who’s little more than a third wheel for a perfect duo.

An in-depth look at Franklin’s past and increasing his importance during the storyline could have added a lot to the game. Giving Franklin a new series of meaningful missions would allow players to identify more with the youngest character of the game and also add more fun to GTA 5. While the heists are fun and enjoyable – and while there probably was no need to add more in the original game setup – all the missions between heists seem like after-thoughts. They feel like filler – lacking big-picture relevance, reason or even proper endings. And then we have GTA Online, undoubtedly the biggest blind-bet Rockstar Games has yet made. There are lots of great things about GTA Online. From the constant evolution of the multiplayer world to the continuous support from developers – who not only work tirelessly on patches and balancing the game itself, for all players, but who also release new DLCs with vehicles, characters personalization and jobs – all completely free, unlike most game developers out there.

And there’s also the “Creator”. An ingenious feature that currently allows players to create their own races and deathmatches, but will allow the creation of new missions and more in the future. But there are a lot of complaints about GTA Online. Starting with a creation menu that doesn’t give players enough options to create a really unique character. Instead gamers are limited to choosing only character parents. Absent are values that directly manage height, weight, skin color or other facial or bodily traits. The unfortunate result of all of this is a city chocked full of clones who’ve just randomized values until stumbling onto an acceptable character. And then we have all the glitches, exploits, mods and more that, also thanks to a lot of YouTubers out to make easy-money off the GTA Online name, infest free-roam lobbies creating a totalitarian anarchy, where only those who won’t play fair, actually can play.

All this and the inability of Rockstar Games to put a stop to all the glitches and exploits or to keep their future plans for them secret, makes GTA Online a game where you can actually play only by making private lobbies with trusted friends. So, to wrap it up, we have a successful game that according to players, is both a masterpiece and a piece of crap. As always the truth lies somewhere in between the two… but closer to a masterpiece.

GTA 5 and GTA Online are really great games – still, no one product can ever satisfy everyone. There’s almost always something that DLCs could add, and there are technical problems stemming from hardware limitations that, thanks to the new, powerful, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One platforms and PC should be solved. Now for your questions and ideas. “Little UZI” from YouTube thinks it would be cool to see Brucie in a future DLC. Brucie is already in the GTA 5 world – and is tied to the Bullshark Testosterone, a useful feature in GTA Online. And yeah, we think having him back as a side character in a future DLC would be cool.

Javier Alvarez from Google+ asked if we are planning on redoing the story and GTA Online missions on the new-gen consoles. At the moment Javier, we don’t know exactly what to do with the new gen consoles. Surely we’ll remake the GTA 5 storyline in Full HD with the maxed out configuration on PC as soon as the game becomes available. What would you like guys to see us do with GTA 5 and GTA Online on the PS4 and Xbox One? Again from YouTube “mmichael1221” states that he heard that somebody figured out the Mount Chiliad mystery, but was asked by Rockstar not to share it because they weren’t ready to release this classified information. And with that we’ve reached the end of this episode of Hot Topic. Don’t forget to post your comments and ideas on YouTube, our social media accounts and on our community forum. This was Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew.

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