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Welcome to The Know, I’m Ashley Jenkins and I’m Jon Risinger If you’re not already a hardcore fan you might be kind of shocked to hear that Ghost Recon Wildlands coming out tomorrow (cool) during all the other games that you might already be playing or still anticipating at the moment but of course if you’re a die-hard Ghost Recon fan you’ve had this date in your calendar for months Ubisoft’s open-world tactical shooter is finally here. Early reviews are starting to land, meaning we can finally find out is it good. While the consensus isn’t quite there yet the answer so far seems to be…yes, but with some pretty major caveats like whether or not you have friends. I don’t. Shit thats a caveat yeah, that’s fine. Let’s get to the reviews so far Ghost Recon Wildlands is sporting an 84 on metacritic, now that’s just a handful of reviews so far is currently only indexing 10 reviews total, however there are a few other ones out there that haven’t been indexed yet they all still seem to follow the same pattern now as far as what they’re praising and what they’re criticizing If you’re wondering how that 84 on Metacritic compares with previous ghost recon games the free-to-play Ghost Recon phantoms came in on a 70 average when it released in 2014.

Wow. Yeah 2012’s future soldier is sitting at a 79, little bit better, and 2007’s advanced war fighter 2 has an 86, which was my favorite one of the series so about in line with previous games in the series despite the game’s major shift in mechanics. as were so of the more notable outlets TIME magazine and Gamesradar give it out of 5. Attack of the Fanboy give it a 4 out of 5 Twinfinite gave it a out of 5 and PlayStation lifestyle and gaming bolt gave it an eight and seven out of 10 respectively again possible for the average to start to shift as more reviews come out because there are a lot of major review outlets that haven’t weighed in like Polygon, Kotaku, IGN and so far me…John.

But so far all the critics seem to be landing in the same general area there’s not a lot of outliers here. There might you don’t know, I might be an outlier, I’m a rebel yeah overall the critics are mostly on the same page agreeing that Ghost Recon Wildlands features some truly amazing cooperative play and deep customization and some ways many feel that it perfects the Ubisoft open world experience that they’ve been tinkering with for so long on the negative side there is no redemption dog in the game. nope yes, exactly you know that your a redemption dog as for further negative reviews mentioned that the story mode is kind of lackluster, doubley lackluster if you’re playing the game by yourself plus some found the game to be marred with gameplay issues and blatant bugs but first the positive even though wildlands represents a major departure of the ghost recon experience thanks to its open road design many feel that this is one of the best things to happen to ghost recon in a long time it’s the culmination of many of Ubisoft’s open-world elements.

The customization of the division, the seamless co-op of the crew combined with the vistas and structure of assassins creed and FarCry and freedom is the big selling point here not only did reviewers love the level of customization for your characters and their weaponry they also love being able to tackle the games missions in almost any way they chose, in any order they chose. Time magazine said (highlighted) to infinite degrees with praise, the game structure writing (highlighted) and really how you handle the games missions is all down to your creativity you can skydive in and come out guns blazing or sneak in under the cover of nightfall but unfortunately that’s only really really fun if your doing it with friends rather than by yourself this is getting really rough for those who don’t have friends yeah okay playstation lifestyle said (highlighted) and a lot of that has to do with poor AI from your teammates.

Several reviewers mentioned problems with the the AI complaining about them generally not being very helpful and very few commands for them to aid you in your missions and in its still in progress review US Gamer wrote (highlighted) your lead and help you pick up so because of this your single-player mileage may vary but fortunately co-op makes things worlds better according to critics of the coop works seamlessly plus Ubisoft was smart enough to implement certain cooperative necessities like the fact that your story progress saves whether or not you’re playing with friends. Enemies also scale well even if you and your friends are at different levels this sounds a lot of payday 2 the AI sucked but if you have people with you the game was like a hundred times better like payday 2 with druglords yeah…so however wildlands is also plauged by that ugly nagging issue that tends to pop up in Ubisoft games it’s kind of buggy, especially their open world games yeah, reviewers mentioned all kinds of glitches ranging from clipping issues to poor handling on vehicles especially air vehicles and some even mention that when you add a co-op player the AI buddies disappear which is by design except the AI buddies continue to have invisible conversations even though they’re no longer in the game, like imaginary friends yes…Gamesradar said (highlighted) Even if your game isn’t hit with bugs, it might be hit with another common Ubisoft game problem well the fact that it’s a Ubisoft game through and through.

If the structure of Ubisoft open-world games doesn’t appeal to you you might not enjoy yourself Ubisoft does have a flavor that you have to like in order to play Ubisoft games yes. Gamingbolt said its review (highlighted) So in the end it sounds like Ghost Recon Wildlands is a great way to pass the time with friends adding buddies makes the game exponentially more fun but if you’re playing solo might not be quite so enjoyable. Overall Wildlands gets the job done if you want open-world sandbox shooter but you might run into a handful of bugs along the way plus the open-world nature of it can make it either sore for you or drag the game down depending on your preferences and so that about does it for our review roundup of Ghost Recon wildlands what you guys think of the game are you getting it tomorrow Let us know in the comments For future review roundups on the latest releases, and we’ve got a lot of those coming in the next month or two remember to like this video and subscribe to The Know.

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