Top 5 Tech YouTuber Gaming Desk Setups 2017!

So what’s up everyone, my name is Ben and today we will be looking at Top 5 Tech YouTuber Gaming Desk Setups, in this video, we will feature some of the best tech YouTubers and their setups, how they’re built and we will rate them. I ask you to comment down bellow and choose either one of these setups, you can just between 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 and just reply to a comment of mine, with a number, so I can choose, which setup you liked best, thank you guys for watching and let’s get started with the video. At number 5 we have Tech Tesseract, he has an amazing setup.

Right off the bat we can see that there are a ton of LED Strips and bright colors, which is something I love, not only does this setup look amazing at night, it also looks amazing in the day time, Josh chose a great colour combination, that really makes this whole setup look amazing and absolutely stunning. He’s using an IKEA desk, with his 3, 27inch monitor setup, which are powered by a custom built PC in an NZXT Phantom 240 case. Josh has also a Scarlet 2i2 audio interface, which he uses with his KRK Rokit 5’s, I bet the music coming out of those bad boys sounds pretty amazing. At number 4, we have randomfrankp, he’s a YouTuber, who constantly amazes me, with his setups, not only he changes them up often, but each time they look even better, than before. Once again he’s using an IKEA desk, which seems to be really popular in the YouTube tech community, Frank has a bunch of cool things on his desk, which is why I included it into this video, he’s using custom lamps, Audio Technica M50x headphones in white, but he also uses Sennheiser HD6xx headphones, along with a Grace Design M9xx AMP, he also has his really cool smart clock, that you can do everything with, he has Twitter alerts set up, followers, clock, weather, Gmail and more, really cool item.

He’s also using 3 curved LG monitors, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top, with 2 KANTO YU5 studio speakers, powering everything with a custom built PC, with an i7, 32GB of RAM and an MSI 1080 GPU. Yeah, the PC has a lot of lights, I love it. At number 3 we have MarzBar, or should we call him the king of all setup kings. Alex has one of the cleanest and good looking setups I have seen in my entire life, unfortunately, he has now updated his setup, but he hasn’t yet made a full video about it so here’s a video from 2016, Alex put a lot of his time into making everything as smart and automated as possible, meaning he can turn on and off his PC, monitors, lights, all that from his phone, which is something I’m really impressed with, he’s done an amazing job.

Above the setup, he has a skull, with a LED strip inside it, making it look insanely cool. On the wall, he has a 42inch Sony TV and for the gaming setup he’s using vodka, haha just kidding… On the side of the desk, we can see a pair of KRK’s, aka the best speakers ever, he’s also using 3 monitors, which have now been replaced, with 3 curved LG monitors, all 3 monitors are wall mounted and as you can see here, MarzBar put a lot of time into cable management, there are absolutely no cables, so props to you Alex.

At number 2 we have MrThaiBox123. What is 6 times 4? Well, hopefully not 21. Adam has one of the craziest, if not the craziest setup on YouTube. He’s using 6, 4k monitors, which equals to almost 50 million pixels, crazy stuff. He’s using this really¬† high tech chair to prevent back pain, you can check out a video about that on his channel. On the wall you can also spot a 4k LG TV, all his monitors are powered by the trashcan as he calls it, aka the Mac Pro, which has 128GB of RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive or an SSD, yeah the Mac Pro is a beast.

Next to the TV, he has a gaming PC, or a Hackintosh as he likes to call it and as you can see, there’s a room behind it, which is actually a toilet/shower, how cool is that? At number 1, we have UrAvgConsumer. This is the craziest gaming setup I have seen on YouTube so far. This one is by UrAvgConsumer and first off props to you dude, the whole room looks amazing and you’ve done an incredible job on it. Running everything is a MainGear PC named Flood, which has 2x 1080’s in it, i7-6700 and more… This PC has no problem running 3 UltraWide Predator displays, which look stunning. He also has the Oculus Rift hooked up to the PC, which means he can play any VR game. To hold everything he’s using a motorised desk which goes up and down, without messing up the cable management, for audio he’s using Audio Engine A5’s along with a subwoofer and above the setup, he has his logo which he also uses as a background on his PC. Everything comes along really nicely and makes this setup look whole.

I absolutely love it. For headphones he’s using gaming headphones by Logitech called the G933 which come with RGB colours, I said everything matches the theme of the setup, I’m in love with it. Anyway, guys, that’s pretty much it for the Top 5 YouTuber Gaming Desk Setups. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video and to be honest I know you did, because this video was filled with awesomeness, so don’t forget to drop a like on this video. Also in the comments down bellow, please let me know which setup you liked the best, you can pick between 1 and 5, so 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, so let me know and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you’re notified when I upload a new video, which is also going to be epic. Anyway, I’ll catch you all next time.

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