Gaming Accessories for iPhone 6s & 6s Plus – Top 5!

In this video we’re going to take a look at five useful accessories for the iPhone. Now if you’ve just bought the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus this video will be useful for you as well. Now I’ve placed the emphasis here on practicality and general day-to-day usefulness and I’ve tried to pick things that aren’t too expensive. So here we go, here’s my five favourite accessories for the iPhone. First up, we have the Twelve South Hi-rise desktop stand for iPhone and iPad Mini. If you’ve been looking at Apple’s recently released iPhone Lightning Docks, but worried about the weight on the lightning connector damaging your phone, this is a great solution. It has a taller panel that sits behind the phone providing extra support. What’s more, it’s also fully adjustable to accommodate different size cases meaning even thicker armour cases are compatible with it.

Much like Apple’s offering, you’ll need to supply your own lightning cable and it has to be the official Apple cable. You’ll also need to assemble this stand yourself, but that’s just some added fun. Whilst we’re talking about cables, take a look at the Nylon braided lightning cable from Anker. Coming in lengths of three or six feet, this is a tough cable that should last far longer than most other cables.

Being nylon-braided, it’s also less likely to get tangled up. The lightning connector on the cable is very similar in size to the official one from Apple which means it should work fine with a majority of cases. Now here is an awesome one for those who’ve bought the 6s Plus with the massive battery. This is the RAVPower portable charger with a humungous 26800mAh battery – enough to charge your phone many times over. It has three USB ports with iSmart technology, delivering the most efficient charge for your device. It comes complete with a travel-pouch too. This is definitely one for people who travel around a lot. Next up we have something for the car. This is the ROC-LOC universal smartphone mount. It fits a range of phones right up to the iPhone 6s Plus with a massive 86mm wide opening. The silicon around the edge keeps your phone protected and allows you to easily place your phone inside with one hand. The 70mm suction cup will also keep this secure and prevent unwanted vibrations. Make sure you check out my unboxing and quick review video for this. Look for the link in the comments below.

Finally, we have something very cool for gamers. This is the Moga Rebel controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This bluetooth controller feels very premium whilst also being lightweight. The middle panel opens up with a holder for your iPhone making it a very nice portable games console. It’s compatible with a wide variety of games and is a must-have for mobile gamers. Check out my unboxing and quick review of this too, in the comments below. And that’s it, there’s my five accessories for the iPhone that I recommend you get. I’ve put links in the description below if you’d like to check out some of those on Amazon and other retailers, and that’s it. I hope you found this video useful, please like, comment and subscribe and I’ll be back soon with another video.

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