Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

It’s the Nintendo Switch presentation, but every time you hear a *snap* it’s a Game Theory about the Nintendo Switch. One *snap* Well, darn. (quietly) That was fast. (Theme song.) Hello, Internet! Welcome to GAME THEORY! Where, let’s be honest Someone from the Nintendo marketing team Clearly misread his e-mails and thought it was the Nintendo Snap. Switcha, not Snapa. Anyway, we’ve been talking a whole lot about Undertale lately, So this week we’re finally gonna Switch *snap* it up Don’t worry, that’s the only switch pun I have up my sleeve… So don’t switch *Snap* to another video! Alright, that one was weak. (Bad puns are awesome!) Now if everything goes according to plan, by the time this video releases The Nintendo Switch should be ready to come out.

Unless of course the editor team decided to rebel on me again… You stay in the basement! Back! Back, you monsters! Back to the editing basement with you! Whoo! (Evil glare) But just based on what we’ve seen so far, early feelings from fans, cynics, and developers about the switch have been mixed. And no, not just because it throws another monkey wrench Into Mario’s cannon height all over again… What the heck, Nintendo! We just, We just accepted him as 5′ 1″ tall But if that’s the case, that means that the “Humans” in Super Mario Oddesy are almost 10′ tall! 10 feet?! Serously! Do you think these guys are as tall as Wario?! I think not. Also also, if this game’s version of New York City is populated by creatures this tall, And Mario is this tall, they’re not the same creature! They’re not both humans! So what does that make Mario! What does that make these guys! I don’t know! Are they Aliens? One of them has to be! (Agonising groan) Being a theorist is so infuriating sometimes! Alright, rant over.

I’m just gonna have to accept that Mario has no discernable cannon. Or that Super Mario Odyssey’s version of New York is populated by actual giants. Let’s just hope it’s better than Crisis city! Ball’s in your court, Nintendo. From the “brilliant” minds behind Sonic ’06 comes, Super Mario ’17! 10 years later, still 10 feet tall! But enough about Mario’s height because seriously, if there’s one topic I’ve talked to death, it’s FNaF. But if there’s a second topic I’ve talked to death, it’s Mario’s height. Now, today I’m switching my focus to the system itself. Because the Switch, is a bit of an oddball. Right? It’s kinda portable, but it’s also kinda big. It’s a new system, but with graphics that aren’t really aiming to compete with new, heavy-hitter consoles. And it’s got these really crazy controllers that are really awesome from a technical standpoint, I mean you can literally feel virtual balls rolling around in your hand, Uuh, not in a sexual way… But at the same time, who’s gonna develop for these things? It’s part Wii, part WiiU, part DS, part original NES, So what’s Nintendo’s angle here? Well, I have a theory that Nintendo has a secret strategy with the switch.

One that, I don’t think anyone sees coming but, one that could offer us experience like no other gaming console has done before. Now Nintendo, for all their faults, hasn’t made their name by following trends. Rather, they’re far more comfortable setting the trends. For better or worse It was the start of their whole Switch presentation That the Wii’s motion controls is the sole reason that this ping-pong ball glued to a Lightsaber exists Shoulder buttons originated on the Super Nintendo controller And the GameCube, had a handle (Presenter) We put a handle on Nintendo GameCube so it, could be carried around. (Innovation 101!) *slot machine win sound* (MatPat) Fast forward to today And the technology that got me researching this theory in the first place Because while everyone else is focused on gluing laptop clickpads to their controllers, Nintendo releases these The joycoms Weird little handheld controllers packaged in two OCD infuriating colors.

I am not gonna go off on a tangent about that too! But what’s intresting about the controllers, while they may be akward to look at, Go back to the roots of what made Nintendo successful in the 21st century Motion controls and haptic feedback. When you attach a strap to the controller, it basically becomes a motion controlled Wii-mote, on steroids. The things have an HD rumble! The ability to mimic the tactile feel of just about anything! But dosen’t mean a whole lot until you actually experence them In the minigame 1 2 Switch, which is basically this system’s tech demo One of the minigames requires you to guess the number of imaginary marbles That are rolling around in an imaginary box Just by moving the controller around in your hand! And the feeling is unbelievable.

You seriously feel, one by one, balls rolling and bouncing around inside of a box that dosen’t exist! Hitting each other, rolling on top each other, it is that detailed! And while it is super cool from a tech perspective, I wondered what the point of it was from a gaming perspective Because do you think that the next Call of Duty is gonna be including the HD feeling of slitting a person’s throat in their next game? Usually, when it comes to these weird tech features, Nintendo is leading the way with its first party titles But how does something like that fit into a platformer like Mario Odyssey? For the HD rumble to really mean anything, It means you’re gonna have to use these joycoms unattached Like a Wii-mote, or more accurately, like the HTC Vive, the Oculus Touch, or any of the VR headsets with hand controls. Only these are gonna be one step up Cause they’re able to mimic the objects you’re holding in the virtual world! My suspicion was further supported by president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, Who said, in an interview, that quote, “They were studying the feasibility of virtual reality, in the switch” So does that mean that Switch is the second toe in the VR market after the “resounding success” of the Virtual Boy? Is that the big theory here? Well, there’s more to it than that.

After more digging, I found that Nintendo has secured a patent For headset mount designed for virtual reality purposes A head mount that looks suspiciously like the ones that Samsung and Google are currently selling The Gear, and The Daydream Which allows you to slot in your phone, and turn it into a virtual reality device A portable phone that switches *snap* into a VR headset Kinda sounds like a portable gaming device slightly larger than a phone that switches into a VR headset. Hm. And not only that, look deeper into the patent and you’ll find, quote “In the present embodiment, the controllers 3 and 4 may be used while they are removed from the main unit 2. Therefore, even with the main unit 2 attached, to the main HMD accessory 230, Controllers 3 and 4 can be used as controller devices.

That is, the user can operate the controller using the hands While the HMD accessory 230 with the main unit 2 attached thereto is mounted on the head of the user.” And here you thought that textbooks sucked to read It’s like all the worst parts of a math problem, coupled with a legal contract. But, if you actually go back through and translate what that gobbldy gook means in English, It basically confirms that the Joy-cons have, in part, Been designed to operate like handsets, while he device is sitting right in front of your eyes. Just like any other VR device on the market, today.

I also noted in the patent, that it mentions the main unit has an acceleration and velocity sensor For changing a visual perspective that’s being shown on the screen. IE, the motion you’re seeing onscreen is directly related to the movement of your head. Just like a VR headset In other words everything about the switch says that its not just aiming to take over as both your your at home gaming console and your preferred portable gaming experience but its also looking to compete with literally everyone from Facebook to Google to Sony and Samsung in the VR space.

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