♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (Finebros) This time around, we’re not showing you a video. Okay. (Finebros) Instead you are going to be reacting to this. Oh no. My god. I’m not gonna electrocute myself, am I? A snorkling mask? Something you would have in wartime situation. It’s a space mask, I don’t know, or something you wear for the Ebola crisis. When I was a kid, we had something like this, only you could turn the thing, and it would always change to a different thing. This could be some kind of mind control hypnotic thing you’re gonna try to pull on me. I might not like it. Something that you put on and watch a movie? It may be virtual reality on 3-D on these lenses. (Finebros) You’re right on track. What you’re holding is called the Oculus Rift.

What? The Rift. – (Finebros) Have you ever heard of it? – Never in my life. Never heard of it. No. I’ve heard the name. I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was a rock group. (Finebros) It’s actually a virtual reality device. Ooh. (Finebros) You wear it, and it feels like you’re in other places, and you can play video games on it. Oh, so we’ve gotten this far now. Knew they were coming. Wondering when the full-sized naked woman was gonna jump out and hug me. (chuckles) (Finebros) So let’s give it a shot. Go ahead and put it on. (nervously) Okay. This messes up my hair. (Finebros) We’re gonna be placing you right in – a villa in Tuscany. – Oh, how wonderful. Thank you. – (Finebros) So go ahead. Look around. – My god, this is awesome. Oh, that’s amazing. This is pretty cool, man. I like this.

It’s everywhere. It’s like you’re there. It looks a little artificial. Oh, it’s 360. Wow. Oh, hey. I like it, guys. (chuckling) Oh, baby. (Finebros) Okay, so we’re gonna now control it – and walk you into this house. – Okay. Oh my. Walking without using my feet. – (in game: birds chirping) – Whoa, this is cool, man. Wow. Kinda dizzy. Wow. (yelps in fear) Woo, that’s awesome! (chortles) Hello, pretty house. Oh, even the ceilings are there. Wow. I want to live here. Feels not quite real. That’s a little scary. Oh. (laughing) I’m gonna hit the wall. Damn, this is pretty cool. It actually gives you that sensation of motion. This could give one vertigo. Okay, now I’m getting dizzy. – Ooh, whoa, sorry. – (Finebros) That’s okay. I get motion-sick, so you don’t want me to puke here. That is spectacular. Oh! My lake! Whoa. What a beautiful setting. Is George Clooney’s house nearby? Beautiful. The sky looks very real. Ooh. It’s very pretty out here. I mean, it’s all very fake-looking, but it’s beautiful. (Finebros) Cool. All right, we’re now going – to have you go to a theme park.

– Oh, okay. Oh god, you better not put me on a roller coaster; I’ll throw up. – (in game: ride clanking) – You put me on a damn roller coaster. I happen to love roller coasters. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I really am scared of heights. This is higher than the Cyclone. Oh. Oh, bleh. No. – Oh god, oh god, oh god. – (Finebros) But it’s not real. Uh, my stomach doesn’t know that. Now, this feels like you’re actually on a roller coaster. My goodness. I have a suspicion we’re going to have a fast descent. Okay, here we go. Uh-oh, I’m closing my eyes now. No, there’s no way. (shakily) Uh-oh. Let’s not do this. Oh [bleep]. Oh no. Ha ha ha ha. Whoa. It’s making me nauseous. (screams) Oh my goodness, that churns your stomach! No, no, no, no… (frightfully) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! (roller coaster rattling) Man, this feels like you’re really on a ride.

Ha ha ha! (imitates turns) This is unreal. Oh, what happened? Uh-oh. I’m now in death row. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRACKS? (laughs boisterously) We just jumped off the tracks! There were no tracks! – Bleh. – (Finebros laugh) Ugh. I really did get dizzy and a little bit nauseous from that. Literally heart’s going, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom. (Finebros) We’re gonna load a program where you’re just sitting in a room, where you can look around. Okay, that’s a good idea. Oh, I’m watching a television. (TV cuts to static) Uh-oh. Oh, TV’s going out. (faint, whispering voice) I see you. Oh my god, that is creepy. (whispering voice) I see you. Aah! (giggles) She sees me! – (knock on door) – Oh. Somebody’s knocking on the door. I’m not letting you in. If I don’t let you in, you can’t do anything to me. No, I don’t want to– aah. – (in game: scary chuckling) – Got a little cackling person. Oh, hello there! Oh, I know you. What, is this Chucky? Um, I would like to go home now, please. Aah. Aah. Oh, what do we got over here? My goodness.

Somebody got hung? (gasps) Oh. Oh. Oh, I hate this. I hate this. – (in game: ominous buzzing) – Oh, blood on the ceiling. (in game: ominous buzzing and faint sobbing) Some Charles Manson stuff. “Kill you! Kill you!” in blood. (in game: object jingles, helpless whimper) – (gunshot) – Oh! I don’t like this. – (gunshot) – Aah! I just shot myself. I’m dead. “Thanks for playing.” What was I playing? Great sound effects. Are we done? Can I take this off? This is the damnedest thing I ever saw, man. It was neat. (movie reel clicks) (Finebros) So what are your first thoughts after experiencing this technology? It’s very close to reality. It can get quite frightening. When it comes to stuff like this, I’m a caveman. I’m impressed with the technology, but somebody else can buy it. I think it’s gonna be a tremendous thing. I would use it. It’s like a couple steps away, I can see, where you would think you’re absolutely in this world. It is very impressive. How do they put this in– How do they put this in here? (Finebros) So this device is being used for fun experiences and video games.

But they’re also developing technology for surgeons to use this to simulate surgery, for NASA for outer-space travel. – What do you think about that? – I think that’s quite amazing. Well, it would certainly be a real training. I mean, you would feel like you’re in outer space. I see many applications for it that would be very good. I see others that could drive a person absolutely out of their mind. (Finebros) If virtual reality technology gets better and better, now that you see that it’s come this far, what are your thoughts on what that could mean? People probably would get hooked on it just like they do everything else. I think it’s bad for kids, because they don’t do anything as it is now. Very easy to manage a group of people this way, isn’t it? Nineteen Eighty-Four.

We have creative minds; we just have to tap into it. And that’s what this does. There’s good and bad. Sick or housebound people or older people– they could go anywhere in the world or the universe. They could tour museums, and it would be like they were really there, which would be wonderful. On the other hand, it’s sort of like now with the tweeting and all that, we’re losing interpersonal relationships. (Finebros) Did you ever imagine that technology – would get to this point? – No idea. Never. I just thought computers were amazing. (Finebros) Now experiencing something that you felt you would never experience, – how does that feel? – It feels great. It’s very exciting actually. I like it. To have gone from a rotary phone and a black-and-white TV with no remote and no computers, it was a profound experience for someone my age. And I really almost feel like crying, because it’s just overwhelming.

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