CGR Undertow – EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2017 PORTABLE review for PlayStation Vita

You know, not every game has to be a commentary on the failures of objectivism to be fun. It doesn’t always have to have you make harrowing decisions that determine the way the story will unfold. Games also don’t have to radically change time tested genre staples to be worthwhile. Sometimes, all a game has to do is give you a machine gun with unlimited ammo and throw a countless number of alien creatures at you for it to be fun.

And that is precisely what Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable does, and with glory. The story for the game is so cheesy, campy, and laughably terrible, and honestly, it works perfectly with the game. The whole thing gets a B movie monster flick feel to it which is wonderful. I mean, the game is about shooting aliens that invade Earth, let’s not kid ourselves and make it out to be the most amazing storyline out there. That is a B movie plot to the end. So alien bugs have invaded Earth in 2017 and the Earth Defense Force is there to greet them, with guns. It is a fairly standard third person shooter, and controls quite well on the Vita.

The analog sticks move and aim your character and are nice and responsive. The controls are simple, because the gameplay is simple. You won’t be issuing strategy or anything like that. You will run at the aliens and pump them full of lead and rockets. You have a nice selection of weapons to choose from and can find more as you complete missions.

The missions are short and fast, but there are tons of them. More than enough to satisfy. One thing I will not say about the game is how great it looks because let’s be honest, it is not the best looking game out there. But it never intends to be. All the power for the game went straight into putting as many bugs on screen as they can, which is great to see. Also the buildings are destructible, so you easily understand where the effort went to, making a fun game. The game doesn’t really take advantage of any of the special Vita features. But they did add in a new online multiplayer feature where you can play either co-op missions or competitive missions, which really adds new life to the game.

Running through the streets, killing hundreds of giant bugs with a friend, those are the special moments in life. Just like the B movies it takes inspiration from, Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable may not be the most impressive, or best looking, but what it does is provide a highly entertaining time.

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