CS:GO Update – Tec-9 Nerf, Jump Bug Patched & No More Group Invites!

This video is sponsored by Gameflip, which is basically a global market for skins and games. It’s actually a site that’s currently growing rapidly and has over million users so you’ll be sure to find something you like. You can also buy and sell video games, game keys and more. It’s a 100% legit and transparent service. Check the video description to get a promo code and a link to save a dollar when you signup. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallĂ„ gubbar, Maxim here. So we got some very interesting news today. First of all, there’s a new BETA update for CS:GO. A beta update is basically an update that you can try out for yourself before it goes out live to the public, it’s to make sure that everything seems to work okay and fine.

This update has some very interesting changes and fixes. The most interesting fix is probably for the crouch jump bug. Before it looked like this, and now it looks like this. It even makes a sound so you’re not silent anymore when you do it. Wow, Valve has finally fixed a bug that has been in the game for a long time, and they have “adapted” well to the community feedback. BTW, if this was patched before the major, I wonder how everything would’ve turned out. Anyway, the next big change to this update is for the Tec-9. The Tec-9 has slightly improved accuracy when taking a single shot but reduced accuracy when firing rapidly. The magazine and reserve ammo has also been reduced from 24 to 18 and 120 to 90. In my opinion, I love these changes.

I even made a video about the tec-9 being overpowered where most of you seemed to agree with me. It will be very interesting to see how these changes affect the professional scene in the future or just any game where the terrorists need to eco. Will it still be the Rek9 that we all know? The last fix they’ve done is for an issue where sometimes you couldn’t hear an enemy behind a wall.

This was very frustrating on the map Nuke for example where the terrorist could just rush you sometimes and it could catch you off guard cause you couldn’t hear them properly. This is a very nice fix from Valve. The last thing I wanna talk about is an update for Steam itself. You know how you always get random group invites? Well, you won’t anymore. You can now only be invited into a group by your friends. Even thought I wasn’t one of those people who got spammed group invites, I can understand how that must feel for you guys who did.

This is obviously great news and hopefully we’ll get the CS:GO update out of beta, very soon. It will most likely be out of beta in a couple days. You can always follow me on other social medias as well, such as Twitter and Instagram and I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!.

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