CGRundertow RESISTANCE: BURNING SKIES for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

The Resistance series has always been one of my favorite Playstation exclusives. I remember when my friend got his PS3 right when it first came out, Resistance: Fall of Man really drew me in with its alternate reality story. While I feel like Killzone was created with the intention of trying to beat Halo at its own game, Resistance offered something unique; a dark, sometimes personal tale of an alien attack in the 1950’s. With the PS Vita finally giving first-person shooter fans a reason to buy a handheld, the game I have today was supposed to be able to deliver a FPS that could never before appear on a handheld. This is Resistance: Burning Skies. Resistance: Burning Skies follows a firefighter named Tom Riley who happens to get swept up into the makeshift force working to fight the Chimera as he works to keep his daughter and wife out of harm’s way. In addition, he’s joined by a woman named Ellie, who seems to have a little more experience in combat. Although the story isn’t anything special as far as plot points and events go, I did like the presentation.

Making the main character a firefighter also allowed the developers to mix in some interesting mechanics like axe swings and rescues. Perhaps the best thing I can say about Burning Skies is that it plays just like a first-person shooter would. Controls are very crisp and don’t feel any worse than a console shooter, and some aspects actually work a little better. Throwing grenades, for instance, is accomplished by touching the icon on the screen and dragging to towards an enemy, while you can tag targets for headshots with a quick drag of your finger. Weapons also have a good feel to them, and hit detection is surprisingly good. You can tell that the game was developed to be a good first-person shooter first and a Vita game second, as none of the touch features feel gimmicky. Even though this does feel like a console game put onto the Vita, there are a few other unique features that help to keep things interesting. Reloading explosive arrows for instance, is accomplished by dragging your finger down like you’re pulling back a bow, while setting up a shield requires you to drag your fingers in opposite directions horizontally.

Sprinting is controlled by double-tapping the rear touchpad, and this actually feels much more natural than I expected it to. With all of the things I enjoyed in Burning Skies, there are a few problems that hold the game back. First off, enemy AI can act very strange in some sections. If you wait for enemies to charge, they’ll often stop a few feet short, allowing you to still take cover and reload.

Secondary weapon functions can also accidentally be activated just by brushing your thumb on the screen as you use the sticks, and this could’ve been fixed by including a sort of “dead area” on the very outside of the screen. Resistance: Burning Skies is one of the best looking games on the Vita, maybe behind only Uncharted. Character models and faces look excellent, definitely up to par with early PS3 titles, and animations and effects are also great. Fire also looks much better than anything I’ve seen on the Vita before. Although Resistance: Burning Skies may not be that revolutionary portable FPS that changes how everyone views the platform, it is a very solid game that finally enables you to play the genre like it’s meant to be played. I’d recommend getting this used, but it is still worth checking out.

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