CGRundertow MOTORSTORM RC for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

With each entry, the MotorStorm series has been developing itself into a bigger and better racing franchise, with all this coming to a high with last years MotorStorm Apocalypse. But now the series has taken a step to the side, rather than forward. MotorStorm RC replaces the huge apocalyptic environments with smaller concentrated tracks, and switches out the vehicles to remote controlled cars.

I guess their insurance bills were getting just outrageous. Everything has been shrunk down, the cars, the tracks, and to some degree, the fun. The game starts you off with a quick tutorial of the new controls. It has done away with the camera that stays behind the car and replaces it with an overhead one, either stagnant or dynamic. Because of the this, traditional controls won’t work too well so the game introduces new ones. You now control your car with the analog stick. The accelerator and brakes has been allocated to the right stick while you steer with the left. It takes a little bit to get use to but once you do, you will be flying around these tracks with ease. The tracks themselves are a little bit of a letdown. The series has come to be known for its elaborate levels. Those tracks has been replaced with very simplified ones. The graphics are impressive, with nice textures for snow and dirt. But the tracks don’t have the extra pop, those extra details that really bring you into the world.

I know that these are representing RC tracks, but they could have added some of the things that made this franchise special. The game modes are fairly basic but effective. There is your standard races, where you try to finish first. Nothing really new there. There is also a mode very you try to get to first place as fast as you can. This is one of the most addictive modes. And there are time attacks, that have you racing against against the clock. All the game modes don’t really take that long, with some lasting only a couple seconds and others lasting about two minutes. It makes for some great pick up and play gameplay. Getting gold unlocks you more tracks, cars and paint. All these unlockables and quick gameplay leads to a bad case of just-one-more-race syndrome. The game also offers some interesting online features. Your races times are published and encourages competition. When you are racing, you will see an arrow representing your friends time, that you can race against.

It creates a strong desire to beat your friends time. MotorStorm RC is a much different game than the rest in the series. Many things have been scaled back. It is a side series, and feels very much like one. It is not a step forward, nor is it a step back. With plenty to unlock and short, fast and fun races, you will find yourself enjoying them, just not obsessing over them.

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