CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

It seems that Naked Snake is everywhere now. This is a man who is easily capable of sneaking past hundreds of guards, and I’m guessing who has sneaked out of paying the check on more than one occasion. But in little under a year, Snake has found himself in an HD remake, and also in the strange territory of a Nintendo platform with the 3DS. But now he has found himself somewhere I’m sure he didn’t expect to be and that is on the Playstation Vita. And just as you would expect, Snake has put on a new camo pattern and adapted perfectly. First off, the game looks amazing. The HD makeover shines through in all its glory to present a beautiful game.

The forests of the Soviet Union are detailed and striking, and this can also be said about characters, who look just as good. But you are already know this going in. You have come to expect, as with every Metal Gear game, amazing visuals, a good detailed story, and stealth gameplay. But how does the gameplay change with the move to the Vita? Surprisingly, the gameplay does not change that much. The Vita controls make some tweaks that take a second or two to get used to but after you do, you won’t even notice them. Because the Vita lacks a second shoulder button, it is made up for with the touchscreen. You touch and drag in the bottom corner to select your items and weapons. This work incredibly well, and will feel very natural, very quickly. There are also minor things, like using the back touchpad to zoom in and out with your scope. They don’t feel like half-thought out ideas and they work flawlessly. But wait, there’s more. You can now save your game to the cloud and continue it on the PS3. Is this a good way to take your game with you? Yes.

Is this a reason to get you to buy both copies? Yes, as well. One complaint is the game doesn’t have that pick up and play quality that some are looking for in a handheld. We all have heard the jokes about the length of the cutscenes, and I have no problem with them on a console. But when I want to play some Metal Gear on the ride to work, sometimes all I have time for is a cinematic, then it’s off to work. But if you can get past that, this is a great version of Snake Eater. It even has the original MSX games here as well. And with the new Vita controls, it can at times feel like a whole new game.

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