CGRundertow GRAVITY RUSH for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

The PlayStation Vita has really run into a rough patch since its launch in late February. After releasing alongside some great titles within its launch window like Uncharted, a great port of Rayman Origins and several sports titles, we haven’t received much. However, there is one game that’s looking to change this during the summer months. This game was considered one of the most anticipated titles for the system, and after a short delay, it’s here. This is Gravity Rush. Gravity Rush, known in some areas as Gravity Daze, follows a girl named Kat. Kat wakes up with no memory of anything, but soon finds that a cat named Dusty is following her around and giving her the power to shift gravity at will. She’s immediately called upon by her town’s citizens as the landscape begins breaking apart and is attacked by dark creatures known as the Nevi, even though she is still learning what her powers are. Now, while the story could’ve definitely taken some interesting turns, it’s actually not that out of the ordinary. Characters are all pretty boring and a good portion of the plot is super derivative.

Obviously though, the main draw of Gravity Rush is the gameplay, and it is actually very unique. Using the L and R buttons, you have the ability to move gravity in any direction to navigate the town and get to otherwise unreachable areas. The right stick and gyroscope are both used for aiming Kat, and this is actually why we have the view of the Vita a little bit farther back. You’ll be moving the Vita quite a bit while playing this game, so make sure you have some elbowroom. Kat’s movements feel very crisp and fast, and one of the best things to do is just explore everywhere you can. You’ll find purple gems that allow you to upgrade your abilities as you do so, as well, which is a nice touch. Speaking of abilities, you won’t have some of the stuff you see here until later in the game. Gravity Rush is a slow starter, and even though most of this footage is from a little more than halfway through, it takes almost that long for you to get the really awesome abilities.

You kind of just have to stick it out for a little while before the game starts getting really good. While exploration is really well done, combat isn’t quite as polished as it could be. This is mostly due to a pretty spotty auto-lock feature. Kat kicks with the square button, and this becomes a gravity kick if she’s floating, but if there are two enemies next to each other, the game will often pick the wrong one or just send Kat flying by both of them. However, other aspects of combat do work better. Kat can levitate items in the air to throw at enemies, and she also has special attacks that can be used to take out multiple enemies every so often. Overall, fighting enemies is fun, but most of the battles drag on a little too long, with Kat having to take down six or seven Nevi at once before being allowed to continue.

The game could’ve benefited by having Kat fight a smaller number of enemies more often. Gravity Rush is a very interesting game to look at, as it uses cell shading for a very dark setting. It’s definitely not the most visually impressive Vita game, but it’s far from the worst. Gravity Rush isn’t a title that every Vita owner will enjoy, but fans of action games, or someone looking for innovation in gameplay should really check this one out.

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