CGR Undertow – NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA PLUS review for PlayStation Vita

In math, sigma means, “the sum of.” As in, many different components added together. Now this made a lot of sense and was an appropriate subtext when Ninja Gaiden came to the PS3. That was the first time Ninja Gaiden was on Playstation, with there having been Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black released on Xbox. So that was the sum of those games added together and some additional content. But then they had to release the game, yet again for the Playstation Vita, with another fitting subtext, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. It’s the sum of three games, plus a little bit more. You once again step into the shoes of one of the coolest ninjas in gaming, Ryu Hayabusa. He must fight against the Black Spider Ninja Clan to save his village and clan, and also keep the legendary Dragon Sword save. How he does this is by being a total ninja.

He can hack and slash and carve up his enemies with the precision only a ninja has. He can throw ninja stars, and also run along walls and literally flip up them, all with speed and skill. He can also perform magic, all making him, and through playing as him you, out to be one awesome ninja. But you know all this. At its core, this is still the same game that was released back in 2004, which is both a statement of how good the original game was that it still holds up, and the ability of Team Ninja to release the same game for a decade.

So what is new with the Vita release? What additional content is hidden away in the plus of sigma plus? Well for one, the game makes some use out of the vita touchpads. If you touch the screen, you enter into a first person mode controlled by the gyroscope, so you have to move the system to look around. Also the back-pad can activate Ryu’s magic. There is a new difficulty level called “Hero,” which tones down everything and makes it much easier, which helps because the Vita’s analog sticks and buttons may not give the amount of control needed.

The game does look pretty, having much of the same graphics as the PS3 version did. It will always be impressive to see such visuals coming from a handheld but they are not improved. If you have not played Ninja Gaiden, this is a solid version to experience. But if you have, there really isn’t enough new to justify another purchase. It is a good port with interesting additions, but not anything but a little plus.

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