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What is up guys? UnlockRiver here, in today’s video, I’m going to show you the Best iPhone Games available for the iPhone, for the iPad and for the iPod Touch. [intro] So I will show you around 10 of the best iPhone games I’ve ever played. Some of them are free, others are paid but trust me, they are all very, very good. So first off, we have a really good game called Subway Surfers. So the whole point of this game is to help this little guy escape from the security guard and his thugs. So it’s very cool, it’s very addictive, it’s like I swear, you start playing it and it’s very hard to stop playing.

I think it is from the creators of Temple Run, it is a very cool game. You get to ride a hoverboard and stuff so I definitely recommend checking it out. Unfortunately, it is not free but it is one of the best games available for download from the App Store. Then we have Crossy Road, this is one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. It is basically the same mentally behind Flappy Bird. I don’t know if you remember that game but it was like very, very hard to-basically, it’s impossible to beat and the whole point is to get as further as you can in the game.

Now it is very like-basically, you’re a chicken and you have to cross the road and just survive and that’s the whole point of the whole game and as you can see here, you cross-you have trains and stuff and-oops, you have cars also. The next game is called Flow. You can download this game for free from the App Store. It is a very cool puzzle game, if you love puzzles, you’re going to love this game. The whole point of this game is to connect matching colors with a pipe to create a flow. This game is completely free, you can download it for free from the App Store and it has hundreds of different levels with different difficulty levels and if you have an iPad this game will look very good because it is made especially for the iPad.

So of course the difficulty level will increase but the overview HD design will improve. Up next we have a very fun game: Rayman Jungle Run. This is a very fun game, basically it’s like racing so you just need to advance and complete levels and the graphics of this game are very, very cool. As you can see, the colors and the way this game runs, it is impressive. So basically, the whole point is you have to go through different levels and just be jumping collecting the stars or the fairies.

I’m not sure what those are but it is a very fun game and I recommend downloading it from the App Store and because it is highly addictive as well. This game was developed by Ubisoft and it was also featured by Apple’s App Store as one of the best games of the year. Up next is an application that will read your mind, it is called Akinator and basically, it’s like having a genie inside your phone. So it will guess any character, celebrity or a cartoon character or any other famous character you know and just think about it in your mind and try to play this game. It works 95% of the time and it will guess the character you have in mind. So it is a very cool way to impress your friends if you want to play it with those.

If you want to impress some people, just tell them like, “Hey, I bet I can read your mind.” and play this game with them. Just ask him a couple of questions and they will be impressed and you will love their reactions. So I definitely recommend checking this out, it is one of the most impressive application there are available in their App Store and yeah, just try, download it and let me know if it works for you. Up next, we have Tiny Wings. This is a classic game, very, very popular. In case you haven’t heard about it, it is a very simple game. Basically, you need to travel from mountain to mountain. The bird doesn’t have wings that’s why it’s called Tiny Wings and you have to use the momentum from hill to hill to advance and gain speed to move across every different mountain.

Now, the game has different features, it’s like you have to create different objectives and every level as you can see here, the objectives are-I don’t know, it depends on every level but it is highly addictive. It is very hard to stop playing this game once you start getting into it and I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t done it already. Up next, we have Head’s Up. This is by far, the best game to play with friends. If you’re in a party or just hanging out with friends, you can play this game and you will have a lot of fun. Now, the way it works is like, you select a category. For this example, we’re going to select superstars and the point is to guess the name of the superstar or celebrity you have on your forehead.

So just click, “Play Now” and you have to place it on your forehead as you can see here. So the person holding up the phone doesn’t have any idea of what’s going on the screen and everyone else has to try to describe as accurate as possible what’s going on or the name of the person or celebrity that is on the phone. If you know the answer, you flip it down, if you don’t know the answer, you pass by flipping it up.

Now it is by far-trust me guys, it is very fun game to play with friends especially if you’re at a party or just hanging out with your friends or family. The best part is that while you’re playing the game, the phone is recording so you can see at the end the video of your friends screaming out the names and just acting out. It is a very fun game, you have different categories. Definitely one of the best games on the App Store. The next game is called Where’s My Water? This is an application developed by Disney, this is very fun.

It will require a lot of thinking and planning so it is a very fun game to spend time when you’re bored, you can just basically play this for hours and you won’t get bored and for this example, we are going to select the first world and the whole of this game is to get the water from one point to the other. So as you can see here, the water is flowing in one part and we have to dig through the dirt to make sure it reaches the crocodile at the end of the level. So it is very easy at the beginning but trust me, it gets very hard once you reach a certain amount of levels.

Up next we have Clumsy Ninja. This is basically like a pointless application but it is really fun and the graphics are amazing. Like, the whole point is to train your ninja, you can do whatever you want with your ninja. It’s like, you have to train him, you have to teach him how to jump, how to do tricks and stuff but it is amazing how it responds to your commands. It just looks extremely realistic, it’s like you pull the front feet and you can just flip it around and it looks like it’s real life. It’s amazing and you can use different objects, you can interact with let’s say like, trampoline. You can buy stuff, you can-basically, you can train your ninja using different objects and it is a very cool game when you’re bored and you don’t have anything to do, just play with this thing and trust me, you won’t be bored.

The next one is called Icon Pop Quiz. If you like trivias, you’re going to love this game. The way it works is like you have different categories like: famous people, celebrities, cartoons, films and movies and they just give you like a small hint like an image here and just #[06:48] this character, you know it’s Chaplin. So some are very easy, some are very obvious, some are really hard. This one is for example, Steve Jobs. So as you can see, they just give you like a small clue and you have to guess who the character is. Very cool game. And last but not least, we have Sonic Dash, this is a classic game. If you are a fan of Sonic, you many have already heard about this game, if you haven’t, download it. It is one of the best games I’ve ever played for iPhone, I believe it’s also available for iPad and iPod Touch.

It is amazing how this game runs, it kind of reminds you of the old Sega with really good graphics and smooth processing power. So it is definitely one of the top games currently on the App Store. The game itself is amazing and you can spend hours playing this game. So that’s it guys, those are my top IOS games I’ve ever played. I would love to hear which are your top IOS games.

So leave them down in the comments below and I will include it in my next video. Thank you for watching. Subscribe, peace.

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