Best Android Games of the Week #3 November 2016 (on Oneplus 3 or OnePlus 3t)

Hi there guys this is Nikhil from Greedytech and these are the 10 best games of the week First we have fast like fox On first look, It’s just a fox running and collecting the tokens it’s a normal game, nothing fancy but Controls are innovative It is interesting to play, using tap control Just change how to tap to increase or decrease the speed Next we have Samosa the auto shooter The game revolves around an auto Wala and how we help him with his revenge By Destroying anything and everything that comes in his way We can mod the auto, load it with all sorts of weaponry. Break liner It’s slightly fast paced game, where we have to break lines with our rocket The way the line breaks and the sound is what made me hooked No wonder this is from ketchapp, one of the popular developers on android Pineapple It’s just like you guessed it, This game was inspired from a recent viral song, pen pineapple apple pen.

The game is simple, We are to throw pens at the moving apples and pineapples, and make as many combinations of pen-pineapple apple-pen Think rolls kings and queens It’s a puzzle game, simple , yet takes a toll on your brain You get to solve blockades and help your king or queen move through the castle You will definitely have Fun for a while. The trail Simulation game. We are on an travel expedition.. crafting essentials from things we pick on our way. Game play is bright and the simulation actually gives us the feel of exploring a new world, which is interesting I am not into simulation games, but I was really impressed by the art work aa , that�s what I will call it It’s a little fast paced arcade game Pin down the rotating circle and try not to hit other pins As fun as it is, once you are stuck somewhere, the games starts to get under your skin. Land sliders I don�t know about you, but I like the subtle animations, and a slightly different gameplay You just drag the character in opposite direction to collect points I think kids will love it It’s fun to play and addictive Daddy was a thief, This is a very old game, One of the Best time killer Everything about the game, background music, the rush and the excitement are all good It’s a little addictive too I don�t even remember, how many hours I kept playing this game Pako car chase We don�t have any heavy graphics and the frictionless experience of driving keeps you hooked on to the game.

We are chased by the cops and we can choose from all sorts of vehicles once unlocked. The catch here is closed compound and not to get caught or get blown So that pretty much it for this list guys, let me know what kind of apps you want to see, if you have any recommendations, feel free to let us know by commenting below this video, checkout my older episodes and stay subscribed to find new and interesting games every week This is Nikhil from greedytech signing off, have a nice day.

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