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Best android games august 2016 Hey guys this is samman here from explore gadgets and these are 10 android games that you should play. First up Suicide squad: special ops Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a first-person action game where you play as members of the Suicide Squad. It has decent graphics and plenty of gameplay content for you to play with. Sadly you only have 3 characters to choose form deadshot with his rifle, Harley Quinn with her baseball bat, or Diablo with fire.

But considering it is a free game you cant miss out on this one, especially the fans. Second we have Super tank 1990 This is a classic one available on android that brings nostalgia when playing it, originally a 90�s game this had an amazing concept at that time. you have different kinds of tanks and you have to achieve a certain amount of kills before the enemy destroys your eagle statue. You can only go four ways and needless to say the graphics is very old but it is not about the graphics that makes a game amazing. Third is Dots and co Dots and co is a chill game that requires you to connect color matching dots, so that you can complete the given challenge and advance to the next level. the artwork, music, animations, and general pacing of the game all feel designed to calm you down and let you zone out. the game brings more fun elements that are introduced in the later levels and playing it is even more soothing.

All in all it is a great free game. Fourth we have Tomb raider 2 Unless you have been living under a rock there is no way you might not head of the tomb raider series. Almost 2 decades ago tomb raider 2 was released and now it is finally on android for a dollar. Coming from tomb raider 1 the graphics and gameplay are enhanced and even new features are added. hard challenge, large areas, more enemies, weapons, ammo and med kits, deadly traps makes this game even better. Overall it is a very nice game which I find very fun to play. Fifth is Caterzilar What makes caterzillar amazing is its use of antigravity mechanics and very addicting nature. You feed the always hungry caterpillar called bob, avoid obstacles and jumping over the bad guys to kill them. Crawl your way up levels so that can fight bosses and eventually rescue the princess. The 2d game looks glossy and has fluid animation which is visually pleasing as well. All in all it is a very good game that gets you hooked once you play it and although it costs 3 dollars it is very much worth it.

Sixth we have Warp shift Warp shift is a mixture of ideas all wrapped up in a gorgeous looking package that sparks from the second you pick it up. The game casts you as a young girl trapped in a series of boxes. You can shift the boxes around and, if they’re connected in the right way, move between them. As you progress the game throws new ideas into the mix like there are switches you need to pull to open some gates, keys you need to grab to unlock the escape portal, etc.

if you have dollars to spare and you like your puzzle games well balanced, gorgeous to look at, and full to the brim with innovative twists and new ideas then this game is truly worth it. Up in no seven we have Blue angels � aerobatic simulator This game is based around the official Blue Angels where you will be allowed to perform similar manuevers and aerobatics with these that you may have seen in real life. You�ll also have an Airshow Mode, Additive Mode, and more where you�ll be able to fly around and do some really fun stuff. It�s officially licensed by the US Navy and it�s free to download. Eight we have Zombieville 2 This side scrolling game comes with a simple purpose, here are some zombies kill them. For controls players use a virtual analog stick to move and a trio of buttons for attacking with different weapons. Here you travel the infected city streets and kill as many zombies as possible in the time allowed without dying. Zombies may typically be slow and shambling, but as users advance in the game, the numbers become very high. Overall it is a nice game that you can buy for a dollar.

Ninth is Linia Linia is a colorful puzzle game that mixes a relaxing atmosphere with brain melting challenges. In Linia, you create color sequences by tracing a line connecting coloured shapes. While it does sound simple, it isn�t as colors are running around, revolving, hiding, changing shapes and doing everything they can to avoid being caught by your line. Overall it an amazing game that you can buy for 3 dollars on the play store.

And last but certainly not the least is Duck roll In this game players will be controlling a duck that is in the shape of a cube. Having over 100+ levels this game dosent end quickly as it also gets very challenging when you keep on advancing. The graphics are very simple and are cube shaped. The controls are pretty easy as have to roll your way across but you have to do it strategically which makes it hard. All in all it is a very nice time passer that is free to download. Well that was it for this video guys, do give this video a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe for more and as always thanks for watching and you guys have a great day.

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