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With Battlefield 1 (Available For PS4 & Xbox One), the mega developer DICE decided to turn back the clock on it’s military combat shooter and give the fans what they have longed for – a World War 1 shooter. This particular entry offers a very big change in pacing and game play than it’s predecessors along with it’s competition. With Battlefield and the competition looking like they were done with the past, DICE brought the series back to what made the series great in the first place without limiting itself in terms of innovative game play and set pieces. Battlefield 1 is available On Battlefield 1 For PS4, and Battlefield 1 For Xbox One.



While Battlefield became famous on the back of it’s multiplayer focused game play and scenarios, this particular entry offers a very good single player campaign with very good pacing throughout. Where it’s predecessors failed to achieve a solid single player campaign, Battlefield 1 is able to offer a brilliant solution to the problem a lot of developers face when trying to tell a story in the midst of an all out war scenario. DICE does this by narrowing down the focus to 5 different stories told in 5 different perspectives. The approach is very innovative and interesting. While the single player is not without it’s own flaws, the pacing is good enough and it keeps the player interested throughout the entire campaign. Whereas it’s predecessors seemed like an after thought, the Battlefield 1 campaign is surely to be remembered years later and might even bring about a shift in focus and provide a new way to tell war stories in years to come.

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Graphics and Sound:

When it comes to the graphics displayed throughout the game, DICE has proven once again that they know how to get the most out of the Frostbite engine. Whether played on console or PC, you can expect an entirely immersive experience throughout. Natural light sources can be seen throughout the game reflecting off pools of water on the ground. Beyond aesthetics, these effects also play important roles in game-play playability. Most notable is the destruction of the environment and how pretty much every building has the ability to be destroyed and collapse in amazing fashion. This places the gamer in a unique Battlefield 1 Game Review For PS4 And Xbox Onesituation where they are able to really use the environment to their own gains and perhaps even have to watch out for their enemy doing the same. These collapses can lead to significant dust ups which can limit vision and really spruce up game play in ways never seen before in gaming. This Battlefield 1 Review Ps4 shows you that this is definitely a must game to check out!

Along with the graphics, DICE really kicks it up a notch with the incredible sound and effects. This is really where DICE makes the entire experience incredibly immersive. They have some of the most realistic sounds and effects stemming within the game which can really place you in the middle of battle. DICE did an excellent job capturing the sound of previous World Wars.

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Options:

DICE has shown time and time again that they know how to create competitive and fun multiplayer. They have the unique ability to create multiplayer games that are seemingly the perfect balance of fun and competitive. Considering they were tasked with creating the latest Star Wars Battlefront, it is incredible to see their versatility given the fact Battlefield 1 does not really feel like a re-skinning of it. Battlefield 1 plays like it’s own game and it really excels in it’s multiplayer as it offers improvements in mode selection, balanced maps, and great overall pacing. A problem DICE and EA have had in the past is likely to rear it’s ugly head once again with DLC fragmentation, so the lifespan of the multiplayer aspect of Battlefield 1 is yet to be determined. However, it’s launch is nothing short of spectacular.

Overall, this is clearly one of the contenders for game of the year. Not only does DICE offer an expected incredible multiplayer component, but it shows they have placed a significant emphasis on it’s single player component as well. Clearly they learned from the complaints issued towards DICE in regards to their lack of single player content from Star Wars Battlefront and really tried to create a compelling single player campaign that would satisfy those that were looking for more of a story line to play through with this particular game. Whereas a lot of the previous iterations of Battlefield single player’s felt like a complete afterthought and like they might have been thrown into the game to say they contain one, this one truly felt like it was well thought out and put together. However, the area where this game truly shines is within it’s multiplayer focus. We would like to mention in this Battlefield 1 Review Xbox One that this game seems to play better on the xbox one console, but you won’t notice much difference with the PS4 console, however. Not only is the multiplayer well laid out with excellent balance throughout each mode and map, it offers an unparalleled immersive experience that is sure to satisfy all kinds of gamer’s.

While the experience is surely better on a fully decked out PC with 4K graphics, it is going to offer an incredible experience regardless of which console or gaming preference you have. Ultimately, Battlefield 1 is one of the best games to release in 2016. Whether you are in it for the single player or multiplayer alone, you are sure to have a great experience with the game. While the single player does have some flaws and the game itself does make some blunders in the map and mode selection, it exceeds in many areas that make it a game of the year contender. I hope you enjoyed this¬†Battlefield 1 Game Review! If you don’t own the game yet… what are you waiting for? GET IT!

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