ARCADE SHOOTER IN VR | ROM: Extraction VR Review (HTC Vive Gameplay)

Hello friends! Welcome to another Virtual Reality adventure with us. Today we’re going to show you ROM: Extraction. We’re posting this video a little bit earlier than usual, because this game is at a 75% discount until the 14th and we wanted you guys to have more time to think about it. So.. ROM: Extraction is an homage to classic arcade shooters where you are an Extractor that has to fight against waves of smart bots. You are equipped with guns, orbs and power ups.

So you can throw, slow the time and shoot your way through a level. A quick note: In the video you’ll see a map, but in-game you don’t see this map. So it’s kinda hard to know where an enemy is coming from as you’ll see Cas struggle a bit with, hm hm hm hm. Now, let’s turn on virtual reality! So tell me, what did you think of it? Well, what I like is that ROM: Extraction is graphically very polished.

It’s fast paced and action packed. A lot of enemies run at you, which is fun. You get unlimited ammo as well, so you can just mindless shoot, which I think is pretty fun as well. We like the slow motion time and the throwing of the orbs. Combining your power ups take skill and that’s always nice. There’s also a global leaderboard, so if you’re competitive you’ll probably play more often. However, there are things we think could be better. It only has two levels so the game is pretty short. There is only about 20 min. of gameplay at the moment, but the developers have said they will add more modes, multiplayer, skins and other stuff – so that’s good. And you can play the same levels on different difficulties, so you might spend more time, but still we think more content from the start would have been better. You also don’t get much feedback from shooting at an enemy, it made me wonder in-game if I’m shooting right. This feels a bit unfinished. Also, it’s another wave shooter, so it might get boring fast. I do think multiplayer mode could solve this though. So, do we think the game is worth the buy? Well, with the current 75% discount we do, but we would not pay the full price for it until multiplayer and more modes come out.

Anyway, let us know in the comments below what you guys think of it and also if you are going to buy this game. And as always! If you like our video slam that like button and subscribe! We upload videos every week. She’s Cas and I’m Chary. And we say: VR ON!.

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