April PlayScores for Android | 10 New Android Games of April 2017

10 Android games have just received their PlayScores this April 2017. The PlayScore is a standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews. 10. MLB Perfect Inning Live There’s still a lot of buzz about this game after it replaced Perfect Inning 16 in a controversial corporate move that disappointed many of their users. Barring all that, PI Live is a pretty serviceable game that puts the whole Major League Baseball experience right at your fingertips. Create the perfect team from your favorite MLB superstars and build up their careers with missions and achievements. Built on a different engine, it boasts new graphics and improved gameplay. Adding a new real-time PvP option so you can play against friends in one-touch battles. While it’s all free-to-play, you might want to watch out for their tempting in-app purchases. Hopefully, they won’t take it all away this time. It has a PlayScore of 7.49.

9. Family Guy- Another Freakin’ Mobile Game Fox’s less jaundiced dysfunctional family gets yet another mobile adaptation, this time in the form of a match-three puzzle game. While puzzle games usually deal with more vanilla topics, Jam City went for gold–combining the show’s loud and shocking humor with the simplicity of the genre. Follow the Quahog residents…even meg…in their various misadventures over the course of four different game modes. Get them black out drunk, help Quagmire get laid, and make Meg pretty. Or take on bosses to battle with Jerome or Peter’s archnemesis, the Giant Chicken.
It’s filled with their classic moments from all 15 seasons, with more additions made especially for the game. Everyone needs a pocket family guy, and it has a PlayScore of 7.84.

8. Bomb Hunters Endless Frogger meets time-ticking action as you navigate battlefield after battlefield of deadly bombs. As the seasoned bomb disposal expert, you won’t be the avoiding them this time. Your job is to find the explosives littered around its many areas, and defuse them before the timer hits zero. It’s a wacky test of skill, as you choose from 10 silly characters to send off to increasingly hard arenas. It’s not just the bombs you’ll have to worry about, with snipers, grenadiers, and rushing currents standing in your way. But the nerve-wracking delights don’t stop there. Complete new achievements, encounter tricky minigames, and reach for higher scores. You’re in for an explosive time. It has a PlayScore of 8.20.

7. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight There’s something so satisfying about watching gigantic robots battling it out to a dazzling display of sparks and flying mechanical parts.
Which is probably what made Transformers…and Michael Bay…so successful after all these years. Now, in their latest videogame adaptation, you can watch your bots fight against the whole Transformers roster all. day. Long. It’s a battle for power as you defend your base, upgrade bots, and raid other players around its spectacular world. It’s a game that’s both challenging and visually appealing, borrowing a lot from Clash of Clan’s gameplay, and topping it with a neat transformers bow. Collect bots and resources, forge alliances, and roll out! It has a PlayScore of 8.26.

6. Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™ No need for Jedi mind tricks here because these droids are exactly what you’re looking for. Not to be outdone by other franchises, Star Wars also gets in on the match-three craze, bringing along this decade’s Star Wars favorites. The beloved soccerball droid takes center stage as you match gems to unlock his memories. Watch your favorite moments unfold from his perspective, and enjoy snippets of previously untold stories. Go on puzzling journeys with Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron as they fly around the galaxy far, far, away in their quest to defeat the dreaded First Order. Collect powerups, stack combos, and blast the board with your intergalactic rebels. It has a PlayScore of 8.29.

5. Nonstop Chuck Norris While the glory days of the martial mayhem specialist have long passed, his legacy as the most badass human alive still lives on. In celebration of his 77th year on earth, Chuck gives us the chance to be equally badass in this one-tap brawler that pits you against maniacal bosses and pesky henchmen. Building on Chuck’s meme reputation, it regurgitates some of history’s best Chuck factoids and adds some recent meme entries into the mix, with horseheads and cash me oussides. *sigh* Although the mighty Chuck’s doing most of the work, you’ll have to time your special skills well and grab the perfect upgrades to his collection of extraordinary weapons. With its addictive nature, you don’t play Chuck Norris…Chuck Norris plays you. It has a PlayScore of 8.35.

4. MouseBot Step inside the wacky world of this feline laboratory, working on their latest technological achievement: a mechanical mouse. Your job is to guide it through crazy races and deadly traps to achieve that cheesy victory. Go on a platforming adventure as you attempt to beat over 60 challenging levels, each revealing more secrets about the Cat world you live in. There’s plenty of cheese to go about, but they’re not all for eating. (After all you’re a mechanical mouse). Use them to customize your four wheeled mouse and conquer those levels with style. There’s lasers, acid traps, stompers, and more, in this exciting platformer. Show those cats what you’ve got because this game has a PlayScore of 8.37.

3. Invert – A Minimal Puzzle Game Noodlecake Studios shows us once again that style comes with simplicity. A minimalist brain-tickler to ease that puzzle-solving itch. It borrows from many classic games like Othello, Sudoku, and the Rubik’s cube–creating a clean and unique puzzle game for everyone to enjoy. Take on their hand-crafted grids and flip tiles until they’re all the same colors. Sounds simple enough, until you take into account the limited moves, odd geometric shapes, and ticking clocks. Every one of their 160 meticulously designed levels boasts a smug charm about it, with clean cut designs and perfect color combinations. It’s a game as fun to play as it is to look at, and receives a PlayScore of 8.54.

2. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Cats are getting a lot of love this month. Moving on from their widespread success with the Cut the Rope series, Zeptolab gives us a brand new diversion in the form of a pocket robot war. Play the role of a mechanically adept cat to create the ultimate robo-warrior. It’s a battle of brains as it is brawn. Send your best machine forward and watch your opponents crash and burn in automatic PvP combat. Collect scraps from your victories, equip your mighty machine with your best weapons, and climb your way up to the World Championships. If you’re looking for explosive robotic destruction, then you’re in for a treat. It has a PlayScore of 8.70.

1. Cube Escape: The Cave Venture to the Rusty Lake, and uncover the secrets of its mysterious cave. It’s the ninth episode of the Cube’s point-and-click adventure, bringing back the familiar lake and sprinkling it with more riddles and enigmas.
Despite its cartoony visuals, it’s enough to send tingles through your spine with its creepy voice-overs and eerie atmospheres. Set in 1972, feel the chill of winter as you navigate through its disturbing narrative. Leave no stone unturned. Search every corner for clues, and make use of various items to solve every puzzle. As the penultimate game in the series, it’s the most suspenseful one so far. We can’t wait for the next one. It has a PlayScore of 8.73.

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