7 Reasons The Nintendo Switch Is The Ultimate Gaming Device

With this being Switch week, I want to look at why the Switch is going to be the best gaming device we’ve ever seen. Recently this most compelling thing hit me on exactly how compelling it is. The Switch is basically an Xbox or PS4, it can play all the same games. There’s some small differences, but it maxes at rendering at 1080P saving power for what actually matters, running quality engines and high quality models and resources. 4K doesn’t matter. 1080p is enough for everybody to be happy and it does waste a lot of power rendering at superflouous resolutions. The Switch is doing all that gamers need it to do and not trying to wow spec-whores… but then you can pick the console up and take it with you to play anywhere. Yeah, that sounds nice, you can keep going to a save point or finish a dungeon. But any game the system gets can be played fully portably. You can sit and lay in numerous positions instead of having to stay in place, staring at your TV. Any game that comes to it, you can play as a passenger on a long car trip or while waiting on somebody.

Maybe you are pooping, maybe you have a date with a girl or a guy for you girls who watch my channel or girls if… you-you get the idea, you have a date and they are taking their time getting ready or they get caught in traffic. You can whip out your Switch and make a little progress while you wait and when she arrives put it away like a gentleman unless she wants to play. All those moments in life where you have to wait add up and you can make serious progress putting them to some use. The possibility developers can put any game on the Switch, doesn’t mean everyone will, but they can and hopefully many will, means if you missed out on a franchise you want to get into, whenever you have to wait over the course of a few weeks, you can finally play through games in that franchise.

That possibility will sell craploads of stuff if it is realized, which is why nearly every game needs to be on Switch in some way. You can’t just pick up your PS4 and take it with you to play games elsewhere. You can’t just pick up a PC or put a laptop in your pocket like the Switch. The Switch changes the game, nothing will be the same if Nintendo and 3rd parties realize the opportunities before them. Since the Switch uses cartridges, you have to worry about 3 things taking up space – saves, DLC and digital only games. None of those are usually very large. You will eventually fill up the 25 gigs available to you with all of those, but luckily memory is cheap now.

Quality SD cards can pack in 64 gigs for 15-20 dollars when on sale and sales are fairly often and if you live in an urban part of America, you probably have a microcenter within 10-40 miles and can get 32 gig cards for 10 dollars a pop everyday with lifetime warranties. They aren’t paying me, it’s just if you live in Kansas City, you know Microcenter is the place to get memory and I’m sure it is that way everywhere else they are. You really aren’t going to be worrying much about space, unlike disc based consoles where each retail game can eat up multiple gigs and go through hundreds of them like popcorn. The fact you can lend someone a joycon and enjoy a quick multiplayer match is not only compelling advertising, it is a great way to begin new relationships if you are shy or just generally dislike everybody, you can form a friendship based solely upon multiplayer gaming and isn’t that what really makes friendships fulfilling besides food, conversation and intimacy, but most people suck, so you don’t want to eat around them, talk to them in a meaningful way or be intimate with them, so gaming it is.

You can always have a handful of real friends too. Time will tell if 3rd parties continue to take full advantage of the HD rumble, but if they do continue to implement realistic, nuanced sensations into their games, combined with the portability of any game ever aspect, it will make the Switch the home of the definitive version everytime. Technology is always getting cheaper and more advanced. Imagine if in a couple years, Nintendo releases a Switch v2 that now is stronger than the PS4 pro, has 128 gigs of internal storage and a 1080p screen and docked can render at 4K just to finally appease the spec-whores and not a dropped frame on a halfway well designed game. You can buy it with 2 additional joycons and another dock, a pack-in and maybe a pro controller for about 300 dollars, or buy just the v2 tablet for about 180 dollars. A few years further when Sony announces their PS5 and Microsoft their XboxZero to confuse everybody further, Nintendo can push forward a Switch+ with a cocky smirk from Koizumi, basically a New 3DS half-step kind of thing with full backwards compatibility, developers will be rewarded for making games compatible with the original Switch as well as taking full advantage of the Switch+, but can also make a Switch+ exclusive game and it again outpaces the systems built upon older tech again being able to sell this without Joycons also makes Nintendo the lowest cost 9th gen system without being weaker at all and possibly being stronger.

Of course that hypothetical could be ruined if the PS5 is Switch knockoff, and that would be the best for gamers actually assuming their designs improve from this. Even if Nintendo doesn’t do something along those lines, repairing the system will be much easier with how it is modularly assembled. Reviews for Breath of the Wild are leaking and it is looking to be an incredible game, likely game of the year and sure it releases on Wii U as well, but reports are coming out that Nintendo are being scumbags and have removed the map from the Wii U version to punish those who buy it instead. Say what you will about Nintendo, but the best version is now on their new hardware. But they also got Konami to make a new Bomberman game and I am Setsuna is coming at launch and for those who want quick, cheap multiplayer they can also download Fast Racing and Snipperclips and the year will be filled with other great looking games coming just as you finish what you have. With Zelda returning to its roots while embracing how far gaming has come, Mario going back to something more like the good 3D Mario games on Nintendo64 and Gamecube while embracing how far gaming has come and all these RPGs, it is clear Nintnedo is marketing to gen X and gen Y’ers like me who have jobs and will go out and purchase a game or two a month if there are good games that appeal to them.

No waiting on Birthdays or Christmas, we are adults who go out and buy most if not all of our things and pay our own bills, unless our parents call and offer us food. We never turn that down. Nintendo is going back to the experiences my gen grew up with, it’s even more clear looking at their advertising campaigns and how focused on young adults it is. This makes a lot of sense, considering my generation buys their own games. I remember how it was when I was kid, all these games i wanted every year and maybe in a years time, I’d scrounge up enough lost change and allowance for 2 games. I also remember that point in the 90s where every song had to have a harmonica solo, thankfully Nintnedo isn’t trying to bring that back. Do you disagree with some of my opinions and have a counterpoint or have some other reasons or commentary. Those would make great comments like Aries73 commenting a list of Capcom franchises they would like on Switch. Most of those I’m not super familiar with, but I’d be open to trying them if they got sequels or were rereleased.

Then like the older Marvel Vs. Capcoms I just doubt because of licensing Marvel characters and the mess that is and that’s unfortunate. I’ve gotten a lot of great comments recently though. I don’t know what videos you’re going to be seeing here, probably the accessories video again because it’s relevant kind of this goes up. Maybe I won’t, what you see is what it’s gonna end up being.

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