6 Most Played MMORPG’s 2016

Hello there! I’m Richie and you’re watching IGCritic! Every so often a new and awesome looking MMORPG pops up with fresh mechanics and features that we’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, most don’t stick around for too long due to lack of content of lack of interest after it turns out that the new mechanics aren’t actually as cool as we initially thought. The top MMOs of 2016 come in various form, shapes, and business models. So without further ado, let’s take a look at SIX most played MMORPG’s of 2016. At number 6 we have TERA Online. Last year, Bluehole Studio’s fantasy MMO Tera Online reached the status of most played MMORPG on Steam.

With over 97,000 guilds and counting, it’s safe to say Tera has quite the active fanbase and is one of the popular MMOs out there. With a gigantic world to explore and dynamic combat mechanics, and gorgeous visuals, all on top of a free-to- play MMORPG model, it’s easy to argue that Tera is a game many players love, enjoy and keep going back to. While Bluehole Studio hasn’t released an exact number of active players, we could guess it might be around 100k-200k, very possibly more. With all the internet and geek fandom at large Star Wars: The Old Republic makes its way to #5. While still feeling the aftershocks of the latest Star Wars flick, The Force Awakens, Everyone eagerly waits with bated breath for the next movie installment.

Until then, MMO fanatics might be interested in giving Star Wars: The Old Republic a shot. Bioware’s free-to- play / pay-to- play MMORPG takes on the massively popular franchise with a unique business model that also allows players to play for free and unlock content as they go or subscribe monthly to unlock all content at once along with some in-game bonus rewards.

They certainly hit the right notes when it comes to the release of in-game events, with a constant flow of expansions being released. and an insane amount of content for first time players to bite into According to Bioware, 1 million players log in to play each month, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to the number of active players for this popular MMO, which we’re guessing might be around the 500-700k mark. Number 4 on our list is no other than The Elder Scrolls Online. We have more than a strong feeling that Bethesda’s Elders Scrolls Online lends most of its success with the userbase count to the popularity of the offline Elder Scrolls games, most prominently Skyrim! Which achieved nothing short of a god-like status with both casual and regular players alike. ESO has its faults, yes, but it’s popular. On top of that, another factor might be its availability on consoles as the game is playable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

This is something not a lot of the other MMOs can boast about. While Bethesda hasn’t released a solid number of active players, the game just might have an active subscriber base of 770k and counting. There is no monthly subscription for the game so people interested will only need to make an initial purchase then Tamriel is yours for the taking! Guild Wars 2 takes the spot at number 3. With the release of a new expansion called Heart of Thorns late last year, ArenaNet reported that their free-to- play MMO hit a 7-million player landmark. Though not all of those 7 million accounts are active players.

The expansion is a buy-to-play feature but the main game is free to play so you will only need to spend some money once you’ve invested many hours in to your character. One of its most attractive features to would-be players is the openness to newbies, on top of the cool PVP, enjoyable combat and sprawling locales to explore. Often praised by critics as a fresh way to experience the MMO genre, Guild Wars 2 will most likely see more active players if they keep up the constant content updates. It’s down to the last 2 now and Final fantasy XIV takes spot at number 2. The MMO version of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise retains the tone and core mechanics that is so at home in the beloved series.

As such, it’s no surprise that Final Fantasy XIV has a dedicated fanbase. Featuring colossal lands to traverse, accessibility to any sort of gamer, tons of customizable content, and compelling storytelling, Final Fantasy XIV is a must-try for any hardcore Final Fantasy fan. Come on, do it for the Chocobo’s! The official website boasts to have more than 5 million active subscribers, making this the 2nd biggest subscription based MMORPG available. Small wonder that the MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft still reigns supreme in terms of both number of registered users and active user count, even if you count in the fact that its numbers are constantly fluctuating, maybe it has something to do with the release of new content. It’s actually gotten to the point where Blizzard hasn’t been sharing active subs numbers. With a movie coming out this year as well as a major expansion called Legion, . the number will undoubtedly see a rise Blizzard has been keeping mum about subscriber numbers for a while now, but if we could venture a guesstimate, the number of active players is likely to be around the 5 to 6 million marks going by the tally released late last year.

Even then, it’s hard to ignore World of Warcraft‘s long-held status as the most played MMORPG it’s been referred to the most in other pop culture mediums such as South Park, Recognition very few other MMOs, if any, can boast about. There you have it: Six of the most played MMORPG’s. Is your favourite game not listed here? Then let us know in the comments below, which fantasy world where you spend most of your time online? And while you’re there, remember to like and subscribe here on YouTube. Though we only mentioned six games, check out the link in the description below for the full list of most played MMORPG’s. And to see how you could stay updated on the latest gaming news, reviews, and videos You can find more fun and facts about gaming right here, on IGCritic. Thanks for watching!

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