$500 Gaming PC – Pentium G4560 – Part 2

Hello and welcome to Tech Deals – Part 2 of the $500 Pentium G4560 custom build video series . This is the behind the scenes “Why” VLog my detailed explanation for all the choices and in-depth conversation on 2 cores vs 4 cores alternative options you might consider and my general thoughts on $500 gaming machines . Now if you have not seen Part 1 or you want a short version of this video in the video description below will be the full playlist of this video series , Part 1 is much shorter if you just want a summary of the parts , the prices generally why I chose them , a couple of alternatives and you want me to get to the point more quickly go watch Part 1 .

This is gonna be a long video so sit back grab a cup of coffee or some popcorn or a snack and relax because i’m going to talk for a while but this is meant to be an in-depth video for somebody who really wants to get an idea of my thought process behind various choices and where I see the computer gaming business been in 2017 . After this video is going to be Part 3 – The Build, where I actually put all of these parts together that’s going to be a step-by-step build , you’ll be able to follow along if you want to build it yourself after that is going to be Windows installation , Windows performance review , game performance reviews in many more comparisons this will be a staple throughout 2017 for me for upcoming comparisons to unreleased processors such as the upcoming 4-Core or 8-Thread chips from AMD .

So if you’re still with me awesome welcome ! And if you’re not well then you didn’t hear that anyway side note i’m not going to be putting a lot of words on the screen because this is a long video it would take forever to edit if I did that however if any of you are interested in providing captions either in English or another language , I do have my video setup to accept contributions , you can do so somewhere on the YouTube page below you can submit captions where you can actually type-up what I’m saying is words that will appear as I’m saying it you submit them i can see it all approve it and then i’ll give you credit in the description below for doing so . So if perhaps English is not your first language and you want to help out people in your country i would certainly appreciate it if that’s something that you would like to do . The first thing i want to address is the elephant in the room , 2 Core processor in 2017 .

Now I don’t have an objection to a 2 Core processor in general , if I just needed a computer for basic web browsing , watching videos , editing some documents in Microsoft Office Word , Excel , Powerpoint if I just needed a computer that was just gonna maybe too casual games play League of Legends and Rocket League this cpu is all you need in fact even this graphics card is overkill you don’t have to spend all this money . So if that’s your goal a 2 Core CPU is fine the only issue is if that’s your goal this is fine this computer here is a Dell optiplex minitower that i bought off of ebay for about $130 now I’ve done a video on $250 gaming machines i will link that in the video description below this is a six-year-old computer it is an Intel i5-2400 processor , 4-Cores 4-Threads at GHz .

Now it has a little bit of a turbo speed above that but count on GHz especially if you’re using all four cores . This brand-new 7th generation that’s 2nd so there’s five generations of gap between them 7th generation processor is GHz but it’s 2-Cores 4-Threads so it presents itself as a four core processor to Windows but it’s not there’s actually only two math execution units , you can really only do two things at once what the extra threads do what the hyper-threading does is it allows the processor to accept four instructions from Windows at one time maybe your game , maybe you’re multitasking , it lets Windows send four tasks to the processor and then the processor figures out the best order in which to execute them .

It often can provide a speed bump over a true 2-Core processor , if this was just a 2-Core 2-Thread processor it would be a bit slower hyper-threading is no substitute for real cores the i5 processor in this six-year-old machine has four real instruction units you can actually execute four things at once this can actually only do two things at once .

Do you want to play Battlefield-1 ? Grand Theft Auto 5 ? Do you want to play modern games that really do use four cores ? They will run smoother on this at GHz than they will on this at or at least I believe they will anyway i will test this in the game performance videos i’ll be doing on this not only will i compare it to modern quad-core processors , i will compare it to a six-year-old quad-core processor to answer the question do you buy this and turn it into a budget gaming machine or do you build a new one now this may not be an option where you live maybe you’re not the United States , maybe the prices have gone up for the week you wanted to go look there weren’t too many for sale .

I will say that over the past six months they have been consistently available on ebay in the United States at least that is because the optiplex line from dell is a business machine . These are all coming off these businesses had these least for between three to five years , these were all in offices and they’re coming off of lease and they’re available by the thousands well the leasing companies don’t want them so they saw them to refurbishers who take them , clean them up , make sure they power on and work and they sell them either strip with no hard drive or they put a hard drive and they put some RAM in and they sell them on ebay for between $100 to 150$ depending upon what’s included with a RAM , Drive , etc . Now it is true that this maybe six years old however the reality is Intel processors are only getting a 5% to 10% improvement in instructions per clock cycle per generation , now that adds up overtime in the six generations between 2nd gen and 7th gen , there’s probably a 35% to 40% improvement in instructions per clock cycle this is GHz , that’s and this does more per gigahertz than this does if you’re playing a game that only uses two threads this Pentium G4560 is undeniably faster than this CPU will be .

If you want to play an online MMO such as Star Wars – The Old Republic which I have a lot of experience with it only uses two threads . Star Wars – The Old Republic will be dramatically and noticeably faster on this CPU then it will be on this computer , i can speak from personal experience in that regard I’ve tried playing it on these and it’s not that great of an experience . That being said do you want to play Battlefield-1 and Grand Theft Auto 5 ? they run better on this they really do use four cores and there’s just no substitute for having four real cores it also has more level 3 cache and some other features in it that the Pentium budget CPU’s don’t have . But wait you say you want four real processing cores and a modern architecture I’ve got two options for you . No. 1 – This is a $500 build , the CPU is $65 of that the modern version of the i5-2400 is the i5-7400 it runs at upto GHz just like this chip does and it’s a 7th generation chip exactly as efficient as this but with four real processing cores , $180 .

It’s $115 more than this chip so this $500 build becomes $615 with the i5 that i5 chip will work just fine on this motherboard you don’t have to change it it’ll work great with this graphics card no need to change it worked great with the power supply change nothing , it comes with the intel stock heatsink and fan it’s plenty for a GHz chip so for $115 more or roughly 20% of the price because going from $500 to $615 is roughly I know it’s not exact but roughly 20% more money doubles your core count , it goes you for two cores to four and then you really can run Battlefield-1 , Grand Theft Auto 5 , The Witcher 3 and others well on this machine .

That’s your first choice your second choice is this computer , this is $450 Acer aspire t desktop computer i have previously reviewed this link to that in the video description below , this is an updated version of that computer the one review before was an i5-6400 they now have an i5-7400 by that version it’s faster . So , $450 and you get a complete brand-new under warranty ready-to-run computer 8 gigabytes of ram , 2 terabyte hard-drive , 300W power supply and the i5-7400 and you don’t have to build it it comes with basically everything you see here a little bit less power supply , little bit smaller case but essentially it’s largely the same computer no graphics card , it’s just using the integrated graphics .

Now the integrated graphics on the i5-7400 is the HD 630 and that will run Rocket League , Dota 2, Counter Strike – Global Offensive , League of Legends , Minecraft perfectly but if you want to play Battlefield-1 and Grand Theft Auto 5 you need to add a graphics card . Unfortunately you cannot add this card and it’s not because of the power supply , this is that graphics card this is the RX-470 4 GB ASUS Republic of Gamers STRIX graphics card , it does not physically fit into that machine it’s too long , it’s simply too big , i have multiple RX-470’s i have the MSI Armor , i have an XFX card none of them fit into either of these pre-builds even if you replace the power supply the drive cages are in the way , the cables are in the way , the cases are just too small for this card , I have not yet found a 470 that fits .

Now , price to performance the 470 cannot be beaten for 150$ this is an incredible value for the money however if you want to skip building and you don’t want to go old , i have another option for you and that is this this is the EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 3 GB superclocked card $200 it is $50 more expensive than this card . It’s 10% faster give or take Its 25% more money for 10% more speed from a dollars to performance perspective the 1060 is not as good of a deal as the 470 .However, notice anything ? Yeah, this fits perfectly in both of these machines in addition it runs perfectly both of those machines because I’ve had it in both of these machines if you’ve seen any of my generational comparisons , this is actually the computer that i tested when I did Grand Theft Auto 5 GTX 1060 i5-2400 vs i5-6500 this is the card well actually i think i’m going to use the 6 gigs version but i have both the three in the 6 gigs version this is the machine i used it runs fine in here I did not replace the power supply , i used one of these and this comes with the card , this comes with the EVGA card now it does not come with all 1060’s but it does come with the EVGA cards .

This is a two molex connector to one 6-pin PCI Express power connector this plugs into the top of the card and then plugs into the power supply furthermore not all of the i5-2400’s are going to handle it but i can promise you that the acer aspire t will . The acer aspire t comes with a 300W power supply and it comes with the two molex connectors inside you will need to use this i have actually had this exact card in that exact machine for more than two months . This is actually a spare , inside this right now is another one of these plugs into the two molex’s . I pulled this out to make this video , this was in there an hour ago . It runs perfectly you do not have to replace the power supply in the acer aspire t in order to make a GTX 1060 work it’s plenty that 300W comes with is all you need . Yes , some people will say – “But I want to be sure so I’ll go out and spend $35 on the power supply and put it in there.” You can don’t waste your money , use this I promise you have used it for months and months and months that works just fine my kids game with this thing it really it’s doesn’t pull that much power .

Now , some of the pre-built i5-2400’s come with 260W to 280W power supplies some don’t . I have an HP that came with a 265W power supply but i have a Lenovo computer that came with I think it was a 180W power supply that had to be changed so if you follow my link in the video description below to ebay to take a look at the i5-2400 machines or you follow the link in the video description below to my video on how to make a $250 to $300 gaming computer .

Some of them will need a power supply change and some won’t and some you won’t know until you buy the thing . Now , that’s a $35 power supply and that will fit into almost any minitower pre-built that you buy , not all but most someone ovos and some older compact machines don’t have standard motherboard power connectors and require an adapter cable you can get those off of ebay or amazon for $10 but they do require an adapter . Dell’s and HP’s are generally standard 24-pin ATX power connectors , if you can the Dell optiplex is a wonderful i have had excellent luck with these machines , i own three…four of them now . Now I use most of these from my office but not all these are gaming machines i love them because for general office tasks for $120 , $130 it’s all we really need in order to run office web browsing etc . It’s a great value for the money .

Now this does bring up a worthwhile point $450 let’s say you want a new one . $450 plus $200 for this card is $650 . Now you don’t need anything else , two terabyte drive eight gigs of RAM you can upgrade 16 if you want you know cost you fifty dollars or so but you’re looking at $650 for this combination . You can build this machine for $615 with the i5-7400 and many of you may immediately say wait a minute ! I get a little bit bigger case , i get a more powerful power supply , i get to custom build it and it’s less expensive maybe this graphics card is in fact about 10% slower so you are getting a little bit less graphics performance but it’s minor i would not lose any sleep over that. That computer comes with keyboard , mouse , Wi-Fi , a DVD drive , a legal copy of Windows and it’s built and you don’t have to mess with it this you have to build and my $615 price does not include Windows , Wi-Fi adapter , DVD Drive , keyboard , mouse and you have to build it and provide support if you built this and have a problem with you have no one to complain to , if you order this off of amazon plug it in and turn it on and it doesn’t work amazon have another one on your doorstep in 24 to 48 hours it’s not your problem and no pay return shipping and you don’t have to care .

Now if you don’t live in the United States and these are not options for you , I understand one of the reasons i’m doing this video is because some people either want to build their own machine or they plan to upgrade in the future or they just don’t want one of these and that’s fine I understand that. My personal computer is always going to be a custom-built machine you know i have several these for work and for home two of my kids have these because they’re simple and cheap and they are kids and they don’t care but you know when they get older they’ll custom-build I’m sure but for the money these are very compelling arguments if you aren’t married to building a machine.

If you consider this a chore , go this route if you consider this fun go ahead and build by all means you learn more about your computer you can make it a fun Saturday activity it really doesn’t take that long even if you’ve never built a computer before , two … maybe four hours if you really take your time and look up everything slowly now when i do the build video of this i am going to go slow enough so that you can follow along yourself , some of my build videos have been faster than others have done some very long ones , i’ve done some shorter ones , this one I’m going to do so you can follow along it’ll probably be 45 minutes to an hour long but the goal is you prop up your phone your iPad or put it on your television and you can watch the build while you’re building and follow along go “aww that’s how I put that together”, “that’s what I do okay fair enough.” One final point about playing games and this build specifically.

This is the Pentium G4560 CPU for $65 now if you buy this and you want to play games i highly recommend you add a graphics card now if you want to play more relaxed casual games and you want to save some money you can certainly go with an RX-460 but the price between the 460 and the 470 are relatively close and i do want to make an important point the 470 is in general double the performance of the 460 , not just 50% faster not just a bit it’s double its two 460’s . The RX-460 4GB graphics card is generally going to run you about a $100 this is going to run you $150 so it’s 50% more expensive for 100% more performance that’s a deal, but wait you say you don’t want to play Battlefield-1 you’re going to go ahead and get the Pentium because you don’t want to play all the latest and greatest games you want to maybe be a more casual player let me offer you an alternative delete the graphics card completely and spend a little bit more and get the Pentium G4600 .

It’s $90 so you’re going to spend $25 more on the CPU but you double the integrated graphics performance the Pentium G4560 the CPU right here for $65 has the Intel HD 610 graphics . The G4600 for $25 more has the HD 630 in short the 630 is almost double the performance of the 610 if your buying or if you’re building this because you primarily want to play League of Legends , Dota 2 , Counter Strike – Global Offensive , Rocket League , Minecraft , the HD 630 is all you need, the 610’s a little weak delete the graphics card spend $25 more on your cpu and get double the integrated graphics performance . I will do performance comparisons on the HD 610 vs 630 . I’ll use an i3 CPU to get a 630, because all the i3’s have a 630 in them I will down clock it to match the clock speed now when you do spend the money the extra $25 you also get an extra 100 MHz of clock speed its instead of that is a trivial difference you will never ever notice don’t don’t make the upgrade for the extra 100 MHz do it for the double integrated graphics performance it’s not a factor if you’re going to install a graphics card so if you build this and put a graphics card in don’t waste your money on the 4600 just get the 4560 it’s really all you need unless you want the better integrated graphics .

One point i would like to make about this motherboard , this is a great value for the money for $65 this is a good B250 motherboard but it’s a very basic motherboard if you think in the future you may want to upgrade your CPU to an i5 maybe you’re building this because you’re on a budget right now but you think i’m gonna save my money up in six months or a year i want to buy an i5 and it gives me room to grow fair enough . Maybe you buy this RX-470 because you think I want to crossfire them in the future the downside to the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 is you cannot SLI them , you can’t put two you can buy one of this today wait a year and buy another one when they are discounted or buy a used one on ebay a year when people are selling them and upgrading to the latest and greatest and you can put two of these in here and run them in what’s called crossfire . Now it does not double your graphics performance but in some games not all but in some games you can get a seventy to eighty percent boost in your performance by installing a second one of these cards you can’t in this motherboard because it doesn’t have two graphics card slots .

My suggestion would be to spend $25 to $35 more and buy a larger ATX motherboard that has two graphics card slots , a good example of this MSI has a board for $90 and i’ll link this in the alternative sections down below and ASUS has a motherboard for $100 they are B250 boards but they’re larger they have four RAM slots , this has two giving you room to upgrade your RAM and they have two graphics card slots and support crossfire with two of these cards so if you think you might want to upgrade in the future spend $25 to $35 more on your motherboard buy one of these cards because you can add another one in the future using that motherboard you can then upgrade to an i5 if you have the money in the future as well . Please note if you think you’re gonna do this this kicks up another upgrade – power supply . This power supply is absolutely all you need to run what you see here it’s actually plenty for the i5 as well I would not use this power supply if you plan on adding two of these graphics cards it’s not really enough this is $35, i would spend $15 more and by the 600W Bronze from EVGA .

A 500 would actually do the job but for $5 or $10 more i would get the 600 and remove all doubt and concerns because you don’t know what you’ll do in the future if you think you might go with two graphics cards if you’re buying a better motherboard spend five or ten dollars more get the 600W Bronze from EVGA the reason for this is because you’re gonna need a lot more power these cards draw a 150W each 150 plus 150 is 300 , if you upgrade to an i5 and you have a bigger motherboard you want to add more RAM and you want to add more storage you can see where this is going 500 is enough so long as you only ever put RX-470’s in there.

What if the RX-490 or whatever comes out later in the year and you upgrade to it and it’s a 250W card because you’ve got the money and you put an i5 in. Spend $10 more now and you don’t ever have to worry about it power supplies can easily last you 10 years so buying a better one now the case in the power supply can outlast all of this for many many years of upgrades so there’s basically two approaches build it as it sits and leave it as it sits plan on this being all it ever is with maybe the change of this to an i5 or spend $25 to $35 more on the motherboard and $15 more on the power supply so for another $50 you leave yourself room to either add a second one of these or upgrade to a super powerful card and a faster CPU and whatever else you want to put into the system.

So this has been my detailed behind-the-scenes thinking on all of these parts and options the pre-built , the older system from ebay and then what you might do to customize this system i hope this has been helpful for you in thinking about what your various choices are . Like this video if you liked it , share it with your friends if you loved it , remember to subscribe hit that big huge button below this video I would greatly appreciate it . Questions and Comments go in the comments section below and as always check out my video description this will have a lot of links down there a link to my budget deal on ebay for a older i5 based system will be down there a link to my review series on this acer aspire t computer which is a great value for the money . A link to the full video series on this $500 build will be down there and links to amazon , newegg and ebay for everything I’ve discussed on there on here will be down there as well if you found this video helpful and useful to you in any way please go down to the video description and use those i would greatly appreciate it .

Thank you so much for watching ! I will see you in next video .

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