$500 Gaming PC – Pentium G4560 – Part 1 – Parts Overview

Hello and welcome to Tech Deals First part of the $ 500 computer assembly guide based on the Pentium G4560 processor “Component Summary” This is an inexpensive $ 500 gaming computer. Do you want to play most current games with 1080p resolution? Do you want to do it in medium to high detail at 60 frames per second (FPS)? Fluently You have come to the right place! This is a very good deal (bargain) for that. Well, I’ll give you more details about these components like why I chose them or some alternatives to consider and finally we will assemble the machine in the following video. But before doing this I want to be clearer with what I just said “Most current games in 2017, at 60 frames per second (FPS), with medium detail” I DID NOT ALL SAY some games will not perform well for the Pentium G4650 is an excellent processor for this price 65 dollars 2 cores, 4 threads execution is the first Intel Pentium processor in the modern era there were some 10 years ago but in the modern era, having Hyper Threading (simultaneous threads) Pentium previous generation had 2 cores and 2 threads and that affected much their performance with the games this has at last has Hyperthreading so it is almost like a core i3 with a little less clock speed I tell you all this because I want it to be clear In that there will be limitations in an economic machine but if they are thinking to acquire a computer for games to 500 dollars and they want to assemble it totally new with components of high quality and an excellent video card some sacrifices must be done and this is one of them Now let me do A quick review of all the parts we will talk about the price and why I chose them and then I will talk about some alternative parts that you could choose if you prefer to customize the machine remember that this is a personalized machine you can build it the way you like this one Machine is just a suggestion, it’s a starting point but not the end I’m not suggesting that all of you who are watching the video should assemble a machine exactly like the one I have.

You can choose a different box or another video card or a different motherboard to customize it according to your preference, let’s talk about that too, but before that: 65 dollars, Pentium G4560 as I said before, 2 cores and 4 threads GHz clock speed this is enough for a cheap gaming computer is a good processor for that amount of money. It is part of Intel’s Kaby Lake Seventh Generation line of processors just released 1 month ago in January 2017. Connected to this we have the MSI B250M board, it is very good for the price you have, $ 65. It’s a basic board: It only has 2 RAM slots only accepts 1 graphics card does not have many expansion options but I repeat, cheap computer 500 bucks some sacrifices we have to make! If you prefer more expansion options, you could spend between 10 or 15 dollars more and get B250 boards with 4 memory slots or a second entry for video if you want to buy 2 of these or buy 1 now and another in the future to do Crossfire , you can do that.

So there are options in which you can spend a little more, not much, but a little more money and to have some additional functions I will leave some links in the description with all the alternatives I mentioned in the video Then there will be links to All these products on Amazon and Newegg below that, at the end of the description of the video, you will find a section of alternatives where I will put all the additional products that I have mentioned in case you want to review these options and look at the prices and you will say: oh claro! I can spend 10 or 15 dollars more if that means I will have more options for expansion or: Nah, I do not care, because I will never use them Now our next component in the list is our system RAM we have 16 GB of RAM Yes It was a challenge to put this in the machine this is a Corsair DDR4 memory that usually use the B250 8Gb boards are an option but I think in 2017 it is more logical to have 16GB are 2 modules, they are dual channel and fit in our 2 slots Without problems as an alternative you can save $ 40, buy 8Gb and expand in the future by adding a second module But based on what I see in terms of memory usage during my games tests, I firmly believe that they should make the effort and acquire 16GB if it is That can games are completely using 8GB of RAM and do not leave memory for Windows, secondary processes, internet searchers in the background or whatever you are doing at the same time and then machine happens to use your hard or solid drive and that makes That your system slows down it acquires 16GB if you can afford it The next component in our list is the SSD, this will be our storage, I have here a Corsair SSD of 240GB for 70 dollars.

Now, if you can with it, acquire a 500 or 450GB, depending on the manufacturer you choose, if it costs the extra 40 dollars that you spend you will have much more space to store your games and programs. However, if we stay in the limit of $ 500 there is no place 240GB is enough for Windows and several modern computer games but will run out of space relatively fast you can always install additional disks in the future if you prefer or use external disks if it is necessary.

But, if you want more space to start, at the same price, you can buy a 2TB hard drive. My recommendations are the Seagate Barracuda or Western Digital (WD) Blue, both links are in the alternatives section at the bottom of the video description. So basically your options are: 240GB solid storage super fast fast loading programs, fast Windows startup, all very fast but limited space or 2TB of storage, but it’s a hard drive, the decision is yours. Of course, if you have the budget, buy both, but we are limiting to 500 dollars so it is one or the other instead of both. This brings us to our centerpiece, The Video Card here is where most of the budget is, it is the most expensive item on this computer The excellent AMD RX 470 in particular, is an ASUS Republic of Gamers card Strix RX 470 4GB . They also make 8GB versions of these cards, in a system of this level, an 8GB card is unnecessary and does not fit in our budget.

Go for the 4GB, it’s fine for what we want in this system. There are many different options, graphics cards are a matter of personal taste, this card has RGB lights and 2 fans. They also make cards with 1 fan or without RGB lights. In the alternatives section you will find the complete link list of RX 470 cards on Amazon and Newegg, price from the lowest to the highest, check both stores and choose the card you like. Now, in this budget, at the time of filming this video the Power Color card with 1 fan was the cheapest at 130 dollars with shipping and rebate (extra charge), this card is $ 20 more expensive you have 2 fans instead Of 1 and has RGB lights, which the Power Color does not have.

If you are interested, buy this one and spend $ 20 more, you will get the extra fan and RGB lights. There are also excellent options of MSI, XFX and other companies, all are well. Otherwise purchase the Power Color. I will be doing a review of all RX 470s in the future, so be sure to check it out when you leave. One more point I want to highlight of the video card, for being the most important part of this machine. This card is 10% slower than an RX 480, you could quietly put a RX 480 here but I think with this limit, with a 2-core processor an RX 470 the best value for money. Just keep in mind that a 470 and a 480 have a difference of 10%, if you find the RX 480 at a good price you can buy it. I would overlook this RX 460 machine.

Yes, you can save $ 50, but it’s half performance compared to it. The difference in performance between the RX 470 and the RX 460 is abysmal, literally double the performance in this one against the 460. Your other option at this price would be a GTX 1050 or the 1050ti, for this machine do not take them into account, they are Notably slower than this card. This is really the card with the best performance by price available in the market in February 2017. That is why it is here and I highly recommend it. This brings us to the last 2 components: The case and the power source.

The box is a Corsair Carbide 100R mid tower, it costs 50 dollars, it is the normal price, but you can find them on offer It is a very good box, it includes a fan in the back to expel the heat has spaces to mount additional fans In the top and front, in case it is a little warmer where you live or if you do not have air conditioning, you can install more fans, but for the consumption of these 2 components is enough with what it brings. Now, if you do not like the look of this, I can suggest an alternative, the Corsair SPEC-01, which is actually the same box with a different front You want a box with a luxurious grid in front and a fan with red RGB light ? Choose the SPEC-01 Do you like the flat black surface? Buy this one The interior of the box, the back panel and the design are the same between both models, the only difference is the front design and location of the flan …

Fan and whether it is RGB or not. There are also other options, Do you want to spend $ 10 more? Get the Cooler Master MasterBox 5 for $ 60 Comes with 2 fans included and bearing in mind that fans cost $ 10, you end up getting 1 more free. It is a bit higher, wider and with more space for expansion what does not have 5.25 “slots that this one has, then, if you want to add a DVD drive, not included in this machine, because I no longer use them And I do not think many will do it.But if you want to install a DVD drive, keep in mind that the MasterBox does not have the slot and it has 2 slots to install if you want it. 80+ White, power source with 80+ certification for 35 dollars, 3 years warranty and cables with black coating. I recently did a review of this source and I liked it There is a cheaper $ 5 option of 400 watts of EVGA It has 2 years Warranty, uncoated cables and no 80+

certification.I highly recommend spending the extra $ 5 and get this one.Warranty, 80+ certification (for more energy efficiency), coated cables will look much better because these boxes have side windows You do not want to see those ugly “ketchup and mustard” wires ruining the look of your machine and giving you extra 30watts for your components. So, this is what I would recommend. You do not need more than this. Do not think you have to buy 500 or 600 watt sources. This card consumes a maximum of 150Watts, this processor will consume 50Watts maximum, that sums 200Watts the motherboard, RAM and storage may consume from 25 to 35Watts You are below 250Watts with this machine yet this source is too! A source between 300 and 350 Watts can with this computer 430 Watts is all you need You could certainly spend 5 or 10 dollars and get more, but you do not need it on this computer.

You must have noticed that we have not included in this machine. A separate processor fan, we will use the one included in the Intel box. Certainly, for a high-end machine with higher temperatures due to overclocking it is necessary to install dedicated cooling. This is a relatively low consumption processor, the included heatsink is more than enough Do not spend more money on acquiring another heatsink, it is a waste This processor will work at very good temperature even with the Intel heatsink.

Just use this, it’s absolutely fine, even if you do not have air conditioning, it’s fine just use it. So this was the summary of components for the assembly of a computer of 500 dollars based on the Pentium G4560 processor Dale I like this video if you liked it, share it with your friends if you loved it, remember to subscribe to my channel with that gigantic button To subscribe below the video Questions and comments in the comments section, and as always, check the description of my video in the bottom. The links to Amazon and Newegg for all of the above, including alternatives, will be down. The link for the complete playlist of this machine’s assembly will be there too, to take you to the next video in the series, so be sure to check it out. Thank you very much for seeing me, I’ll see you in my next video.

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