Hello friends! Welcome to another episode of adventures in virtual reality with us. I’m Cas. And I’m Chary. Today we’re going to show you our 5 top free VR games at the moment. Let’s turn on Virtual Reality guys! First thing we’re going to show you is… Lazerbait is an arcade strategy game. Play as a god over a couple of planets that produces ships over time. Your goal: capture all the planets with your ships and destroy your opponents! Using the controllers you’re able to direct a fleet of ships from planet to planet. As your ships arrive they will try and capture the planet. The more planets you own, the more ships you can produce. In the end you’ll might end up watching a massive space battle. Will you conquer the universe? Or will you.. This game is a lot of fun to play, it’s an awesome game to just fire up if you’re bored.

You’ll easily spend more than an hour on it, especially if you like strategy games. Just like we do. Acan’s Call: Act 1 is an awesome sword fighting experience, where you have to try and fight your way through a dungeon with scary skeleton enemies. You get a shield and a sword in the beginning and during the experience you’re able to upgrade your weapons. The experience took us around 15 – 20 minutes to complete, that is… if we don’t die. This is another great game to introduce your friends to VR with and show them how a RPG-like game can be like in Virtual Reality.

This game is only a proof of concept, so try it out and send the devs some feedback and support and who knows they might make an another awesome game afterwards! The third game on our list is AltspaceVR. Social multiplayer online game. As you can see it’s another social game. Play interactive games with people from around the world. What’s great about Altspace is that there are live events with comedians, DJ’s, authors and even celebrities which you can attend, just by logging on! Besides this, Altspace has 28 activities to choose from. More than enough to do in this game. These are some of the most popular games you can play.

The Lab is a compilation of multiple room-scale VR mini-games. It’s brought to you by the one and only Valve! There are 8 mini games to play. With this game you’ll become familiar with VR and it’s mechanics, and it also shows you what is possible in the world of VR. And believe us, every mini-game is fantastically made. It’s also the perfect game to introduce your friends to Virtual Reality with. Rec Room is an early access online multiplayer game where you can play competitive games with players from all around the world. Create your own look and interact with others. When you’re ready, head to the Locker room where you can party up with friends or befriend new people. Currently there are 5 active games to play. This game is so much fun, and so addictive, because you play with other people. So guys, be aware! Hope you liked this video! Feel free to comment on this video and give us some feedback or suggestions. If you want to explore the world of Virtual Reality with us.

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