5 Things I Love About The Nintendo Switch

Hello and what is up Herd Nation! Im thesolidmoose and welcome back to another discussion video! Nintendo just recently showed us the newest console that’s going to be coming out next year! So today I would like to talk about the 5 things I love about the Nintendo Switch. The design for the Nintendo Switch is absolutely sexy. When I saw the reveal I fell in love with it immediately. The switch is sleek, portable, clear, ugh! Its gorgeous! The tablet design is really interesting. I appreciate that Nintendo is going for a more modern looking console. I just wonder how its going to compare to other tablets. What I mean by that, is how portable is it actually going to be? Especially for men.

Women have purses that they can shove shit into. Men just have pants. When I go places, I have my phone, wallet, keys, and chapstick (for my dry ass lips) *INSERT DRY LIPS* So I might have to invest in a little bag, or a man purse to make sure that I can take the damn thing with me. Because once my front pockets are filled, I only have my booty pockets, and no…im not putting my switch in my ass. *INSERT ALERT NOISE* The way that the Switch can be taken apart so easily is really awesome too.

It looks really intuitive and simple. I also appreciate the option to use a pro controller with it too! Remember in my other Nintendo video I asked for CHOICES. *INSERT PREVIOUS VIDEO CLIP* Nintendo’s biggest problem is forcing gimmicks on people. That’s the WORST. So the fact that they’re letting us pick which controller we want to play with, along with not only playing on the small screen, but also on your TV, means a ton! So good job! In the marketing for the Switch, there were no words spoken. But many questions answered. Well there were a few words. *INSERT NINTENDO SWITCH WORDS* Everything that the average consumer should understand about the console was presented in a very clear way. Except the price. I have literally no idea why they didn’t show us that. But whatever, Im happy that there was NO confusion with this console. Unlike the wii u when people didn’t even know that it was a new console.

Most people I knew thought that it was just a peripheral to the original wii so nobody bought it. Among a ton of other reasons. Props to Nintendo for beefing up their advertising too! The fact that Nintendo was able to jam pack enough hardware into that tablet to play the newest Zelda game is pretty fuckin awesome. When I first saw the reveal I thought that the stand was were most of the graphics processing was going to take place. But apparently, the tablet itself IS the console.

Im sure that took a lot of research in development. I just hope that it has a good battery life. If it does, then this thing will be unstoppable. However, I am a little worried that since it is so compact, it wont be able to compete with the beefy PS4 and Xbox one. So that could mean that Nintendo wont get a ton of third party support…But that, brings me to my last point. They got a HUGE list of third party supporters! *INSERT YAY* If this list is true, then Nintendo is going to be a fuckin powerhouse. Nobody will be able to compete if they can have the amazing first party games like Mario, and Zelda. Then add on call of duty, final fantasy and whatnot, PLUS its portable! I just pray that this list isn’t bullshit.

Because the Wii U had a list that was similar. Provided this list is much bigger, but Nintendo promised third party support with a good amount of other companies. But everything fell through, and nothing came out on the damn thing. But right now, as of today, it is something that im VERY happy about! But what do you guys think? How do you feel about the Nintendo Switch? Do you like it or hate it? What did you think of the marketing? How much do you think its going to cost? Leave comments! Also, be sure to check us out on twitch, and join our google plus group to be a part of the discussion! Until next time, Peace out guys! HERDHYPE!!!

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