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(intro sound) Welcome to The Know. I’m Ashley Jenkins. Just in time for launch, Nintendo have finally supplied the Switch with its day one update and – right on cue – well, they smashed all your hopes and dreams to bits at least as far as online goes. The day one update brings some of the system’s online functionality up such as the eShop, but it also… also brings back the dreaded Friend Codes we all know and hate. We all hoped that, given Nintendo’s online service coming later this year plus the fact that you can now register for a unique account user ID that we had finally escaped the wrath of Friend Codes for this generation But sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case. But, I dunno, who knows? Maybe Nintendo will swap over to account user IDs when the full online service goes live later this year – we can only hope. They have at the very least said that they plan to include new ways to search for and add friends post-launch.

So it may get better in time. We know that Switch units are sold out of stock, for the most part, at launch although some retailers, like Target, GameStop and Best Buy have confirmed that they’ll be getting a few extras for in-store arrivals on day one. But how well is the system going to sell exactly? We all remember the Wii U… …or do we? A new report from industry analyst SuperData claims that the console is going to sell 5 million units in 2017 with Nintendo gearing up for a “slow-and-steady” pace to sales.

By their best estimates, the high starting price and absence of strong launch titles plays the biggest factors there with the 5 million and that Nintendo will have a lot of work cut out for them to convince gamers to buy the Switch as a secondary device. Besides the Nintendo Switch, the next big console hardware debut we’re looking forward to in 2017 is Xbox’s Project Scorpio. While we originally thought we might have to wait all the way until E3 in June to hear more about Microsoft’s mystery console it sounds like that may not be the case anymore.

Speaking with IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer indicated he’d rather make E3 all about the games, with a Scorpio reveal perhaps happening sooner. Spencer said, “Clearly we’re gonna talk about Scorpio at E3… …but I also don’t want to take up the majority of the time doing all the things about hardware. So there’s a balance there. I want it on stage. It’s a great opportunity for us.” Considering that E3 is like three months from now – yes, it is March already – that could put Scorpio’s reveal possibly coming in the next month or two which is exciting.

Square Enix has been stringing everyone along with the possibility of a PC port for Final Fantasy XV and they were at it again at GDC this week. During a presentation, Director Hajime Tabata showed off the now famous tech demo for Final Fantasy XV on PC. you know, the one running on dual GTX 1080s. The demo featured some pretty impressive visuals apparently showcasing the game’s boy-band running through a 100 million individually rendered blades of grass. It’s like the new hair. Grass is the new hair. When asked if this meant that Final Fantasy XV would be coming to PC after all Tabata simply smiled and said, “No comment.” Oh, you tease! A follow-up question pressed him about what it was that they just saw and he said, “Hmm…

Tech tests.” Previously Tabata indicated that a Final Fantasy XV PC port would feature user-generated quests and mod support. So… C’mon, let’s just… Can we just have this be real already, Square Enix? Please? You’ve released every other Final Fantasy on PC at this point. Come on! Now, if you were starting to feel easy about Mass Effect Andromeda’s pending release… It’s out in less than three weeks, guys. …well here’s a little tiny dose of reality for you. BioWare announced yesterday that the game’s previously promised multiplayer tech test won’t be coming before the game’s launch after all.

So, hey, if you signed up you gave them your email address for nothing. Enjoy the spam. BioWare made the announcement in a blog post yesterday saying that Andromeda’s multiplayer will be on hand at PAX East. Today they offered a bit more of a comment – Producer Fernando Melo wrote on Twitter, “Sorry we won’t have the multiplayer tech test… I know many were looking forward to it (as were we). Long story, but right decision for how close we are to live.” So the not-beta beta? Not happening. We’ll see what this means for the game’s multiplayer when it launches on March 21st Hopefully not a bad sign but hmm…

Jury’s out now. Are you ready for a new hero in Overwatch? One who isn’t named Doomfist? We told you! The newest hero is the tank Orisa who fights with a projectile machine-gun that’s called a Fusion Driver and she’s got some range. “Overwatch game developer Jeff Kaplan says her weapon has more range than nearly any other tank hero.” Kotaku reported. The big machine was built by kid-genius Efi Oladele, who made it from discarded parts. Orisa is described as the central anchor of the team who has a protective barrier and a fortify ability that lets her reduce incoming damage. She also has an attack that lets her pull enemies toward her, or slow them down. As for her ultimate move, it’s a super-charger that provides a damage boost for allies. If you wanna try her now, Orisa is currently available in the game’s Public Test Region. Get ready for a super super heavy dose of Pokémon nostalgia, guys.

The trailer for the franchise’s 20th anniversary movie is here. And if you were a fan of the original animé, you’ll find a lot that’s familiar. The movie, which is titled “I Choose You!” is actually a retelling of the first few episodes of the first Pokémon cartoon. So you’ll get Ash and the gang back up to their old tricks, but with all new animation. The movie’s gonna hit theaters in Japan on July 15th, but sadly no Western release date has been set just yet. Bargain hunters take note, the Oculus Rift just got a significant price cut. Oculus announced that it’s cutting the price of its headset by $100 dollars and by the same amount for its touch controllers.

That brings the price of the headset down to $500 bucks for the headset, $99 dollars for the controllers or you can get them both in a bundle for $600 bucks. Makes it easy. *chuckle* That makes the bundle cheaper than its competitor, the HTC Vive which sells for $800 dollars, with controllers. It’s been a rough few months for Oculus. They just lost a $500 million dollar judgment after a jury partially agreed with game publisher ZeniMax that the headset was built on stolen technology.

Ouch! Maybe Oculus should’ve come out with a new VR game called “Better Lawyer Simulator”. It’s an expansion for Job Simulator. Breaking news – Nintendo Switch cartridges taste terrible. I can’t believe this is the headline, guys. Also breaking news? You shouldn’t eat a f**king game cartridge! Yes, Nintendo is trying to prevent children from eating Switch cartridges… I guess because they’re small enough to swallow? …so they sprayed them with a non-toxic chemical that tastes absolutely terrible. And of course, some adults just had to test it out. According to The Verge, the cartridges “taste like insecticide”… although how they know what insecticide tastes like that’s, I guess, a question for another day …and are “literally the worst thing”.

It’s actually no wonder they taste bad. Nintendo had Denatonium Benzoate applied to the cartridges which is “the most bitter chemical compound known to humanity”, according to Polygon. As a Nintendo rep told Polygon, it’s a good idea to keep small Switch cartridges out of the reach of children so as to “avoid the possibility of accidental ingestion.” I’m gonna be honest with you – if there’s a kid involved it’s probably not accidental it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

And apparently it’s also a good idea to keep them out of the reach of adults too, becuz… …everyone is sticking them in their mouths. …just for funsies. What if you won an award but nobody came? Well then you’re probably No Man’s Sky. The biggest cock-tease of 2016 won the award for innovation at the Game Developers Choice Awards in San Francisco this week but nobody from Hello Games was on hand to accept it even though they were at GDC. Polygon said the team from Hello Games was in San Francisco for GDC, but they hadn’t expected to win so they were out eating dinner when the award was announced. Yeah, right. They were probably scared of being ambushed by angry fans who wanted a better game.

Anyway, they eventually picked up the award and all was well. Now back to fixing No Man’s Sky! That’s all the news we have for you guys today. Tomorrow is Switch day, so it’s gonna be a big day – we’re gonna be doing an 8 hour live-stream from 11am CST to 7pm CST… showing off a bunch of the launch titles and all the different Switch configurations …that are attached to the TV, so that you guys can also see them. It’s gonna be a good time. But we’ll have a bunch more stories for you anyway. If you want to make sure you get those like this video, subscribe to The Know and then you can have it all. Oh, and if you click the bell… There’s a… …a notification bell, and that way you’ll be able to see exactly when we go live. We’ll see you tomorrow, right? According to The Verge the cartridges taste like incest-icide… Insecticide, incest-icide… *laughter off-screen* Eddy: That’s a… That’s a different thing. Ashley: Incest-icide is a little bit different. Not that terrible. *laughter* Tastes the same, but somehow wrong..

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