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Hi everyone. Let’s have a look at five zombie themed games for Halloween. So first up is Zombies are After Me. This is a endless running coin grabbing game where you have to avoid the zombies or hack through them with a chainsaw, you know whichever comes first nice graphics, great gameplay good one to just pick up and play this Halloween. See if you can grab a high score and as with any endless runner it’s all about trying to go for as long as possible picking up as many power-ups and coins as you can.

Next up is Dead on Arrival 2. It’s a top-down shooter which uses the dual stick control system. Avoid the zombies, kill as many as you possibly can fantastic graphics well worth looking at the detail slider and just seeing if you can push your graphics a little bit higher on your device if you can. It’s a Tegra game as well so if you happen to be rocking Tegra 3 or Tegra 4 it’s going to look fantastic. It’s a great zombie shooter. Earn cash if you kill zombies and use them to upgrade all of your weapons and unlock new power-ups. There really isn’t a better zombie shooter. But wait, then Dead Trigger 2 was released making it the best zombie shooter out there, well quite possibly anyway So Dead Trigger 2 it’s a great zombie romp lots of interesting and engaging zombies, lots of fun mini-games like sniper zombie and all sorts of crazy times to be had.

This is easily one of the best zombie shooters ever to be released and what’s more you can upgrade all of your gear as well. Hey! It wouldn’t be a zombie shooter without upgrading your gear. Check this one out on the Play Store. Plants vs Zombies 2, a new release from EA and Pop Games. It’s a great kids fun game for well, Halloween basically. What could be better than defending your home against hordes of zombies and using plants to do it? It’s a classic formula and one that in the sequel is still great fun. What you’ll need to know is well you need to destroy zombies using entertaining plants there’s blockers, there’s shooters and there’s ones that explode like mines. Hey, Zombies vs Plants. Plants vs Zombies! It’s all good clean fun. And my top tip is Dead Effect, a survival zombie shooter of sorts. This game can be pretty dark and pretty gnarly at times. It’s got some fantastic graphics and it doesn’t shy away from lots of blood and gore.

If you’re looking for a really white-knuckle ride this Halloween on your Android device you really need to check out Dead Effect. It really does play like a combination of Dead Trigger and Deep Space and honestly the graphics are fantastic. A big thank you to everyone on the channel who mentioned this particular title to me. It’s well worth it and just remember this Halloween don’t run out of bullets when you’re being chased by the zombie hordes. It’s not going to end well. Happy Halloween everyone!

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