3DS Decals Tutorial

Clean the system thoroughly to avoid dust under the decal Use the D-Pad as a reference to apply the left part Be careful not to step over the frame of the console Close the console to seal the part you can’t reach with your fingers Use the buttons A, B, X and Y as a reference to apply the right part And close the hinge again For the screen is best to use the camera as a reference If you do it carefully you can stretch the decal a little bit to fix imperfections You can fix it if the decal goes out of place, just do it with care Straight the little band with the tip of your nail Use one of the ends of the Face Plate as a reference Leave a small margin as in the video.

This is to prevent wear and tear Use the screws and the headphone icon as a reference Remove any air bubbles with your fingers Place the circle under the Stick with care Check that everything is in place Enjoy.

As found on Youtube

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