27 New Switch Games Coming Soon | Nintendo Direct September 13, 2017 Highlights

At the recent Nintendo Direct event, 27 games are scheduled to release in the coming months. Let’s start with the updates. 17 upcoming Nintendo Switch games have been updated with new info and release dates. As for the new titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. 10 upcoming games have just been announced. Super Mario Odyssey The Switch’s most awaited game since The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This time, we finally have a release date. But that’s not all. Nintendo Direct also gave us a closer look into the game itself, and Mario’s Red shirt-less self. Nipples aside, we got to see a showcase of the Odyssey’s worlds and kingdoms. From the icy Shiveria, the watery Bubblaine, and an as yet unnamed Tropical island. Collect the hundreds of power moons in each level, experiment with the caps many abilities, and have fun with the nifty snapshot feature for instant photos and edits.

It’s gonna be one hell of an adventure, and its coming this October 27th. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Reported to be twice bigger than the usual Xenoblade game, Nintendo gave us a comprehensive demo on Rex and Pyra’s search for paradise. In it, they presented us with some juicy in-game footage. We also got to hear their loveably british voice actors, including the animal companion that aligns with standard butler tropes. Marked with a Special Edition release and a Xenoblade themed Pro controller, it’s set to release this December 1st. Project Octopath Traveller Square Enix is pretty much synonymous to old-school RPG, and they prove that once again with this RPG from the makers of Bravely Default. A Switch Exclusive, Project Octopath lets you choose between 8 characters, each with their own journeys around the world of Orsterra. It’s blend of old and new, as they show off the HD 2D artstyle and demonstrate their exciting combat. Introducing characters like Olberic and Primrose, we’re hoping it has the same top notch quality we’ve come to expect. It’s set to release sometime in 2018. Fire Emblem Warriors While it’s not a new Fire Emblem Game, Nintendo amps up the volume with this Dynasty Warriors spinoff.

We’ve already announced the return of Marth, Xander, Chrom, and other Fire Emblem favorites. But now, we now we also know that the fan favorite Lyn will also make a comeback. A notable persona from the Gameboy Advanced days, we’re looking forward to more classic character releases. Fire Emblem Warriors is set to release on October 20th. Sonic Forces In SEGA’s anticipated Sonic game, we see the blue hedgehog fighting against a Robotnik bent on world domination. In our previous videos, we said Forces will let you play with 3D and 2.5D planes with their two variations, as well as customize your very own character. Other than a definite release date, there wasn’t a lot of new info presented in this recent Direct. It’s set to release this November 7th.

Pokken Tournament DX Inspired by the popular Tekken Series, Bandai Namco decided to bring real-time fighting to the Pokemon universe. Play with over 20 pokemon characters from all generations, and watch them duke it out in full 3D. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much news on the game, aside from the release of their new demo. Get your hands on the exciting monster duels before it releases this September 22nd. SteamWorld Dig 2 Just one of many eShop releases for the Switch, the 2D action adventure digs out of their earthen world and into the console lineup. Play as the steam-powered robot, Dorothy, as he takes the helm of the underground escapade.

Mine for orbs, and prepare for a Metroidvania-style adventure. It’s set to release on the eShop this September 21st. Lost Sphear Another eShop release, and another revival of the classic JRPG from Square Enix. A spiritual successor to Tokyo RPG Factory’s own I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear shares the same somber yet memorable familiarity. Play as a young man who awakens the power of memory restore the world to defeat a powerful force. They’ve improved on many of Setsuna’s mechanics, bringing back the same traditional JRPG atmosphere. It’s set to release on January 23rd next year. Skyrim Todd Howard’s medieval fantasy world now has an official release date for the Switch. First released on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2011, the open world RPG surprisingly made it to Nintendo’s newest console–opening us up to the exciting possibility of portable questing. Along with the release date announcement, we also got a sneak peek on the special armor unlock of the Zelda Amiibo. It’s set to release on November 17th. FIFA 18 EA’s flagship football game is also making an entrance to the Switch. This year, FIFA ramps up the football action with usual visual improvements and the continuation of Alex Hunter’s story-based mode.

With 52 fully licensed stadiums and many of today’s biggest football superstars, it’s definitely the biggest FIFA game yet. It’s set to release this September 29th. NBA 2K18 The gold standard of Basketball games makes its way to the Switch. Put yourself in the court and improve your opportunities in MyCareer, or build your own name in MyGM. Compete against this year’s hyper-realistic basketball superstars, and gain advantages with improved dribbling and shooting mechanics. With the Switch’s power, we’re expecting it to boast the same graphical quality as its home-based companions.

It’s another opportunity to show them who’s King, and it’s coming this September 2017. WWE 2K18 Step into the ring with the wrestling superstars in another one of 2K’s yearly sports releases. For this year’s release, they’re fleshing out their MyCAREER Mode to let players live out their wrestling dreams. With two options to choose from, you can help realize the visions of WWE General Managers in Company Man or focus on mastering the ring in the Fan Favorite Path. Take a steel chair and wreck the competition, onstage and off. It’s set to release on October 17th. Golf Story Sidebar games puts a twist on the usual golf game with this adorable, golf-centric pixel world. Compared to the stiff and rigid environments of other games, Golf Story offers an open world for golf practice. Tee up around their 8 different environments, meet its diverse cast of characters, and take on their many problems with the power of golf. Welcome yourself into this cute and relaxing world! Set to release on the Nintendo eShop this September.

Super Meat Boy Forever Edmund Mcmillen’s tough as nails platformer was just a sidenote in the big Nintendo event, but we’re excited anyway. A sequel to the successful Super Meat Boy, help the eponymous hero navigate through the tricky traps of his world to rescue his precious baby Nugget. Already revealed during Nintendo’s livestream for indie releases, Super Meat Boy is set to release on the eShop sometime in 2018. Nine Parchment Take your friends into the fantasy world of Nine Parchments and blast the land’s creatures together. As rookie wizards, you’ll have to learn new spells along the way. Release a kaleidoscope of magical spells, and hope you’ll survive the journey to the Nine Parchments. It’s a fun, cooperative game that’s a perfect addition to the Switch’s lineup.

Set to release this Holiday season. Battle Chef Brigade Collect ingredients, cook meals and solve puzzles in this artistic kickstarter creation. Trinket Studios match three puzzle game puts you in the shoes of a Magical Chef cooking up a storm for a grand competition. Gather ingredients in the forests and defeat towering monsters using complex but intuitive combat mechanics. With its wonderful designs and exciting challenges, it’s set to release on the eShop this Holiday Season. Tiny Metal Inspired by Intelligent Systems’ Advance Wars, Area 34’s Tiny Metal is a tactical turn-based game that puts you in the middle of an an ongoing war.

Play as a military Lieutenant and lead your troop to victory against the nation of Zipang. Plan your strategies around the various terrains as you move through 10 hours of single player campaign. A great substitute for the seemingly forgotten Advance Wars, and it’s set to release on the eShop this Autumn. Rocket League Mixing football with futuristic rocket-propelled cars, the popular sports game is making its way to the Switch. Embrace a high-octane, high-flying action with you and your friends as you put your steering skills to maximum overdrive. It’s still the same game but with exclusive Nintendo-based cars. Not to mention it’s cross-play feature increases the range of more players, giving Nintendo, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a chance to coexist together.

Coming this Holiday 2017. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Set in an alternate timeline where Germans win World War II, return to the troubled life of BJ Blazkowicz and paint walls red with Nazi blood in a wheelchair-bound machine gun massacre. The series welcomes you back with its signature gore, sadism, and hilarity as you fight along with the resistance to beheading rebels, and bringing the fuhrer back to his rightful place–under ground. Visually pleasing, and oh so satisfying. We can’t wait on how Switch’s hardware handles it. It’s coming sometime this 2018. Kirby: Star Allies The untitled Kirby game we talked about before finally has a name. Kirby Allies puts you into the shoes of the adorable pink creature. Go on an epic quest alone or with your friends as you destroy evil with their unique abilities.

Not much details were unveiled, but the gameplay trailer shows that Kirby can combine powers with his new eating abilities. We can’t say much yet, but we know the game is gonna be magical. It’s coming this Spring 2018. Dragon Quest: Builders Considering its sequel is coming out sometime soon, this Sony original makes the perfect preview for new fans of the sandbox genre. Although we don’t have any clues as to what the new features are, it’s still the same Builders game we know and love from Sony’s platform.

It may share the same elements as Minecraft but it’s packed with the solid RPG goodness Dragon Quest was known. Coming this Spring 2018. Doom Ever since Skyrim’s announcement to the Switch, this was bound to happen. Bethesda is slowly packing together their hit games to Nintendo’s latest platform. All we have to do now is wait for Fallout 4’s impending announcement.

It’s the same gory space-killing adventures of our favorite Doomguy. Eviscerate demons with brutal kills, powerful guns and futuristic angst. Coming this Holiday 2017. Morphies Law A shooter with a unique mechanic. Dubbed as a Massive MORPHIPlayer, go on a 4 versus 4 battle with your enemies by stealing body mass. Yes, you heard that right. By shooting the corresponding body parts of your enemy, your body part gets bigger and your enemy goes smaller. This body-morphing feature changes the way you play. The first team to make their Avatar bigger wins. It may sound ridiculous but it goddamn works.

It’s coming this Winter 2017. Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 Before CAPCOM went first person with their latest Resident Evil game, there were the third person shooting adventures of Chris and Jill as they investigate the derelict ship of Queen Zenobia. Its sequel also takes you to the life of Barry Burton as he searches for his missing daughter. In this episodic series, uncover the mysteries of the Umbrella corporation once again and find out who’s pulling the strings with another bio organic threat. Coming this November 28, 2017. L.A. Noire Who would’ve thought? For anyone missing out Rockstar’s amazing thriller-adventure game, now’s your chance to pick this up. It’s also coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This Switch edition will contain all the DLC’s from the original, as well as some enhanced textures. The Joy-Con also offers new features including HD rumble and various gesture-based options. It’s coming this November 14, 2017. Snipperclips Plus Not really a system seller, but it was a cutting edge favorite among the Switch’s launch titles.

Adorable, delightfully creative, but a little shortlived. Snip and Clip return in this expanded version of the original. The couch co-op fun continues as you snip about alone and with friends in three different game modes. Available in physical versions, and as a DLC for Snipperclip owners, It’s set to release this November 10th. Arena of Valor Nabbing the title of first MOBA for the Switch. This game brought classic 5v5 hero action to the mobile, and now it’s headed to Nintendo’s portable console. Much like DotA and LOL, Arena of Valor lets you play with over 40 heroes with their own roles and skills. Use the map to your advantage and pave your way to victory in their varying game modes.

The free beta will be available this Winter 2017..

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