25 Upcoming Oculus Rift Games In 2016 / 2017

Intro Welcome to the skilled channel and today we’re looking at the upcoming games on the Oculus Rift. There’s a lot of hype around the hardware and the competition, but are there any games coming out worth playing? Let’s take a look. 25 Bullet Train Epic Games, the company known for Gears Of War and Unreal Tournament have created their first VR action game. Built around using the Rift and the Oculus Touch, players use guns with each of their hands to fire at enemies. They can also manipulate time to pickup bullets and literally throw them at enemies. It’s essentially an on rails shooter and players teleport to new locations as opposed to moving towards them. It’s an interesting concept and also a demonstration of what Unreal Engine 4 can do on the Rift. 24 Eve Valkyrie Eve: Valkyrie is one of the first big VR games that was announced for the Oculus Rift.

Developed by CCP Games the devs known for Eve Online and Dust 514, Eve: Valkyrie is a multiplayer dogfighting shooter set in the Eve universe. Eve takes advantage of VR by allowing 360 degree viewpoint with action combat going on all around you. The game will have a rank and reputation based character progression system. And there will be plenty of customization for ships. Ships have three distinct roles. There’s the fighter class with medium armor and gatling pulse lasers. There’s the heavy class with high density armor, composite heat shields, and direct plasma injectors. The game will also be voiced by Katee Sackhoff, known for many Sci Fi series such as Battlestar Galactica, Riddick, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

EVE: Valkyrie should be an immersive space sci fi experience and it comes bundled in with the Oculus Rift. 23 Lucky’s Tale Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platformer reminiscent of old school games like Super Mario Sunshine. You play as the character Lucky as he runs, spins, and jumps through levels. The world is very colorful and vivid. And the levels look huge with plenty of areas to explore. Lucky’s Tale comes bundled in with the Rift. 22 World War Toons World War Toons is a fun and family friendly version of first person World War 2 shooters. It’s built from the ground for VR so the controls are a little more intuitive than typical dual thumb stick schemes. World War Toons is made up of ex-Call of Duty devs and veteran animators from Disney and Marvel. It has a cartoonish, but distinct art style that makes light of shooting games. 21 The Assembly The Assembly gives us a look into a mysterious organization that’s hidden from the world.

They conduct experiments that the government and society wouldn’t even allow. There’s definitely secrets and conspiracy involved, but we don’t know what they are. The game begins with two individuals of The Assembly potentially being exposed by a threat. They both have choices to make which will effect the company and the world. The game poses questions of choice and morality. Every decision has consequences. 20 Eagle Flight Eagle flight lets you fly across a desolate world. Taking place 50 years after humans vanished from earth, you’ll fly through the city of Paris as an eagle.

The game is about the experience of free flight, being able to explore any way you want, but there will also be single player missions that include ring parkour and shooting challenges. In addition there will be multiplayer with up to 6 players. 19 Edge Of Nowhere Edge of Nowhere comes to us from Insomniac Games who are known for fun and vibrant titles like Ratchet And Clank and Sunset Overdrive. Edge of Nowhere takes a different premise. You’re in the antarctic in search of a missing expedition. You venture into the unknown and the challenge is surviving and traversing in the arctic environment. It’s both a mystery and an adventure because the environment is dangerous and there are many secrets to find. It’s also in third person, which shows that not every Rift game is going to be in first person perspective. 18 The Climb The Climb is built on the CRYENGINE and probably has the most impressive visuals on the Rift. The Climb let’s you experience rock climbing in first person virtual reality. Set in a vibrant oceanfront Asian setting, there’s exotic temples on rocks and sailboats on the coast. It’s a tranquil environment to be in if you aren’t afraid of heights.

17 Battlezone Battlezone is based on the original game from 1980 developed by Atari. Battlezone has a retro futuristic look with vibrant colors and blocky design, but it still maintains the fast explosive action. The VR interaction aims to make you feel as if you are directly in the cockpit controlling the tanks. In the last trailer, variety in combat is emphasized by including new enemy tank variants, new artillery weapons, and new power ups that allow the player to use special area of effect attacks, boost, and additional modifiers.

Battlezone is an unexpected announcement for VR, but it’s how the developers have always pictured themselves playing the original Battlezone game. 16 Rock Band VR The path to being a famous rock musician isn’t always possible. But Rock Band VR will let you play as one. It’s in first person and you’re actually on stage facing the audience with the guitar in front of you. Rock Band VR shows the potential for a mainstream appeal with the Rift. 15 Chronos Chronos is an atmospheric RPG that chronicles one young man�s lifelong quest to save his homeland from a great evil. The protagonist seeks an ancient labyrinth which holds the secrets necessary to restore life and peace to his home.

But the labyrinth only opens once a year and it’s a test to see who can pass. The game combines many adventure elements with RPG mechanics and it’s a unique approaching to character leveling and exploration. Every time you enter the labyrinth you learn more secrets, but your character continues to age and it effects the way your abilities. Chronos is a game about time: as your character ages, you have to approach the dungeon differently.

As a young man you�re nimble and brash. In middle age you�re stronger and a bit more experienced. As an old man you�re weak and frail, and must rely on magics and knowledge of the old tomb in order to survive. 14 Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality Everybody’s a doctor in surgeon simulator. When Surgeon Simulator first launched it surprised a lot of players creating a humorous and awkward way of dissecting characters the wrong way. Experience Reality puts the player on Mars with the task of performing surgery on aliens. Since you’re in space there’s zero gravity and this time around you have two hands for controlling. 13 Job Simulator Job Simulator is the not so serious attempt to let you perform a typical job. However, the premise is a little different. It’s the year 2050 where robots have replaced all human jobs. Job Simulator will let you re-live the experience of working as a gourmet chef, an office worker, or a convenience store clerk. It’s probably one of the more relaxing and humorous VR games in our lineup. 12 Adr1ft Adrift is a first person space game about an astronaut drifting through space in the year 2037.

The game begins with an astronaut floating silently through a destroyed space station with no memory and a severely damaged EVA suit. The player will have to figure out what caused the catastrophe and find a way back home. The game is intended to be fully explorable, but there will be realistic limits that prevent you from going too far. One of those limits will be the oxygen level. Travel too far and you will suffocate.

It’s intended to be a highly suspenseful and emotional experience and it really reminds us of the sci fi movie Gravity. Playing this game is a unique experience because it takes you into space and gives you that helpless feeling of being stranded. This immersive game will be VR compatible so you can finally experience that lonely feeling of drifting through space in virtual reality. 11 POLLEN POLLEN is a mystery exploration game set in space. The story begins with you taking the role of a replacement employee for a space mechanic that has disappeared on a Saturnine moon station.

The environment is fully interactive, allowing you to investigate what has happened and why people disappeared. 10 Nimbus Nights Nimbus Knights blends real time strategy with god game type controls and puts it in Virtual Reality. Nimbus Knights uses Oculus Touch controls to let players literally pick up and throw their minions around. You can grab floating platforms to rally your troops or you can whack the skeletons with a stick. 09 Moon Strike Moon Strike is a real time strategy game in space. It’s built for the Oculus Touch controls, letting you interact with ships and squadrons by scooping them with the Touch controller. It’s a unique and seamless way of selecting and controlling in space. 08 Final Approach Final Approach lets you manage an airport with a variety of different types of aircraft. The game lets you control aircraft in the sky and has you surviving against natural disasters like fire, tornados, and earthquakes. 07 I Expect You To Die I Expect You To Die puts you in control of an elite secret agent where you have to survive a series of deadly situations. You’ll have to complete various missions using whatever you find in the environment. 06 Pulsar Arena Pulsar Arena is a rhythm based shooter that takes elements from traditional games like tug of war and hot potato.

The arena puts two players in an hourglass balanced between a beating binary pulsar system. It’s a very eclectic game based on sound and music response. 05 The Witness The Witness is a 3D puzzle game heavily inspired by Myst. Players will explore an open world island filled with both natural and man made structures. Players will have to solve these puzzles by finding clues around the game world. There’s very little instruction, you’ll have to learn how to create solutions as you play. 04 Classroom Aquatic Classroom Aquatic is another tongue in cheek simulator type game. You’ll play as a dolphin underwater in school. You’ll have to take tests and learn, but you can also cheat by sneaking a peak at other dolphin’s work. 03 Windlands Windlands is a first person exploration game that revolves around using a grappling hook for traversal. You’ll be exploring the ruins of a fallen civilization and looking for secrets. There will be skill based time trials and speed runs, so it’s not just about discovery, but also about learning the movements. 02 Superhot Superhot is a unique first person shooter where time moves only when you move.

It’s almost like being in The Matrix because you can see bullets moving slowly towards you or you can plan your steps before even pulling the trigger on your gun. 01 Vanguard V In Vanguard V, you play as Qu, who has tracked a parasite menace from across space. With the help of her AI companion she’ll have to fight to save the planet’s inhabitants from being destroyed. The game is a fast action rail shooter similar to something like Rez or Panzer Dragon. Outro The Oculus Rift has some unique games coming up, but only a few of them have really high production value. A lot of games are more like experiments than perfected ideas. What are your thoughts on the Rift games? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to the skilled channel for more upcoming games previews.

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