16 Upcoming Xbox One Exclusives in 2016 / 2017

Intro Welcome to the Skilled Channel and today we’re looking at games exclusive to the Xbox One in 2016 and beyond. This year, the Xbox is pushing a few big titles and bringing back some of it’s strongest franchises. There’s big blockbuster action games, indie titles, and games with really fun multiplayer. For this list, we’re including timed exclusives and console exclusives. And keep in mind delays do happen. So let’s take a look at 16 of the biggest upcoming titles on the Xbox One. 16 Quantum Break April 5, 2016 Quantum Break is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive by Remedy Entertainment, the same team behind the original Max Payne game. Quantum Break is being called a cinematic, third-person action game, but it�s far more than that. It’s a hybrid of different media formats merging a live action TV show with a story driven game. In Quantum Break, a time experiment has gone wrong, leaving several in-game characters with super powers all based around concepts of manipulating time. Paul Serene, founder of the corporation Monarch Solutions, travels through time via a time machine and comes back seventeen years older and with a psychotic plan in mind. You are given the standard third-person action tactics, including hiding behind cover and running and gunning.

But you also have an arsenal of time-based powers that allow you to do incredible, superhero-like exploits, including stopping time to circle around enemies, freezing bullets and then releasing them for maximum damage, and releasing people and objects from time stutter events and using them to your advantage against the Monarch soldiers. To handle the intense amount of physics involved in the time stutters and time manipulation mechanics of the game, Remedy Entertainment had to make their own game engine called Northlight Engine. The game looks incredibly gorgeous, and the time stutter events are delightfully unpredictable and hostile. The game has a large cast of known actors from film and television. Shawn Ashmore is playing the main protagonist, Jack Joyce. He is probably best known for his role as Iceman in the X-Men movies. Joining him are Aiden Gillen from Game of Thrones as the main antagonist Paul Serene. Dominic Monaghan from Lord of the Rings plays Jack�s brother William Joyce. And there’s Courtney Hope, who has worked on several crime drama shows like CSI and Criminal Minds.

She will be playing as Jack�s love interest, Beth Wilder. Quantum Break releases in April 2016. 15 Gears 4 Q4 2016 Gears 4 is the first original game from The Coalition, the studio that has taken over the Gears Franchise. And it looks like they are making some big changes in the way the story unfolds and the characters involved. In the E3 trailer we see JD and Kait, two new protagonists. They are exploring the ruins surrounding a decrepit mansion. The hunt is interrupted by a cyclonic storm that shoots lightning and gusts powerful enough to topple stone. After using an integrated saw blade in his firearm, JD cuts through a metal gate and the two take refuge.

They pursue a beast into its lair and find an embryonic mass that splatters JD with glowing goo. The preview setting is a dark castle with gothic influences. The area is very dark and players must use flashlights to illuminate certain obscured areas. The planetary setting is a forested world overlooked by a pair of brilliant white moons. It appears both protagonists are wearing Coalition of Ordered Governments armor. The protagonists mention that they are changing from hunters to hunted. This, along with the lonely wilderness locale and ruined setting, implies that the characters are originally called to hunt down a beast. The game seems to focus more on cinematic elements and relate-able characters. The pace of the game has also changed significantly, creating brooding quiet moments followed by intense action sequences. Gear 4 is scheduled for release sometime in 2016. 14 Scalebound TBA 2016 Scalebound stars the main character Drew, a young man from our modern Earth who finds himself in the mystical world of Draconis.

Drew becomes bonded to Thuban, a massive dragon who is the last of his kind. The setting of Draconis is as much a part of the game as the characters. Draconis is primarily a realistic setting with green grass, trees, rivers, and ponds, but the magical element called Pulse energy adds a few fantastical elements to the world. Pulse is also present in the plantlife of Draconis, creating gravity-defying trees and a massive mushroom that rivals mountains. Drew mostly participates in combat from afar, firing explosive arrows at enemies and providing Thuban with direction, though he can attack human enemies with a sword. And there’s throwable mines that can attach to enemies and detonate when hit with a flaming arrow or Thuban’s fire breath. On a smaller note, Drew’s headphones provide a cool added feature to the game by playing fast-paced dance music during combat. In addition to normal attacks, Drew sports a dragon arm that allows him to heal Thuban, attack with pulse energy, and scan enemies. Drew also collects energy from defeating enemies that culminates in an overdrive-like attack, transforming him into a powerful half-dragon for a short time. The devs have stated that this power is to be used as a reprieve from the intensity of combat.

The intense strength of the dragon form rewards players for defeating enemies by allowing them to mow down even more enemies with ease. When an enemy that contains Pulse energy is killed, it drops red Pulse gems that Drew can use to upgrade his equipment and Thuban himself. The biggest surprise in this big open action game is the 4-player co-op where each player has their own customized dragons that can join together to fight. Scalebound releases sometime in 2016. 13 Recore Q2 2016 Keiji Inafune, the creative mind behind Dead Rising, Onimusha, and Megaman is working on a new title called ReCore. It’s an action-adventure masterfully crafted for a new generation. In this desolate world, humans forge friendships with courageous robot companions and lead them on an epic adventure through a mysterious, dynamic world. The ReCore trailer introduces us to a young woman named Joule wandering a desert-like wasteland with her pet dog robot.

A sandstorm kicks up, and the two are forced to take cover. When the storm ends, their shelter is mostly covered and they have to dig themselves out. The two are attacked by spider robots with red cores. We see Joule use her gun to shoot the evil robots and a grappling hook to pull the core out of another. Meanwhile, her dog companion fights to defend her and ultimately sacrifices himself, leaving only his blue core behind. Joule takes this core and puts it in a larger ape-like robot and the two head into a vault for more adventure. The developers are trying to utilize their game world as a shifting, unstable landscape that players can look forward to exploring and at any time could get shifted underneath them. The discovery and exploration of the various vaults in the world appears to be the key to the story. Through exploration, our main character will discover what happened to humanity and she will find out if it can be fixed.

ReCore is targeted for a Spring 2016 release. Intermission 1 I’m really interested in these unique story driven games like the time warping Quantum Break and the fantasy action game Scalebound. But there’s also a lot of great games with strong multiplayer elements. Let’s take a look at those games up next. 12 Crackdown TBA 2016 Developer Reagent Games is working in collaboration with Cloudgine and Sumo Digital on what could be the most destructive game of 2016. The Crackdown series is known for its intense and engaging third-person action in an open-world, sandbox environment. With upgradeable abilities, transforming vehicles, and a whole city of objects that can potentially be used as weapons or shields for your agent. Crackdown 3 will be using Microsoft�s vast server farm to handle the complexities of a fully-destructible city. In fact, practically every single building will be handled by a different server, and the more computing power is needed, the more Xbox One draws upon the computing resources of other servers. Trailers and gameplay footage show a new, futuristic city with a city-wide network of gangs and crime lords in business together. Your job as an agent of justice is to break up that network and cause havoc to the crime lords� empire.

The game allows you to do this any way you want in an open-world environment. Even though it�s titled Crackdown 3, it has also been called a remake or re-imagining of the first game, taking most of its influence and inspiration from that game rather than from the first sequel. 100% destructibility means that players suddenly have a third option to consider. Not only can they platform their way up buildings or infiltrate them by moving through fully-realized structures one level at a time, but they can also decide to cause large-scale destruction in creative and strategic ways to complete their mission.

Also, hiding behind walls or other objects will no longer be a viable way to survive against heavy gunfire. The best part is that four-player co-op will be returning, so you can take on the engaging campaign with three of your friends. In the campaign mode, you can design your high-tech police agent to look any way you want. The regular physical attribute options are all present, including the option to be either male or female. Crackdown launches sometime in 2016. 11 Sea Of Thieves TBA Sea of Thieves is an upcoming MMO-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft for the Xbox One. It’s actually a re-imaging of Project Dream, the original 1995 prototype that eventually became Banjo Kazooie. Rare has always had a pirate themed game in mind, and finally they can make it happen. Rare described the game as its most ambitious effort ever, as the player dives in first-person to a shared adventure. Similar to other Rare games, it has a very stylized fantasy art style. The prospect of a persistent online multiplayer game is very promising and we hope to see Rare show new innovations with multiplayer. The game is scheduled for release in holiday 2016.

10 Halo Wars 2 TBA 2016 (Console Exclusive) Creative Assembly, the team behind the Total War strategy games, are developing the sequel to Halo Wars. Halo Wars 2 is a strategy game set in the Halo universe. The original title defined strategy games on consoles. In the teaser trailer, we see the Red Team in a brutal fight against an enemy, most likely a Brute Chieftain. Halo Wars 2 is console exclusive to the Xbox One and is releasing sometime in 2016. 09 Fable Legends Open Beta Spring 2016 Fable Legends is set 400 years before the events of the first Fable, in a time before the Heroes’ Guild was founded. Heroes are common, but the people of Albion are only just learning what a true Hero can be. During this time in Albion’s history, an ancient artifact exists called “the moon on the stick”, an artifact that the children of Albion once made wishes to.

The heroes in Fable Legends are on a quest to locate this artifact. Fable Legends focuses on co-operative RPG gameplay. Four heroes will face off against one villain online. Each hero has unique abilities, powers, and playstyle. But ultimately the villains control how the quests playout. The game focuses on interaction with your teammates and NPCs. The villain player controls the nature of the quest the hero characters embark on, such as where enemies will spawn, how aggressive they are, when the boss will come out to fight, or when to setup traps. The villain earns points over time, which can be spent on units. It has been announced that the free-to-play version, once released, will rotate playable characters periodically, with the option to purchase a hero that you wish to control even when not available to free players. Unlike other games in the series,�Fable Legends�is essentially a dungeon crawler and is very different from the previous games.

The player can customize their hero’s weapons, looks, armor, abilities and more. Like many other games in the franchise, heroes can also use expressions to interact with villagers.�In the hub-city of�Brightlodge,�players have the opportunity to partake in jobs, play mini-games and enjoy pub games. Once the player selects a quest, they are immediately sent out into the world. Fable Legends plans to have an open beta sometime in Spring 2016. 08 Killer Instinct Season 3 (March 2016) Killer Instinct enters its third season this year. Season three introduces characters from Killer Instinct 2 including Kim Wu, Tusk, and Gargos. And the biggest surprise is the introduction of Rash from the Battletoads franchise. Fighting game fans will keep the battle going starting in March 2016. Intermission 2 I can’t wait to blow stuff up in Crackdown. There’s great online co-op in that game and also in Fable Legends. There’s more games to look at and the next batch are kind of like hidden gems. There’s a lot of independent games coming up on the Xbox One. Let’s take a look. 07 Ashen TBA Ashen�is a open world survival, combat, and exploration game set in a fantasy environment.

It takes place in a sunless world involving a character who is seeking a home. Players will explore this dark world in third person as they fight world monsters and meet other players. The game mixes classic role playing elements with aspects of modern survival games. Ashen’s release date is still to be announced. 06 Cities Skyline TBA Cities: Skylines is a city-building game by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Players engage in urban planning by controlling zoning, road placement, taxation, public services, and public transportation of an area. Over time you’ll have to maintain the city’s budget, population, health, happiness, employment, pollution, traffic flow, and other factors. For those who enjoy strategy and simulation, they’ll get lost in creating a flowing and profitable city.

The game was originally a PC release, but it’s coming to Xbox One with a more streamlined interface and gameplay to reduce the amount of menus. It will include all the content from the base game plus the After Dark DLC expansion. 05 Below TBA 2016 Below is an adventure video game by Capybara Games. The main character is a tiny warrior exploring the depths of a remote island. The game is about exploration, but you’ll need to be able to survive to find everything. The game intends to be a creative take on the roguelike genre with a difficult but challenging level of combat. Below releases sometime in 2016. 04 We Happy Few (Console Exclusive) June 2016 We Happy Few is a survival roguelike game from Compulsion Games. The game takes place in a retro futuristic city in an alternative 1960s England.

The people of the town, Wellington Wells, are kept under control with a drug called Joy. The player assumes the role of a Downer, who is a person that avoids this drug. Together you’ll fight with part of a resistance group who is trying to escape this oppressive town. The world is procedurally generated and it’s built on Unreal Engine 4. We Happy Few is a console exclusive for the Xbox One and intends to release in June 2016. 03 Tacoma TBA 2016 Fullbright, the development team responsible for Gone Home, is working on Tacoma. The game is called Tacoma because it’s the name of a Lunar Transfer Station where the game takes place. The facility shown in the trailer is very similar to Bioshock’s underwater city called rapture. The game is a mystery and players will need to explore it piece by piece. Tacoma is set to release sometime in 2016. 02 The Solus Project (Console Exclusive) (Q1 2016) The Solus Project is an upcoming first person survival adventure game where the player controls an astronaut on a mission to save mankind.

Earth is on the brink of destruction, and it’s up to one person to explore this distant planet. It takes years to arrive and the protagonist finds himself crash landed on an unknown planet where his only option is to survive. Survival will be an important element of the gameplay as you will have to manage hunger level, thirst, body temperature, and weather conditions. There is an entire planet to explore with temples and other interesting places. It’s built on Unreal Engine 4 and it’s a console exclusive releasing sometime in quarter one of 2016. 01 Cuphead TBA 2016 Cuphead is one of the most unexpected titles in our lineup. It looks like a 1930s cartoon. The story begins with Cuphead losing a bet with the devil and he spends the game attempting to repay the bet. Composed almost entirely of boss fights, Cuphead is reminiscent of the classic 2D side-scrolling run-and-gun titles like Contra and Gunstar Heroes.

With players using Cuphead and Mugman�s jumps, dodges, and finger-snapping blasts to take out enemies, the gameplay is fast, frenetic, and extremely challenging. It all blends seamlessly with the game�s most standout element: its art style. Character animations are vibrant and incredibly-detailed, even down to the struts of Cuphead and Mugman moving and bouncing throughout the levels. Beyond the art and style, the game even uses additional effects to add to the game�s 1930s aesthetic, including projection flickers and a noisy filter to emulate the game appearing like it came off the reel from a dusty old theater.

The game features a branching level sequence and is based around continuous boss fights. Cuphead has infinite lives and keeps weapons between deaths. The levels are accessible through an action RPG style world map with its own secret areas. There’s even local two-player co-op, where Cuphead and his partner Mugman work together. Cuphead is scheduled for release in 2016. Outro The Xbox One has a few unexpected titles. I know which ones I’ll be picking up Day 1. What are your favorite games from this list? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to the skilled channel for more upcoming games previews.

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