10 Worst PS Vita Games

10. Opening our list of the 10 Worst PS Vita Games of all time StarDrone Extreme Although it isn’t as bad as it sounds, Sony’s long list of games from their PlayStation Network has a lot of potential. This game is a bit of both. But before everything, StarDrone Extreme is a mix of pinball and puzzle. Watch blazing colors fill up your screen while using the Vita’s touch controls. After a while, the player notices the inconsistencies and unbalanced moments. There are several portions of the game where the difficulty suddenly spikes; forcing you to purchase its “free pass” for a dollar. The only good thing about this game is the touch controls, not the PS3’s clunky controls. There’s an unbalanced learning curve here, and it’s killing the fun. But hey, it’s just $4.

9. Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted For something unrestricted, this game is pretty limited. 505 Games’ PS Vita port of the popular Mixed Martial Arts game is marred with soooo many problems. Although most of the critics stated that the game’s first problems were addressed, every other thing is still broken. The animations are stiff, voice acting is terrible and its controls are unresponsive. Could you imagine a fighting game with unresponsive actions? That’s an instant knock out for this game. If you want a dose of MMA goodness on your PS Vita, might as well restrict yourself from buying this.

8. Resistance: Burning Skies They say when you speak of PSVita’s first “first person shooter”, tons of Resistance fans cry in pain.
This game from was supposed to be the pinnacle of portable twin-stick shooters. Apparently, it sucked big time. It’s a wasted potential with an egregious story, generic gameplay and the worst part? Bad multiplayer. I mean, players can stick with the game’s story with minimal issues, but the empty feeling of progression ruins the atmosphere. For a twin stick shooter, it’s pretty okay but doesn’t revolutionize the system. As stated, the multiplayer is simple. There’s nothing special going aside from the mindless shooting. Making it not worth some of your time. It receives a PlayScore of

7. Proteus A game driven by exploration and immersion, Proteus doesn’t stray away from its restrictive walls. However, it’s lacking in so much substance. It’s a first-person walking simulator that takes you to a world where everything is lush, gorgeous and boring. People have been asking questions on “ what’s the point of the game” and not once were they amused by its “artistic nature”. It was released on Steam months before the game was launched to the PS Vita. But it’s not for everyone, critics and gamers lauded the game’s tranquil design, but of course, it gets boring and repetitive most of the time. Making a truly magical experience a snore-fest. Don’t drop that PS Vita!

6. Starlight Inception For a game that tries to become the next generation of space combat, this doesn’t even feel like they’re trying. Escape Hatch Entertainment’s space-simulation takes you to the vastness of the galaxy. Customize your ship, light up the sky and get ready to get disappointed. It was originally a Kickstarter campaign and fans loved the premise.
After the game launched, it was not what they expected. The game is marred with technical issues such as clunky controls and bad graphics. With it, your space-soaring quest is a dizzying experience. Might as well play Elite Dangerous.

5. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Rocksteady’s Arkham series is an award-winning masterpiece. But this was developed by Armature Studio and deals with the idea of our favorite caped crusader locked inside the confines of Blackgate Prison. It has a metroidvania-like style of gameplay. With the use of Batman’s gadgets, he solves puzzles and face the Rogue’s Gallery in the dullest of ways.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the Batman game we need right now. It’s still part of the Arkham canon, but it’s lack of inspiration and dull moments can make this game not worth your time. Even the story, characters and combat are too difficult for the detective to solve.

4. ModNation Racers: Road Trip A sequel to PlayStation Portable’s racing game, ModNation Racers. This game takes inspiration from Nintendo’s popular Mario Kart series but ultimately fails due to its cumbersome presentation, framerate stutters and super long load times. It’s part of the PS Vita’s launch titles. Same as its predecessors, put the pedal to the metal and race against other players in quirky fashion.
The game’s racing is okay, but as mentioned, it’s buried due to its technical inconsistencies. The game doesn’t even have online multiplayer for christ’s sake! Making it a sloppy and unpolished racing experience.

3. Reality Fighters Another one of PS Vita’s launch titles, this fighting game features a one of a kind experience: Augmented Reality. On paper it seems like an innovation to behold, but at the end of the day, it’s just another tech demo for the future of AR. The premise of the this game is tempting. You create your own character and battle out with zany heroes in real-world locations.
Just aim the camera somewhere and fight. But that’s just the good part, the worst part is it doesn’t really live up to its ambition. The story is silly, combat feels like a chore and it has issues with its PS Vita camera controls. It has so much squandered potential!

2. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Gameloft has a tough reputation of cloning other games and offering it to folks on the mobile. While that worked for a while, their sequel to their dungeon crawling hack and slash didn’t do so well. Marketed to the public as a new experience for PlayStation players, what they delivered was a new experience in disappointment. Although their Diablo clone did well on some things, it was their extraneous additions that made the game fall apart. Working well as a single player campaign, they forced the switch to a four player multiplayer–ignoring the fact that they only had three classes. Worse was their PlayStation Move support, it was not only unnecessary, but also poorly implemented. Looks like they should’ve just stuck with mobile apps.

Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the number one: 11. Ridge Racer. One of the worst games of all time, this racing videogame suffers from an abhorrent gameplay issues and lack of progression.

12. Touch my Katamari. A game about a growing ball of bits and bobs that’s too short for anyone’s enjoyment. It has a PlayScore of 6.27.

13. Escape Plan. Play through a series of booby-trapped rooms and try manuever with the vita’s imprecise touch controls. It has a PlayScore of 6.28.

14. FIFA Soccer 13. A subpar version of the successful console release. With no new features to boost, the PS Vita port is nothing but a cash-in. It has a PlayScore of 6.31.

15. Resident Evil: Revelations 2. A flawed port of supposedly decent Resident Evil game. It has a PlayScore of 6.32.

1. And the worst PS Vita game of all time is Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified After Resistance’s demise on Vita’s platform, it’s time for the Call of Duty franchise to follow their footsteps.
For a first person shooter game, it seriously lacks in variety and charm. Set in the Black Ops universe, follow a mess of episodes from various characters of the franchise. The missions feel like an empty shoot ‘em up with no clear objective. Even the shooting feels wonky and difficult to adjust. The multiplayer is a bit enjoyable with Deathmatches and playing with your friends, but all in all, it’s just not enough. Declassified isn’t Activision’s best COD game yet, and it certainly isn’t the portable twin-stick shooter we’re hoping for. It receives a PlayScore of 4.30.

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