So guys, the Nintendo NX—it’s coming soon. There’s actually rumors that it’s coming out on October 21st. Er, not coming out, it’s gonna be revealed on the 21st of October. Which is really exciting. And even if it’s not that date, it must be some time in October. It’s gotta be soon.

So, I thought today I’d go over Ten things that I’d want to see on the Nintendo NX. Now normally, I have a more developed sort of Top Ten video for this kind of topic, but as of right now, I am incredibly busy with other things. But I did want to post something about the NX, because I’m really excited about it, and I have some really cool ideas That I’d love to see implemented into the system. So first, I have a Cloud Service to play hundreds of their Retro Games. A cloud service. Imagine that. So instead of downloading game by game every single generation, What if you just had a Cloud service where you could just play them all? Maybe it could cost something around $a month, or maybe a couple extras Dollars, or even a little less… Something along the lines of that, so imagine that just being able to pop in Any NES game or any of the ones that were ported, any SNES, anything on the N64, any of the Gameboy Titles, even Gamecube possibly and paying Cloud service for that.

I think that would be fantastic. Now, if people can’t afford the Cloud Service, there of course should be an option to download hundreds of retro games like there have been But the main thing behind this is that we need to see more virtual console titles because as of now, we’re not seeing enough. I mean, the Wii shop; when it first came out on the Wii, they were offering a pretty good diversity of Virtual Console games. And now the Wii U’s showed up and…they still have not ported all those Wii Virtual Console games to the Wii U. They’re very slowly doing that. Which doesn’t make sense to me. Now I know it does cost money to port these games and what not, but still. There’s no excuse for them to not take the time to do this. Because a cloud service could do very VERY well. And I hope to see that for the NX. Second. A controller that could be wired and wireless. Now when I say controller, I don’t want anything gimmicky, honestly, like if Nintendo’s gonna do their gimmicky thing, Then okay, make it an accessory kinda like the Wii Balance Board or the Wii Vitality Sensor even though who knows what would happen with that.

But I think it’d be really cool if you could have a Wired controller, or Wireless. You could either… Maybe you could choose the controller if—well, you could choose if you want it to be wired or wireless, Or the controller has the ability to do both. That’s something I haven’t really seen with a controller. I mean, you can kinda do that with like a PS3 controller. You can plug it in while it’s charging. And I guess…that’s wired, but it’s still technically Wireless. You know, honestly, I don’t want them to innovate with a controller. It screwed up in the past. Um…Anyway, Third, pretty obvious. Third—Third Party Support. We NEED 3rd party support, Nintendo. Please, try to do whatever you can to get that 3rd Party Support, Because it’s really important. I mean, look at what happened with the Wii U. There was (Are you sure it’s not “were”?) huge game droughts all of the time. I mean, yes I would say that the First party games that came out to the Wii U were—*stutter* large majority that were absolutely fantastic.

But there was no 3rd Party support, and therefore, if you didn’t like Nintendo—I mean, if you like Nintendo but you like other consoles, People probably didn’t buy the Wii U. I mean, it’s been selling like crap. So anyway, Number Four. Port— Let’s make it easy to port all the save data from the Wii U to the NX. And hopefully, that is gonna be a future. But also, backwards compatability for some of the save dated games. So a lot of people have this theory, which I think is definitely possible that some of the biggest Wii U Games will be ported to the NX. Like Super Mario Maker, Smash Bros. or maybe even Splatoon possibly I don’t think they’d be using the Gamepad, but they could allow Splatoon to work in a different way with a different type of controller.

What would be cool is if you could bring all your save data from the Wii U for those games If they’re ported onto the NX, I would love to see something like that. I mean, I personally think that it just make sense. I’ve devoted so many hours into Mario Maker Especially Splatoon and Smash Brothers, and it would—I would hate to… you know, have those games ported And then I have to get all of that data, all of that save data all over again? That would be really annoying. Number Five. We have voice chat within the system. This is something that I can’t believe they did not do with the Wii U because it was available ever since the Xbox 360 came out. Like ten-thousand years ago. If you don’t know what that is, Basically, you could voice chat with someone no matter what the game is. So, if you wanna just chat with somebody—it’s basically like Skype integrated with the system.

Or Discord integrated with the system. I want to see that on the NX. Like seriously. If there is a headphone jack in the controller, you can plug in your own headphones, or even have a little bluetooth headset, I doubt Nintendo would do that. But at least a headphone jack, you can plug in your own headphones and have a little microphone, You could use the, uh, microphone on your headphones, or within the controller itself, and then you can talk to your friends that way. Gosh, I really hope that happens because I really enjoy playing games with my friends on the Wii U. But we have to use 3rd party options, we have to use Skype, we have to use Discord to talk while we’re playing the game, which isn’t bad, But at the same time, it is a little inconvenient. And we’ve already seen this work on other systems, so NX, voice chat in the system, please let’s make that happen. Number Six. DVD/Blu-ray support. Now this isn’t one that I would be angry if Nintendo didn’t include this because DVDs and Blu-rays are slowly becoming obsolete. I don’t think they’re gonna die as some people think they are because everyone likes physical copies of things.

Well, a lot of people still do. But yeah. It’s really weird. Th-the Wii U and the Wii did not have DVD or Blu-ray support. Well, obviously the Wii wouldn’t have Blu-ray, but you know what I’m saying. So DVD/Blu-ray support….*sigh*…It would be nice if it is included, I don’t know if it would cost them extra money to do that… I don’t…think so, because I’m pretty sure that most…er all games on the Wii U ARE Blu-ray disks, so why can’t an actual Blu-ray drive Eh—actual Blu-ray DVD or whatever, why can’t THAT work with the system? Number Seven, this is some—this is probably the one thing about the NX that I wouldn’t be upset seeing, but would still be cool.

Uh… V. R. (Virtual Reality). Uh, V. R. as an ACCESSORY. Not the main concept of the console. I would love to see Virtual Reality on the NX. I think…it would be good…because it would allow Nintendo to kind of compete with Sony a little bit again, in terms of their V. R. headset. And…of course with the Oculus Rift, the HTC 5, it’d be really neat to see what Nintendo would do. And…I mean come on. Who would not wanna play a Zelda game in V. R.? I mean a Mario game too, but that part would make you dizzy, But seriously. Legend of Zelda V. R. Like actually being immersed in the Zelda world with Virtual Reality? Yo, that just sounds so sick. I mean I don’t even like Zelda THAT much, but Oh my god, I would get that, Day 1 in a heartbeat. Number Eight. I’d like to see some new IP. Now I know Nintendo has released Splatoon recently, obviously.

A couple years ago, that was their new IP And it was a HUGE hit. Well, I mean. Huge for the Wii U, that is. Um. It hasn’t sold…uh, It sold a few million copies, which is pretty great for how big the Wii U—Wii U console for–uh. God, I can’t talk (Caption Contributor: That’s okay. Neither can I.). For how many Wii Us have been sold. But I’d like to see a couple more new IPs introduced. Because… Look, everyone loves their Mario, their Pokemon, their Zelda, their Smash Bros., their Mario Kart, uh—you know, whatever. Animal Crossing. But…we gotta see something new and exciting, Because I think a lot of people didn’t buy the Wii U because they thought, “You know…I’ve already played that game before. I’ve already played New Super Mario Bros. U, I’ve already played Mario Kart 8. There’s Mario Karts in the past.” And it’s fine that Nintendo brings sequels of those franchises to the NX, but they also need to have something brand new for people that don’t wanna play similar experiences. And the problem with that was since there was no 3rd Party support, the only thing you were getting were similar experiences on the Wii U.

Aside from Splatoon or any other indie games that were exclusive to the Wii U, which honestly, was not very many. So, new IP, definitely essential; even if it’s just like one or two new things; and especially mature IPs. Like I know that probably won’t happen but I’d love to see a couple new mature IPs from Nintendo, that would be really cool. Number Nine. An E-Shop that’s streamlined with a computer/phone/tablet. So, the E-Shop on the Wii U….is OKAY. It’s not too difficult to find things, but I do think there aren’t a lot that can be done in terms of streamliming Streamliming. In terms of streamlining the whole console. So, what I would like to see is…the E-Shop is it’s own thing. Basically, you can access the E-Shop with your computer, your phone, your tablet, and of course, the NX. And what you can do is that if you wanna purchase a game—so let’s say, you know, you’re not home, this new game came out, and you wanted to download it digitally.

I should be able to get on my phone, and download that game, or buy it—buy it through my phone, and then it automatically downloads to my NX console. The rest will do that on a computer or a tablet, or whatever. That would be amazing. And I’m personally not sure if Sony or Microsoft are already offering those kinds of things. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are, because it doesn’t sound like something that couldn’t be implemented, it sounds like something that’d be pretty easy. I mean iTunes has been doing that for years. So, that’d be pretty sweet. Number Ten. Improve your Friends List. Make it easier to find friends. Now I know they have improved in terms of finding frie—It’s a little bit easier to find the friends, but…

You can only add 100 people to our friends list on the Wii U? Are you serious? 100 People? I am a small YouTuber, and I am constantly deleting people because it’s not enough. Most of the people that I am friends with on my Wii U are people that are subscribed to me. And I want to stream games with them. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stream something like Splatoon, er…Mario Kart, or even Smash Bros. And…what ends up happening is that I have to constantly delete my friends list to add you people from the stream so that I can play games with them. That’s frustrating! At the very least, there should be a 1,000 friends limit; maybe even 10,000 would be nice, That would be the best. I know you can’t do infinite friends, I can understand why that’s a problem, but at the very least, allow us to have more friends on friends list. 100’s nowhere near enough. So, that’s about it. Please feel free to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and leave a comment and tell me What do YOU want to see from the NX? Feel free to leave some nice, sassy comments below like everyone does, hop on the Bandywagon and follow my Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Tumblr, Thanks for watching, guys, and I will speak to you all soon.

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