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Whatoplay presents our Top 10 Upcoming games of 2017. 10: Opening our list of our most anticipated games for 2017 is Resident Evil VII: Biohazard! Of course! Lately in Whatoplay, the 7th main installment of the R.E. franchise has always been present in our most anticipated lists. Why? Because it’s Resident Evil! CAPCOM may have failed the games after 4 but we’re kind of hoping, along with millions of fans, that this new entry will deliver a whole new feel to the series.

With the removal of the third-person camera, the first-person view becomes even creepier considering that you’re in a world devoid of morality. Although there were no reports that the game will include old characters, we’re hoping to see our beloved heroes come back into this ‘possibly’ stellar entry to the series. Reports have also mentioned that the game will not be a reboot. It’s set in another parallel continuity to the virus-spreading megalomaniacs that the Umbrella Corp caused. Get ready because it’s set to release this January 24, 2017 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One! On the 9th place is Robo Recall The moment this game was announced, we were astounded by how crazy it is. This might just be the game that will take Virtual Reality to whole new degree. Judging from the trailer, Epic Games — yes, the developer of Unreal Engine — made a great decision to develop a VR game worthy of its hand-tracking technology.

This Oculus Exclusive puts the words ‘Robot and Mayhem’ together into one grand shoot-fest, with a scale so bizarre you feel like you’re in the movie i.Robot. Play with your hands and dominate these rogue robots with your beastly hands, time-controlling abilities, and snazzy shooting skills… All provided with the Oculus Touch. And the best news is…! It’s free-to-play! So we’ll be seeing this game sometime this 2017. Along with the launch of the Oculus Touch. Number 8 on our list is Yooka-Laylee It’s thrilling to see a new IP from the same group of developers that brought us the platforming classic Banjo-Kazooie. Directly inspired from most of its open-world platformers, Playtonic Games gives us a game that may just spawn a new fanbase around two adorable creatures: Yooka and Laylee. What started as a Kickstarter campaign turned out great! It even broke the UK game crowdfunding records. The team from Playtonic promises an experience reminiscent of older 3D platformers, with some new modern mechanics; and these two new characters are set to rival other video game duos.

Yooka-Laylee is sure to offer what old Rare titles are known for: Good music, enjoyable gameplay, tons of special abilities and a fun co-op experience! We’ll be seeing this game sometime in 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, LINUX and MAC! On to number 7. Scalebound Be the King of the Dragons in this fiery new entry to Platinum Games’ action-roleplaying games. Scalebound, with its name, is HUUUUGE in scale. It grants you the ability to control the last living Dragon in a world forsaken by men. Enthralling! This Microsoft Exclusive brings a whole new meaning to co-op and campaign. Play as Drew in a quest to rid the world of evil. Along the game’s story progression, you can enhance your character and DRAGON as you see fit. In these moments, you will be rewarded with the ability to harness its power and wreak havoc to your enemies.

Controlling the Dragon is also essential to the game! The perspective shifts from the Third Person to First Person when you are on board. It’s just the kind of thing we want in Whatoplay. No release date has yet been confirmed but Platinum Games is aiming for a 2017 release on the PC and Xbox One. 6th on the list is Mass Effect: Andromeda We love the Mass Effect series. I guess it’s safe to say that Mass Effect 2 will always be the best M.E., right? Right? BioWare has always been excellent in giving you morally-difficult choices, and in creating characters that we learn love or hate. It’s what makes their games so amazing, and what we expect from Andromeda. From the fascinating world and the insane amount of details put into the lore of each character… it will be so immersive. This Space-Opera adventure brings a whole new story to the Universe. Play as a character 400 years after the Reaper Invasion and explore the Andromeda Galaxy. Players will be able to meet new people, enjoy the updated & more polished gameplay mechanic, and the return of the MAKO. The latest trailer gives us a tease on the new baddies: The Kett.

This race remains unknown to us but knowing BioWare, they’re definitely gonna make it worth our time. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available sometime in 2017 on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Now.. for number 5. Kingdom Hearts Our bae Aqua needs saving in this latest entry to the Kingdom Hearts series. Before we get to taste the delicious “Three”, we have to know what really happened after Aqua sacrificed her life to save her friends. is a collection of 3 storylines from the Kingdom Hearts universe: The 3DS’ Dream Drop Distance on remastered, a Kingdom Hearts x (Read as Chi) back cover as a movie and of course the anticipated Episode – A Fragmentary Passage. These 3 titles promises to tie up the game’s loose ends before Tetsuya Nomura finally gives us that magical “Three”. To all Kingdom Hearts fan, this is an emotional chapter. And to those new fans of the series, you might have to pick up the and Collection before this game hits the store.

Kingdom Hearts is set to release this January 24, 2017 on the PS4. Fourth on the list is Horizon Zero Dawn We had nooooooo idea how to react when this was announced on E3 2016. All we had in our minds was “HOLY SHIIIII* this kind of exists?” Folks from Guerilla Games is making something so spectacular and so beautiful to look at. Take control of Aloy, a brave hunter trying to survive in a world where humanity is no longer the apex predator in A gorgeous planet populated by creatures of flesh and machines. This PS4 Exclusive increases the console’s strong lineup, showcasing a staggering amount of content. The developers promise multiple regions for a satisfying open-world experience, unique machines — in form and function — and a campaign story to touch the hearts of players. BUT we’re in subdued excitement. Remember the hype around Killzone Shadow Fall? We do! Horizon Zero Dawn is nearing its release. It’s going to our shelves this February 28, 2017 on the PS4. On number 3 is The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Nintendo’s other poster-child returns with a breath of fresh air.

This game broke the internet during its announcement on E3 2016. It comes along with a playable demo that has exceeded our expectations. It’s a whole new Zelda but it feels like it’s still Zelda. Crazy, right? Breath Of The Wild features an enormous open world to discover. It’s twelve times larger than Twilight Princess and it’s by far the most ambitious Zelda game to date. I mean, c’mon. Knowing Link can finally jump and climb is a huge improvement. And of course the freedom to do whatever you want. The story starts with Link as he completely forgets what happened to the world. He is provided with help to defeat the evil that lingers before it. He will encounter various creatures both new and old. With these threats, he will have a dynamic weapon set that can be foraged along the way. Want to fly in the sky? Grab a leaf. Want to slide down a hill? Grab wood. The possibilities of doing everything in its world will be astounding. We can’t wait ‘til this game releases on the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch this 2017! 2: Red Dead Redemption 2 It must be high noon somewhere in the world.

Rockstar finally gave millions of gamers what they wanted: RDR 2! After months of hoping, rumors and speculations surrounding the fate of the franchise, they finally dropped on big ball! Red Dead Redemption 2 will hit the market this Fall 2017 but not much details have been revealed around the game except for the ambiguous new trailer. What we do know is that Rockstar will amp up the level of detail with a powerful new story, a gorgeous western world to discover and tons of cowboy swagger. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have a PC version.

And again, it’s coming to the market this Fall 2017 on the PS4 and Xbox One. Before we reveal our top pick, let’s look at the other games we’re dying to play this 2017. 11 Snack World (This adorable entry to the 3DS is full of heartfelt promise and childish grace.) 12 South Park The Fractured But Whole (The boys are back at it again with another silly adventure that includes flatulence and superhero-movie franchises. Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One) 13 Destiny 2 (Bungie’s acclaimed shooter returns with new surprises and an action packed multiplayer. Coming to PC first, then Xbox and PlayStation consoles.) 14 For Honor (Take medieval warfare to a whole new level and make Sun Tzu proud! Releasing on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One) 15 Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Take down Bolivia’s cartel and experience this action-packed open world game. Soon on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.) 16 Halo Wars 2 (This sequel to the popular RTS game features a bigger scale of war and a whole new threat.

Coming to PC and Xbox One.) 17 Prey (This first person sci-fi adventure makes you want to hate aliens more. For release on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.) 18 Tekken 7 (Enjoy a whole new roster while taking a smack to the face with its improved fighting system. Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.) 19 Injustice 2 (Join an explosive powerplay between DC’s iconic heroes and villains with an all new customization system.

Soon on PS4, Xbox One, Android & iOS) 20 Cuphead (Travel back to the 30’s in this promising indie game that takes inspiration from various cartoon classics. Releasing on the PC and Xbox One.) 1: And our most anticipated game this 2017 is Persona 5! We do apologize for missing this game during our most anticipated games of PS4. Silly, right? Now we’re currently taking it to the #1 spot because the hype train is unstoppable. This 5th main entry to the critically acclaimed JRPG boasts with a new direction to its gameplay, story and characters. Play as a new protagonist in a new town similar to most Persona games.

Be a diligent student at day, and a Phantom Thief at night. Engage in various relationships with lovable characters and fight a mysterious threat that looms over the game’s story with its dynamic Persona turn-based system. This is by far Whatoplay’s most anticipated game to date and we can’t wait to hear Shoji Meguro’s new tunes. Unfortunately, its February 2017 release date was delayed to accompany new features to the game including a FREE Japanese Dubbed DLC due to fan feedbacks. Wake up, get up, get out there as it hits the shelves this April 4, 2017 on the PS4 and PS3.

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