10 Best NEW PS Vita Games of April, May & June 2015 (Q2) HD

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 PS Vita Games of April, May & June 2015 This list is not a personal opinion. It’s based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates critic & gamer reviews into a unique score called the playscore. 10th in the ranking is Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy A dungeon crawler like the Etrian Odyssey series, but with a very typical ”highschoolers fighting monsters” theme. Not the best of the bunch, but at least they got the presentation and animation right.

– I love how vibrant and lively the art style is! – Plus, character creation is so much easier and can be done on-the-fly. – Annnnd of course, your favorite – the equipment, ability and stats customization. A playscore of At number 9 is MonsterBag This is a really strange game – in a good way! Weird but engaging. When I first saw the trailer, it really made me doubtful as to the experience.

Luckily…to my surprise, the game turned out to be awesome! – it is sooo unique, – with a refreshing cartoony art design. – and a very addictive gameplay. Puzzles can be hilarious and challenging at times, but never impossible to solve. MonsterBag has a playscore of Ranked 8th is Titan Souls this a skill-based game where you battle bosses… and nothing else. Others might find it boring, some might find it great.

It depends on your taste. What is good though is that: – the simplicity of the game gives rise to a very fluid, action-based gameplay. – it has a great musical score – and very clever boss fights. The only drawback is that you can one-shot some of the bosses, which is pretty anti-climactic, if you ask me. A playscore of 7th in the list is LEGO Jurassic World An awesome treat for LEGO and Dinosaur fans! Step into the wonderful world of LEGO and experience the four Jurassic movies in a more blocky, less scarier kind-of-way.

– As usual LEGO’s story-telling is brilliant and puzzles are just alright. – visuals looks pretty! – and the dialogues are hilarious. Just be ready for a lot of loooong chase sequences, that can be a bit tiring at times. A playscore of Number 6 is Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed an experimental break-out from the usual JRPG style of the series… and surprisingly – it works! Sure, it is not as polished as some famous hack-and-slash games like dynasty warriors and such. But you gotta admit that mowing down thousands of enemies in a magical-cyborg suit feels amazing! – With a fantastic soundtrack, as usual. – intense combat. – and a fresh new experience. Action Unleased has a playscore of 5th is Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 This is currently the most fun hack-and-slash game that I have played… on a Vita! It’s basically Samurai Warriors 4.. in a portable version. What I like about it is now, I can play the game anywhere and anytime I want. – Plus! the quick-swap feature keeps me on top of the action all the time. – and the new touchscreen controls work like a charm.

A playscore of 8.6. Fourth in the ranking is Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth3: V Generation Wooh, that is one long title. The latest and by far the finest of the series. Although the changes didn’t completely revolutionize the game, it did make the whole experience better, and more challenging.. in some aspects. No more scout system. the addition of Stella’s Dungeon, which I might add is the best feature added. and a few combat tweaks. It has a playscore of Ranked number 3 is Broken Age Tim Shafer’s newest adventure takes us into a new and enchanting world of monster-praising villagers and overly-protective A.I.

Robots. Broken Age is is a lovely point and click adventure. with superb story-telling that unravels beautifully. And it’s voiced by talented actors like Elijah Wood and Jack Black. The puzzles are clever and it’s one good-looking game. I just wish there were of it! A classic point-and-click adventure. A playscore of Second best is J-Stars Victory Vs+ The characters alone in this game would make any anime fan squeal in excitement. I know… because I did. With a roster of some of the most notable characters like: Goku, Naruto, and Luffy. – Awesome character models – Jaw-dropping super moves – and adrenaline pumping music. This game is an anime lover’s delight. The combat however, feels a bit too simplistic and doesn’t feel all too special. A playscore of And the best is Shovel Knight I’m not even surprised! Shovel Knight has consistently shown up in most of our Top 10s, lately. For good reasons. It’s a very well-done arcade adventure. Drawing inspirations from arcade classics like Megaman, Duck Tales, Super Mario, Ninja Gaiden and even Zelda. Woah! That’s a lot. Despite all this, it still feels.. very fresh. – Combat is fun and fast.

– Levels are well-designed. – and boss fights are intense! It’s the best of 2nd quarter with a playscore of 9.4! To recap, here are the 10 Best PS Vita Games released from April to June of 2015.

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